Guadalajara Original Grill

1220 E Prince Rd, Tucson
(520) 323-1022

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Trent H.

This place was amazing! The food was some of the best Mexican I've ever eaten!!! The salsa was made fresh at the table, we got some hot and medium. The hot was my favorite but too hot for my wife!!! Made my eyes water and my nose run like good crawfish do!!!! Guacamole was also made at the table! Would have given 4.5 stars if able due some bowl of chips with the salsa and the chip lady didn't like giving more. The food was excellent and huge portions. It's an awesome restaurant and had live music.

L L.

Busy festive Mexican themed place. Friday night 20 minutes wait or more, so we sat in the bar for chips, fresh mixed salsa & made right in front of us fresh guacamole, made to order, very good. Bar was Very noisy with too loud live singing/music, hard to have a conversation over it without yelling across the table. Dinner was great, Potato tacos (vegetarian, without cheese it's vegan), Would order again

Linda H.

First time at this restaurant. Looked up the restaurant on Yelp and matched it up with Tucson Foodies. That's how I made the decision to visit this restaurant. It was a packed house and that's where our service suffered. The carnitas in the ultimo was dry. The freshly made salsa made table side was a hit. The fresh tortillas was different from Southern California fresh flour and corn tortillas. Therefore, the family gave it a 3 stars. We really wanted to love this place. Kinda disappointed

Richard F.

Latin American cuisine is not the norm for me to review, but the last time I was this impressed with Mexican cuisine was at Chef Michael Bay less' restaurant: 'The Red O' in Newport Beach. Service: Staff sought to make you feel welcome and the table side fresh salsa and optional $11.00 Guacamole will be something I order every visit. Three avocados plus an array of Accoutrement that left our appetite dancing. I ordered the Salmon Stuffed Lobster. I had never heard of such a menu item, but wonder how I went without it for so long. The complimentary flavors were like harmonies swimming together on the tastebuds. Flavors were rich and deep but the meal felt light on the stomach and I smile at the thought of ordering it again when I return. Even the veggies seemed to be cooked with care and then combined to create crisp, fresh and perfect bites. My partner ordered the stir fry with every type of meat: each was cooked well and I particularly liked the chicken and shrimp. She liked the steak... so I pilfered a few extra pieces throughout the meal. We had enough food to package some for home as portions were fair as was the price. It was close proximity to nice hotels like The Westin for visitors to venture out to. We highly recommend this gem of Tucson. It is our personal pick of best Mexican restaurant in Arizona. We have tried places throughout Yuma, Phoenix, Prescott, Flagstaff and now Tucson and this is hands down our favorite.

Donn D.

The only downfall was a lack of a cheese crisps. I mean what respectable Mexican restaurant doesn't have cheese crisps? But everything else was off the charts amazing! We found ourselves stumbling into this place while still trying to recover emotionally from driving down from Florence only to find that Casa Molina was closed due to a kitchen fire. The food here provided soothing relief as the Chile Colorado was tender and flavorful just as much as at Casa Molina. The Chile Verde was melt in your mouth awesome. The made at your table salsa was really good too, it I didn't know you were supposed to tip the salsa lady until I saw another customer do it and asked the people next to us if that was a thing and they told us it was, so I had to call her back over. Plenty of parking, a huge restaurant which was very clean and several bathrooms help make this place a winner. I am sad beyond belief that Casa Molina is closed, but at least we discovered a comparable if not better restaurant to soothe our nerves on what would have been otherwise a completely depressing day after driving down from out of town for Mexican food.

Mike B.

We were passing next to Tucson on the way home from sonoita to Phoenix and decided to try this place. Great reviews and recommendations from the step daughter who went to school in Tucson. Authentic Mexican food with a couple of dishes I had never heard of. First Surprised by the fact that they make your salsa to order fresh at your table side. Unbelievably good and to whatever space industry you desire. For the main course there were several dishes that I had never heard of even though I've lived in the Arizona for the last 40 years plus. From mild to wild, a little bit for everybody. The jalapeno margarita was excellent and the Colorado Verde which is a hatch chili based sauce was excellent.... So I overused 'excellent', but it was the only word appropriate haha

Mr Brutally Honest H.

