Café 54

54 E Pennington St, Tucson
(520) 622-1907

Recent Reviews

Christine CG Granillo

Great food great service clean and friendly great atmosphere

Deborah Lonergan

Great service and delicious food.

Genevieve Bravo

The food is delicious. The service was excellent and friendly. The waiter offered us bread before our meal.


The cocktail menu at this place is extensive. If that is your thing, you will be very happy here. The cocktail I had was perfectly crafted and very tasty. Food here was interesting and tasty. This was a last minute decision and we didn't know what to expect. Service was great and we were really impressed with the meal we had. This is a very cool unique place in downtown Tucson and I wish there more places like this. I ate a perfectly grilled ribeye for dinner. My wife had a very nice piece of fish with a very interesting and tasty presentation. I highly recommend this place for couples, groups, or even a business dinner.

Rachel Araiza

OMG, I got the Impossible Burger and you can't even tell it's vegetarian, hats off to the chef!

Kate J.

Just lovely. I happened upon this place just walking around downtown. It's a great spot to grab lunch and sit outside. I love that they provide employment training for folks. I'm a vegetarian and the menu has just the perfect options for me. If you are super picky, you might not love it, because the menu is small, but I find it to be perfect. Service is great. Adorable ambiance. Might become my favorite downtown spot.

Gary Bucher

We had a good experience here. The food was excellent and in generous proportions. The service was good and is for a good cause.

Scout Dad

We had a good experience here. The food was excellent and in generous proportions. The service was good and is for a good cause.

Wendy Stewart

Coffee and treat was nice, I liked that it's a Cafe that employ crew with disabilities they are super friendly and capable also what is special is that the artwork is painted by differently abled people and can be purchased and was a lovely place to visit and experience

Paul Miller

Really good food , nice crew

Mike Knox

Great Clean place located Downtown Tucson

Victoria Noriega

Since I'ma be an employee here I highly recommend for everyone to come eat here it's friendly staff and Best environment.

Elena L.

We stopped by to get some quick lunch for our 8-year old. Loved the concept of the cafe, the beautiful art and the impeccable customer service. The food (Korean bowl) was great, our son loved it.

Stephanie Lyte

I had the Gyro. It wasn't sliced steak in the gyro though - something like a sausage steak patty was in its place. I wasn't feeling the meat but the rest of the gyro was good! The roasted vegetables were fire - Hella good! I took an all American burger home for my kid and he devoured it! Oh...they have these little rosemary rolls, and those are good too! Nice cafe, local art is being displayed and sold at the cafe. Nice ambiance.

Elle E.

Service was very polite and patient.
Adorable café with very fresh food. Salad was huge as well as the vegan burger. Iced tea was flavorful. Warm rolls were free and yummy.
Love that this place gives back to our community.
Cute art for sale on wall. Feels like a hip classy spot.
Prices were on point also!
Very highly recommend.

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