Yupha's Thai Kitchen

1805 E Elliot Rd, Tempe
(480) 839-0576

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Paul Vo

I cannot recall our last visit to this restaurant. It’s been a while.The Yum Nua (= grilled beef salad) is very good. The meat was tender, well marinated and had a nice grilled flavor. The remaining ingredients were fresh. The dressing was flavorful. A good dish to have on a summer day.The Gra Prow Tilapia was composed of two large fillets, breaded and deep fried then topped with vegetables covered in a savory basil sauce. The breading was crispy, but a bit too thick for my taste. More sauce would make this dish better. This dish also would benefit from a little more seasoning.To finish off our dinner, we ordered the mango with sticky rice, per the recommendation of our waitress. I asked for extra coconut milk. This dessert was pretty good.Our waitress was pretty good and did her best, but her service was rushed as the restaurant was at capacity. And there were people waiting for tables.We will return to this restaurant to try other dishes.

Tamanna M

Extremely disappointed in their service! We had kids with us and they were being so rude to us and unwelcoming. I couldn’t even feed my son! They were giving me evil stares like I am committing a sin feeding my son his baby food! They just served the food and left! I was dying to get out of there and felt so uncomfortable. I am never going back there again! They have better service and better food at Phucket Thai! Stay away if you want good service and good food! There are far better Thai places in Tempe and Chandler than this place.

Roshan Samuel

Excellent food ruined by abysmal service. They want you to wear a mask for the 3 steps from the door to the table. Once seated, no one wears a mask. Our table had a spectacular view of the storage area and kitchen. Service was uncaring and abrupt. They do not bother making you feel welcome. More like a street vendor vibe. Think McDonald's with table service.They advertise on PBS. If the owner is reading this, my advice is to spend your money on training your staff.The food was very good, but do not go there for a special occasion or a date. You will be disappointed.

Melinda Horn

I had the vegetable Pad Thai and it was delicious! My friend had a curry dish and he said it was great as well. We had to go to the appetizer that had scallions and peanuts sprinkles on them. This is the best Thai food that I've had in a year. I will definitely go back here.

S Wang

Ordered delivery from this place twice. First time is in January 2021, second time is July 31st 2021. I received undercooked beef in both orders. The beef slices are not cut properly and several pieces are still linked to each other (which is probably why it's undercooked).My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Karen Martin

Delicious food, wonderful service!

Aak Chan

One of the best Thai restaurants near Tempe. Loved the curries! (Panang was my favorite) Can't wait to eat here again !!

Paula Svetlecich

Amazing food! Great service! Definitely going back!

char robinson

This place sales the best Thai I have tasted in Arizona since I have been here (over 10 yrs.) The customer service is good as well, the ladies were very nice and so far what I could see its very clean there. I would rate them a 10 if the rating went that high. There Tum Kum soup is delicious as well.

Cole Padgham

Their Thai curry will blow your socks off. I literally lost one of my favorite pair of socks because I ate here.

Vanessa V.

Best Thai food in the valley! Bonus: they have an amazing dessert, homemade coconut ice cream with sweet sticky rice.

Diane S.

I ate here twice this week. First time, inside with the sampler and everything was hot and fresh--A+. Second time, same thing to go. My time was to be 30 minutes, so I as waiting at home a bit when I received the message that the order was ready just a few minutes after ordering. When I brought it home, it was not the same quality as the inside dining, also missing the bed of salad it sat on. It was cold and old, like it was not fresh and was just preheated and ready...It went from 5 Stars to 1 Star--it was really bad, so it will be a 3 with the to-go order. They really shouldn't serve food with this poor of inconsistent quality...really....I will, however, go back and get some other things on the menu, but I imagine it is better dining in. There was a large crowd there--actually, very crowded, when I picked up and I want fresh food to go--not stale food to go.

Stephanie L.

You know that Postmates commercial that goes "When all you can Pad Thai is think about" and then repeats "Pad Thai" 50x? That was me the other night! I turned to Yupha's to satisfy my Pad Thai craving! I ordered online through Yupha's website; it was quick and easy and we were able to leave a note asking for no bean sprouts in our Pad Thai. We also ordered the golden curry puffs, siam wrap (chicken wrap), and mango sticky rice. Our order was ready sooner than the confirmation stated! The golden curry puffs were crisp, buttery, and flaky. Wow! The chicken in the siam wrap was seasoned well and paired nicely with the head of romaine lettuce in our order. There were two dipping sauces; (one may have for the curry puffs?) an orange fish sauce and a hoisin like peanut sauce. They were both smaller in size and I wish they were bigger! We asked for Thai hot for the Pad Thai and it certainly wasn't Thai hot. But it wasn't not hot! It definitely got my sinuses going! Lastly, the mango sticky rice. The to go presentation certainly doesn't look as nice as it does served in the restaurant; however, the mango was fresh. I would have liked a smidge more coconut milk drizzle! Definitely the best Thai food I've had! Definitely want to return and try the Evil jungle princess and banana desserts!!

Teri O.

I order chicken pad thai and massaman chicken every time. Have never had a bad order. Love this place. Food is prepared well and the staff is excellent.

Theo M.

First rate food and friendly, efficient staff. Great for take out but we love eating in because of the relaxing, lovely ambiance.

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