Seis Kitchen

1765 E River Rd #131, Tucson
(520) 612-7630

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Anna (Nana Anna)

Mmmm the pork nachos were amazing!!!

Lindsey Marley

Expensive and meat was fatty. My husband loved their tacos and I kind of like their nachos. However the service was so bad we had to politely beg for some silverware and plates and that was asking ALOT of the waitstaff, if you can call them that. The fact that you must tip before you sit down is off putting as well bc there is no incentive for the waitstaff to try. I've been a server so I always over tip and after the treatment we got I was tempted to go ask for my tip back. Bc of the staff I'll never go back maybe I'll get delivery but probably not..

Linda Ortiz

Awesome service ... And we loved the Avo Breakfast burrito was perfect and the El Guapo and chili Verde tacos were very enjoyed by the other guests

Scott Lukomski

Seis has far and away the best quesadilla in Tucson IMHO. They char the cheese to perfection and that is the key regardless of what filling you choose. We haven't been here during covid so this recent visit was welcome.


Crowded, but it's for a reason! Best street tacos in town, hands down! I went with my girlfriend, and met my best friend there to introduce them. Wound up dining at the bar, but it was wonderful. Super friendly staff. The bartender that helped us had a great sense of humor. I always go with the Al Pastor, but my girlfriend and bestie said the crispy fish (they have the normal type too) was amazing. I wasn't aware they had two locations. It was the same best friend that introduced me to the original. No reservations, first come, first served, so get in line to order at the counter, don't just grab a table. Two tacos and a side of the amazing cilantro rice will fill the average person.

Crystal Trujillo

This is a Tucson staple - the must-visit place for locals and visitors alike. They know how to mix savory and creative flavors that will have you coming back for more. This is my favorite place to try new menu items as they have yet to disappoint. Bravo!

Anne J.

Went here back in April (a few months ago) so it's a little hazy, but Seis was a hit! Tucsonans can be taco snobs, and our lunch was delish. Everyone from the picky kid to his picky dad loved it. The line was long, and we waited a bit for our food but it wasn't unreasonable, especially given how much business was happening. The ingredients were fresh and the meat was appropriately tender, grilled, sauced, etc. Good salsas too. It's worth another trip!

Sara A.

So, trying out all the spots in Tucson now that we have a little more freedom post pandemic. Seis Kitchen is one of those spots. While not being a hole-in-the-wall taco shop I usually enjoy for authentic Mexican food, Seis has really nice ambience and good food. I order a Birria Taco, Tinga Taco, side of beans and a Strawberry Limon Agua Fresca. This was a lunch special for $11. Everything I ordered was good. Tinga wasn't quite as my Aunt would make (I'm spoiled and bias) but it was decent. However, I love sitting on the patio with the misters keeping me cool and listening to the music. Yes, this place is not a full table service nor completely authentic Mexican restaurant but....for a tasty lunch special with nice patio seating I'd recommend it.

Jesus Montoya

Not many veggie options but what they do have is delicious. Ordering is a bit awkward as the menu consists on giant posters on the *side* wall while you're in line. The horchata is particularly EXQUISITE.

Lany Kay M.

My meal was delicious! the reason I'm giving it four stars is because you order at the counter and they deliver it to your table type of service. I had three different tacos, one with mahi-mahi grilled, and two with battered avocado. I thought it somewhat pricey for the type of service that you're receiving, however it was delicious! Everything look clean and tidy, the only drawback would be to me that they don't offer free chips and salsa like most other Mexican restaurants!

Sam Rauhalammi

A more traditional sit-in version of the Seis restaurant also found at St Augustine Mercado location at south-west Tucson. All fresh selection of easy food for breakfast/brunch/lunch. Check out the nachos bowl, which serves easily two hungry lunchers... ?Edit: Masks required and all staff wears masks. ??


The food here is absolutely excellent they have some great options for homemade fresh beverages. Very creative and fresh tacos, extremely well seasoned meats. My only gripe is that the price for the portions can be a little bit on the more expensive side for what is basically a la carte tacos. $20-30+ per person assuming you each get a drink and some chips and salsa or something along those lines.

johnny b

A unique Mexican menu. I had the breakfast chorizo tacos. Very good and not too large a portion. Their hot salsa is quite good. I need to go back and try some other dishes.

Allen Allison

Food was good as always, but they still have some work to do to be able to support the customer base. The wait was long to put food order in and they still have tables not available to eat at which limits capacity.

John S.

I just moved to Tucson from Phoenix and am very excited to try all the great food spots in town. I've always wanted to try Seis Kitchen because their downtown location looks so charming and seems quite popular. The food was unimpressive. No flavor. The beans were dry, the potatoes quite plain, and execution not authentic. The flavor was not rich with spices and the texture felt as if it is were just re-heated. In general, I just felt the place did have much soul. I am going to chalk up in large part of this is due the the older demographic which is Tucson and this location being in northern Tucson. The staff were very friendly, but the service was mediocre at best for how moderately busy it was that time of day. The decor is modern with clean lines. It's not offensive, but overall pretty generic. I was however impressive with their "green" initiative on their website. Their beef is locally source in AZ, seafood sourced sustainably, poultry naturally raise, and have switched to biodegradable / recyclable products. It might be a great place to take the grandkids or a quick lunch break, but I wouldn't take in-laws or a date here.

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