4900 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson
(520) 327-8955

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Matthew Pickard

Great atmosphere and lots of choices. I was impressed by the selection of salads on the menu. I don't find that at many Italian restaurants.

Andrew McCallister

Literally the worst food and experience I’ve had since the pandemic started. Good job on setting a new standard for trash service ?

Mindy J Davis

The pizza was soggy and burnt. I'm not sure how you do that! There was a weird aftertaste. It was an edible!'

Lisa R

We like Oregano's. They have good pasta, pizza, and salads. I have a gluten allergy and will order pasta once in a while for myself (I do not order anything else). It is annoying that I have to put my order in online and then call them every time to tell them DO NOT put bread on my plate because there is nowhere online to document that. Hence the 4 stars. Other than that I would recommend the food. My family likes the food. They say the pizza is good etc. The service is good, ready when they say, and everyone is nice. My family has been eating at Oregano's for years and they will continue to eat there.

Scotta Blanchat

I had the spicy Italian sausage on a bun. Me lady had penne with marinara. It is our new favorite Italian in Tucson . . . hands down.Great waiter that was very attentive. Young cat.This place is bustin'.They had Louis Armstrong playing in the background, and that is out of sight!

Victoria D

If you're looking for huge servings at a decent price this is a great place to go.This is the second time I've been here and both times had a ton of leftovers.Not because we didn't want to eat more but because we ate to being too full and still had more to go.One order of appetizer and a pan pizza was more than enough to share between two people and could have probably shared with maybe even two more.Their pan pizzas are delicious and freshly cooked but be warned they did say it can take 40 minutes to an hour to cook. I do think they kind of overestimated the time which I'd rather them overestimate than underestimate. So if you do get a pan pizza I definitely suggest getting some kind of appetizer to hold you over while it's cooking

Roy Ryder

Oregano’s was a great find! The dinner portions are huge bit better than that it tasted great! And the Gluten-free options where great TOO!!The whole family loved Oregano’s!!

Fareeda Khunji

Great food. Friendly service. Good music

Kathy Olson

The best meal I've had in ages. Had it delivered. Had ricotta stuffed Rigatoni with an extra order of garlic cheese bread that is some of the best I've ever had.

Franco V

I asked the waitress for the closest thing to spaghetti. She suggested the angel hair pasta with the meat sauce. It was amazingly delicious. I can't wait until I have it again. Highly recommend it.?

Analisa R.

The food was very delicious! Our bartender was so cool (Ben) I wasn't a fan of the fried calamari And that's what I was looking forward to but, portions are big .

Fatma Alkhars

I ordered delivery from this place. The food was great but there are some errors. First the Buffalo chicken wings were the best in Tucson. The pizza is too much thatI can’t even take a slice without making a mess but it taste good. The tomato pasta (Zany ziti) good but not the best (regular). Great delivery time and came hot.

Jimmie H.

Everything we had from here was incredible, cooked perfectly and brought right out to us. This is just the perfect family or group restaurant. The el Diablo shrimp pasta had the right amount of heat, but kissed by all the diced sweet peppers and the cream sauce just glazed through it all. It was incredible. I really wanted to stop eating it but it was just better bite after bite. I will definitely be back I heard they have some good wine here and a killer long island. Can't wait.

Richard Garber

This was my first time there. I like it! I got the baked Italian sandwich and the spinach and artichoke dip with pizza crust dippers. Very cool ?

Scott Cutright

Pasta was overcooked and chewy. Barely any sauce on Chicken Parm. Spent all night and next day running to restroom.Ate at their location in Flagstaff and it was awesome. Don't think we will ever go back.

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