HighWire Lounge

14 S Arizona Ave, Tucson
(520) 449-8673

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Eric Fernandez

Staff was rude and inconsiderate, fine establishment but staff was definitely being rude and disrespected me.

Alex Bowman

A "cocktail lounge" that really over sells itself. I would akin this to a better looking college bar but the small menu was even further truncated upon arrival when the bartender said the first 3 or 4 drinks were unavailable leaving me to get a vodka redbull. I have never been to a cocktail lounge that actually takes itself seriously that would serve a vodka redbull from the menu.

Xx Xx

I mean if you like drinking over priced cheap booze and getting drunk to radio music ig this place is for you ? literally middle school dance music, i kinda expect more from the dj… realto though that was super lit… probably recommend for the experience I guess but other than that it’s like whatever…

Jacqueline M.

highwiretucson has some unique edible cocktails, in which molecular mixology meets adventurous craft. Pictured here are the Pop Rocks and Mexican Candy. These super boozy edible "shots" have a texture similar to egg yolk. Though not much is revealed on the process, there is no gelatin involved here. The spirits are combined with a sodium alginate and put into an ice bath to hold their form. These can be enjoyed for $5 during Highwire's happy hour.

Lakishi Johnson

Awesome environment and customer service. I highly recommend the food here, it's so good. They have hammers, sandwiches, fries, tater tots, and more. They even have vegan options.

Heri G.

If you’re looking for an outdoor bar, this is it.

Tim G.

Ever since Independent closed, they took over the whole courtyard. It's a bit trashy and really caters to the young crowd. Drinks suck. There was a big fight last time we went.


These are the infamous gel shots. Left is Pop Rocks (YES, THE CANDY) and the right is Mexican candy (think Lucas flavoured candy, spicy, delicious). On special, they're $5, regular price is $8. May vary. Swallow like oysters unless you like gushers. Mildly inflated pricing but fun for the experience. Definitely would recommend.

Jr Urias

great ambiance, couple bars to choose from with indoor outdoor lounging

Mark Levkowitz

I love this place. I own Chicago Music Store around the corner and Highwire is a great place to unwind, have a great drink, and enjoy the ambiance. Definitely my favorite bar . I would give them 10 stars if I could.

Paul Garcia-Noriega

I walked up to the entrance @1:40am and immediately I was stopped and told nobody allowed in even tho my friends just walked in 5sec before me. I was rudely told no to a request of a glass of water only to notice that a water was offered to a beautiful young lady who was also waiting to connect with her friends that were inside! Must i say discrimination & unprofessional wanabee security at the door! I just wanted to connect w/my friends & spend alil money i guess too much to ask for if its a fri or sat night DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME THEY CLOSE AT 1:30AM nope no mfkn stars bishes

christopher sutton

Great place to go on Tuesday night. Karaoke was fun!!

Lorena L.

Came here last Sunday and the quality of the place has gone downhill. The blond bartender was so rude and only served her friends and never bothered to acknowledge me or even take my order. I know things were rough during pandemic, but service doesn't have to be this bad.

Faith R.

My friends and I frequent at this bar often and we always love it! Last night, however, we had the rudest bar tender. Didn't catch her name, but she was blonde, working at the inside bar. Not sure if she was drunk herself but we ordered 4 AMF's and 6 of the mexican candy shots. For some reason she only charged us for the AMF's and so we we're thinking okay no biggie, we can just order again. She comes back only giving us 2 AMF's out of the 4 we ordered, and we asked her to add on the shots and she immediately flipped her attitude for some reason, as we went to get out our card to pay she just completely turned around and began ignoring us. We thought at first, they're busy she probably just needs to fill other orders, this goes on for 20 minutes until finally we starting trying to get her attention and she makes it a point to ignore us until she finally came over and my friend at that point said "Hey, we ordered these drinks, we only got 2, can we please get them or at least get a refund." and she starts claiming we didn't order those drinks even though we had the receipt right there in our hand. She begins arguing with us, cursing at us, until finally she snatches our card away to finally ring up the shots and then finally makes the AMFs and basically throws everything at us. We love this bar, we love coming here, but this is completely unacceptable. I understand we all have bad days and customer service can be hell sometimes, but there's absolutely no reason to act like this.

Ivan Lord

Do not come here! Paid 20$ for 2 small shots and was not told till after the bartender poured them so my hands were tied at that point. Later went on to try to discuss the price with the bartender and he said there was nothing he could do for me. Feeling unsatisfied with that awnser but willing to accept it...the bouncer booted me out and said no one cares that I am to broke to afford to drink here. Defentily not to broke but not stupid to pay those prices in Tucson. Single guys stay away you won't be respected here, you'll be cancelled by the fem boy bartender

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