Guadalajara Original Grill

1220 E Prince Rd, Tucson
(520) 323-1022

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Monica V.

NNever disappointing. Bring all my out-of-town gas here for dinner or lunch and they are always super happy with the service and the quality of food. Highly recommend


This restaurant is never a disappointment. We always enjoy everything when we go there!Note: Brace yourself for parking issues. Get there early!

Tim Kayser

Great fresh made salsa at the table. Everything we ordered was delicious. Staff was friendly and attentive.

Henry Ramirez

So the food here is excellent! I tend to order the Ultimo Fajita plate 99% of the time. Seriously delicious!The salsa they make at your table is awesome and free, BUT the avocado dip with cheese made by the same lady at the same time is $12! Just so you know….

Kiara N.

The hubs and I visited Guadalajara while making a day trip to Tucson on a Saturday afternoon. The reviews were great, so why not. There was a little bit of a wait when we arrived, but after about 15 minutes we were seated. We were promptly greeted by our server who was later followed by a lady serving chips and a cart to make fresh salsa. What a treat, the salsa was simply amazing! Now for the food. So we ordered way more than we should've...for the table: the fiesta platter, my husband ordered the lobster enchiladas and the server was kind enough to allow me to build a combination meal from the vegetarian options since the decision was a rather difficult one for me. The combo included two taquitos, a veggie enchilada and a guacamole taco served with rice and beans. The order took a pretty long time to come out and everything came out at once so of course some food was wasted (sigh). However, everything was amazing! I would say that the guacamole taco was my least favorite. There was way to much guac and I couldn't imagine having ordered that as my meal. Take a visit to Guadalajara if you're in Tucson. You'll be glad that you did!

E C.

Food is pretty good. It is more South West Mexican so if you want California tacos it's not the place. But it's not supposed to be. Overall salsa was delish with fresh made guacamole. Ordered my staple arroz con pollo. It was delicious with fresh chilies.... And not on the menu. Service was too slow over an hour for dinner so would have been higher rated.

Michelle V.

I love Guadalajara! This place is SO good. I've never had a bad meal here. Their chimichangas are amazing as well as their margaritas. I've been here several times and have never had a bad experience. It's best to go when they have the salsa lady's and the mariachi. It's very big serving sizes so you can expect left overs!

kristen bloom

Absolutely love this place. The food is always delicious. Tonight I had the Molcajete Ultimo! (this picture doesn’t doesn’t do the food justice!) The manager, Manny, seems to always be there. He is always friendly, makes sure the food and drinks taste delicious and is correct. No matter how busy they are the staff is friendly and personable!

Maureen B.

Stopped in on a recommendation from a coworker who lives in Tucson. We were having a late lunch. When we arrived, there was no one at the front so we had to wait awhile for someone to show up and show us to a table. Once seated, we had an over 10 minute wait before anyone came to our table. We quickly decided what we wanted to eat and had the chips and salsa while we waited. I ordered the fajita salad and my coworker had the beef chimichanga. It was a wait for our food to come out but I think that's to be expected when the food is made to order. The salad was massive and the chimichanga was hefty too. I did my best to finish the salad but filled up quickly. My coworker did put a dent in the chimichanga but could not finish either and barely touched the rice and beans. Overall a great meal and well worth the price. Heard the margaritas are good too but didn't get to try one.


This now is our favorite Mexican restaurant. The best thing that we have never experienced is the homemade salsa at the table. She would have made guacamole too for an appetizer price. My husband had lobster enchiladas and hes had them before. He said these were the best because of the sauce and the lobster. He had white rice with black beans which we've never had. They were so yummy. My son had the mini chimis with chicken. I had the ground beef burrito enchillada style which you dont see everywhere. They were great on service and friendliness. On the way out we noticed they had homemade tortillas not from machine but a person. They looked so good. The only bad part is...we don't live here and may never get to eat here again. Everyone will enjoy this restaurant.

Cici S.

The restaurant is very big inside, but a little dated. I really enjoy the table side salsa that is made fresh per your preferences, which is a nice complimentary perk to the meal! I also really like their chipotle burro with shrimp and their rice - so tasty! That's my go-to. I didn't really like their cheese quesadillas or the fish and shrimp tacos...kind of underwhelming and doesn't have any bright flavors to distinguish them. I also don't think the Cadillac margarita is that much better than a regular one. Service is friendly, but a little slow.

Vonnee Marie

I've been to this restaurant a few times and I've never been disappointed. The last 2 times were for anniversary parties. I recommend making reservations if your party is 10 or more people. Otherwise you sign in their list when you get there.Despite the size of our party we got great service and the food was delicious! They make salsa and guacamole tableside, so it's always fresh.I look forward to their new location off of Cortaro because that's my side of town!

Glen Davis

My dinner was superb. Service was excellent.

Aimee Not the Perfect Cook

Fabulous! My husband and I ate here for the first time today, and we will be returning, frequently! Oh my goodness, everything was so delicious. The service was so friendly, the table side salsa and guacamole was out of this world. I was too full to eat anything else, but now I wish we were still sitting there, eating that salsa and guacamole! I ate the lobster enchiladas, that were phenomenal, and my husband had the Chicken Mole, which was also outstanding. We cannot wait to return, again and again, and next time, I want to try one of their margaritas! Everyone we saw sipping them seemed to be enjoying them, immensely. The food was exquisite, but the service was equally wonderful. You won't regret dining here!

Mychaelyn M.

Yuck! Bad service, cold soup, food poisoning.... Do you need more reasons? Definitely would NOT recommend....

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