Jimmy John's

7350 N La Cholla Blvd Ste. 102, Tucson
(520) 469-7827

Recent Reviews

Bill Rusin

The one star is for this experience only, I come to this location all the time as I live that right down the road, tonight however wanted to grab something on my way back to work and apparently they close whenever they want to stop by at 7:37 they were locked up for the night. Very disappointing


Would be a 5 star if I wasn’t spitting out stickers

John Ward

We have ordered from this location numerous times, now all the sudden we are out of their delivery area. Young lady on the phone was rude and very unprofessional. Good thing Subway is just a few blocks away.

Summer Atout

Love it.the quality of.the meats are the best around never been in there more then 5 minutes

Angela Glover

Terrible! You should be embarrassed to sell people your small sandwich! It looks like a breakfast burrito instead of a sub.....shame on you!! I will never indulge again!!

Ally Patterson

Took nearly an hour to deliver two sandwiches and a bag of chips.

Bob Henning

Ordered whole pickles with my order and got none and the diet soda was lousy. Sandwiches were just ok. Jersey Mike's is much better. See ya JJ


Great sandwiches and helpful staff!

Sergio T.

One day soon I'm going to order from this location solely because it's the closes one. I'm new to AZ and when I lived in NV, the one I went to was soo good - every time, and their bread is awesome. So I'm hoping that my experience here would the same. 5 for what I know you can be.

Elaina Donohue

The subs are great and taste awesome however, the location closest to my house routinely forgets items such as drinks, chips and cookies when we order for delivery. I've tried getting the delivery persons attention before they leave but they seem to literally run away after knocking to avoid talking to the customer. Then I have to call the store and request the forgotten items and wait another 40 minutes for them to be brought back out.Paying a little more attention to what is on the receipt would solve this issue.Disappointing...

stephan gerrald

The first sub I picked up was literally a loaf of bread with one slice of turkey on it. The second time I came in the girl was very nice so I didn’t even mention if, but I ordered a sub with double turkey, double cheese, double bacon, and there’s still basically nothing on it.

Jan Sugden

Really like their tuna sandwich.

Gloria C.

Ordered from this location on Sunday, 10/18at approximately 5:00 pm. We were very disappointed with the quality of our sandwiches. The quantity of the main ingredient in each was unacceptable for a Jimmy John's sandwich. We ordered online and drove to the restaurant to pick up our order. Upon our arrival we were the only ones there. One employee was cleaning tables and the other was somewhere in the back out of sight. We waited, which was fine since we did arrive earlier than our pickup time. However, those sandwiches were made like they were in a rush to get it done. The amount of turkey and tuna was quite skimpy and unacceptable, like I mentioned before, for a sandwich with a reputation like Jimmy John's. Again, very disappointed with this quality.

Valerie Bramley

Great sandwiches, good service!

Mindy Boettcher

Best sandwiches, they are friendly kind with great customer service!!! This is where you want to go!!!!

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