This place has lost its Luster and Shine ... don't go to this location anymore!!! My sweetheart and I were going to have a special anniversary dinner together, she had gone to this location a couple of times in the past and had a wonderful experience, so she picked up dinner from here ... Maybe that good experience was old management or the great waiters but their TAKEOUT Service was outright SHAMBLES !!! Let's count how many chances they had to make it right ... but FAILED! 1) My girl had difficulty with placing the order over the phone because the takeout/hostess couldn't hear the order .... Guadalajara Grill needs to have a place for the takeout person to hear the details. So our order was not completed actually until she arrived. So much for trying to place the order in advance??? 2) After waiting for 15 minutes, the takeout/hostess person came out and said sorry they have to remake the order because they didn't follow the instruction of omitting the ONIONS. So they have to remove the beans and the rice from the order (why puts onions in rice???) and replaced it with a limp ass house salad. Plus they claimed they were making the special house Salsa without ONIONS, for our chips and salsa. Rant = Most places these days can handle customers that say they are Lactose Intolerant or Gluten Free, but once you say "NO Onions Please deathly allergic" they stare at you in puzzlement and they can't figure out how to do that. That was the case here at Guadalajara Grill 3) She waited another 30-40 minutes for them to bring the food but the Salads had "Onions" So they had to fix that. The Takeout/Hostess person apologized saying they put the information on the food ticket but the cooks don't even read it or don't really care. 4) Finally !!! after waiting an hour, the food was nice and cold (instead of being hot and fresh) it was ready for us. 5) After arriving home, we started to unpack everything and we find ONIONS in the famous Guadalajara Grill salsa ... So besides having cold and limp ass food we have ONIONS in the Salsa ... Take a look at the Salsa photo Save your Time and Energy and go to another location ... this Guadalajara Grill on Prince doesn't know how to follow instructions. Maybe you can only dine in at this location because you can send it back each and every time they screw up because their takeout service is not worth it.

Clara Cuevas

This place has a great atmosphere. The salsa and guacamole are made fresh in front of you so tips are appreciated. Drinks have just the right amount of alcohol to enjoy and the food was delicious. Servers and staff were great but we did have to keep flagging down for refills and other service. My family and I visited from Texas and this place is the closest to authentic grilled cuisine back home.

Karena Garcia

I came here for dinner with my family, and we all had a great time. The restaurant is huge and can accommodate large groups. I ordered the Tequila Shrimp Bowl which is actually an appetizer, but it fills you up like an entree. We also had flan for dessert, and it was delicious! Our waitress Samantha was absolutely awesome. I would definitely recommend this place.

Geethmi Dissanayake

Best Mexican food I’ve had in the country! I’m not a fan of Mexican food but this is so authentic and different than many other restaurants. The live creation of salsa at your table makes the experience very touching and her spicy salsa is really spicy! Also try their margarita for sure!

Tracy P.

Loved the reviews on the Yelp app about this restaurant, so I had to try it. This place, and all the cute decorations is so cute, I especially love the colorful floating Mexican hat. While we waited for our order to be taken, a lady came to our table, and made fresh salsa (to our specifications). It was pretty cool watching her grind ingredients, as she kept adding different fresh spices. We ordered one of our favorite meals. The taquitos, beans and rice meal. It was delicious. The taquitos were twice the size of regular taquitos, and had three times the meat. The two taquitos without the beans, and rice is very filling.

Lynn V.

Ambiance: Has a Tex-Mex feel with plenty of seating. Parking can be a pain sometimes as this location is always busy and there's often a wait. Service: Efficient and personable. Our server was great; although, sometimes I wish they were around a bit more often. Food: Must haves are the table-side guacamole and queso fundido. Portion sizes (for food and drinks) are huge. Appetizers here are great, entrees are mediocre, and drinks are decent. Honestly, my whole meal could just be 1-2 appetizers. Overall, my go to place when I'm craving some great guacamole.

gary pasko

Is a fairly clean facility with a nice ambience to it. They make the salsa and guacamole in front of you and both were very good. The food was excellent! I had the combination fajitas and my girlfriend had the shrimp fajitas and both were very tasty. Service was fair at best as we had to wait for a server to come over to take our order and we didn't see him much and had to track him down for another beer and he took his time getting it to our table. He also took his time getting our check to us. However, I would eat here again.

Claire D.

Not authentic Mexican food This is a local chain, that proclaims itself as the "best Mexican food in town" but don't buy into it. The food is terrible quality. Only good thing there is the alcohol. People say they like the salsa, but that is not because it is good ingredients or good recipe, it is because they make it at the table so its "fun". I could make the same thing at home and it would be 10x better. Please do not eat here if you are interested in authentic Mexican food. There are so many better options in Tucson.

Brian Dufek

The food here is quite good. The table-side fresh-made salsa is a nice touch and flavorful. We asked for "hot", and got it ?.Entrees were both tasty and served in generous portions.-1⭐ for slow service both times we've been here. Servers are pleasant when they do finally get to you.

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