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7265 N La Cholla Blvd, Tucson
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John A.

Just had another wonderful experience at Tamarind. The food is always great, no matter what item I select. From their Tikka Masala, Garlic Naan, Vindaloo, etc., they have never disappointed me. Their service is very friendly, and I just want to send a shout out of thanks to Bobby for being so helpful and patient with me.

Triston M.

Best Indian food Ever. The owner is awesome, the drinks are amazing, and the music is stellar!

Melissa L.

If you are looking for great Indian food I wold highly recommend you give this place a try! Not only is the food delicious but the service is great too! 10/10!

Shilpa R.

Food is below average and not authentic. Biryani has food coloring and undercooked chicken. Buffet has limited items, and whole place smells musty.

Lindsay B.

Tasty food, a clean and modern dining room, friendly service and decent prices. Currently pretty empty for non weekend dinners, no issues with social distancing and workers wore masks. Tamarind is probably the best Indian restaurant I've had in the area, and prices are reasonable for the care they put into their food. Their dishes are very rich and heavily spiced (mild-medium-hot scale, mild recommended if you are trying for the first time). Although the portion looks small, I would say that a single dish can easily be split for two meals. For non-biryani entrees, a small rice portion is included and purchasing at least one order of naan is a must! Their naan is on the thinner side, which means you get a crispy delivery system for your dish. On the topic of naan-- I found their naan to be oily, but it was hot and freshly made. The garlic naan was my favorite. In general I would stick with garlic naan over their stuffed options, which are tasty on their own but are easily drowned out by the flavors of the dishes. The appetizers and entrees were very heavily spiced, more than I usually prefer. The saag paneer was very tasty (they put some color on the paneer), the chicken tikka masala tasted smokey, and the biryani was filled with spice bits. The spice level varies quite a bit by dish (even with the mild-med-hot scale), so take that with a grain of salt. Dishes cost between $12-14, appetizers $12-20.

Nathalie Dhir

We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch today and will certainly go back! The food is top quality and full flavored. Beautiful and airy restaurant with wonderful service.

Sarah A.

Tamarind is fast food airport curry, at airport prices. The (mint? parsley?) chutney, is just green water. I chose "mild" and my dish's spice level is so high it's all I taste; just heat and hits of clove and allspice. The $14 entrees don't come with rice... How are you going to charge that much money for one dish and not even include rice; of things to skimp on... I can just tell this restaurant is more concerned with saving money by cutting corners and sacrificing quality. Definitely won't be coming back ):

Gurpreet S.

Visiting from California, we decided to try out Tamarind. It turned out to be a great decision. The ambience is really great. The best part of was the amazing food. We ordered various chicken and paneer dishes with roti and naan. The butter chicken was clearly amazing. Mutter paneer is lip smacking. Roti with butter was awesome. The Pan Kulfi was heavenly. We will be back here next time we are in town. A definite recommendation from me.

Jennifer Parker

Absolutely fantastic restaurant! The food was amazing and the staff is very friendly and attentive. Great atmosphere! Not to be missed.

Marcus Apodaca

The Butter Chicken and Chicken Biryani was sooooo good. My top 2 recommendations ?

Je A.

My wife had been wanting to go here since it opened 3 years ago. Then covid hit. We finally made it and boy were we so impressed with the food, decor and service. I had a mangotini that was a perfect balance of alcohol to mango puree. The app was server recommended and called a dry manchurian which was spot on great. Entrée's were tandoori chicken, chicken biryani and my wife go to butter chicken. All were so delicious and the biryani looked like a huge chicken pot pie. If you like great Indian food, You need to all come down and try them out. Saffron, look out. :)

Lina F.

Ordered take out and got home to barely any rice in the container. Biggest rip off and potion sizes are sooo bad. I ordered the Tikka Masala with Chicken and paid an extra dollar for chicken totaling $15. The rice came in a small to go box filled up less then half way! Definitely NOT worth the amount of food for what you pay! Can't believe it and will not be going back. Terrible portions!

Jennifer Parker

Do yourself a favor and give this restaurant a try. Excellent service, food, and atmosphere! Soo good!

Miranda T.

I didn't know what to expect when I walked in but was welcomed with wonderful service and amazing tasting food! Highly recommend! You won't be disappointed with the garlic nann and butter chicken!

Kelly N.

The restaurant was far to empty for the service to be that bad. The appetizer arrived with the entrees and the drinks we ordered when we first sat down came after the food and only when we asked about them. The waitress returned to ask how the food was. We said it was ok, she smiled and left the table, ignoring the fact that both of our drinks were now empty. We had to call her back to the table to specifically ask for refills. The food was bland and not well seasoned. We came here since were starving and it was close by, but we definitely should have just made the drive down to Indian Twist instead! We won't be making this mistake again.

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Tamarind.. Little Twisty...Little Tangy

7265 N La Cholla Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85741
(520) 797-7799