The Quesadillas

2418 N Craycroft Rd, Tucson
(520) 296-1345

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Jennell Jelly Enriquez

Friendly staff, food was delicious

Adam Wilson

Great tacos! Indoor space is a bit small but no problem. Maybe a bit pricey given the portion size.

Matthew Comins

The food here is DELICIOUS. It was a bit of an unsuspecting place, but we were blown away by the robust flavors of everything, including meats and salsas.

Dan Conway (Big D)

I only go there for the ribeye tacos other than that I really don't know. But let me say this once you have everybody tacos you will have to come back for more...the meet is perfect...cut nice and thin and tender with that ribeye greasy fat which makes the taco so badass it's so freaking good... Order them I guarantee you'll love it

Maggie Gonzalez

Loved this place! Great customer service. Very authentic and fresh food. Definitely lives up to the Sonorense style! ❤️

Alek M.

This spot is very deserving of 5 stars, easily. Amazing hole in the wall and stands as the best Mexican spot I have ever been to. Don't be deceived by the looks from the outside, you have to try this place. I had the al pastor and carne asada quesadilla and my wife has the cheese quesadilla. Every ingredient is superb and fresh and the meat is very tender. Will be returning next time we find ourselves in Tucson.


From San Antonio, TX. here on business, traveled the US, Canada, Ctrl American, Mexico & South America for the past 23 yrs of FSE. Came across this "hole-in-wall" as we say old school and OMG! Theeee best Quesadillas Berrera I have EVER HAD. these guys specialize in Quesadillas, there berrera sopa/caldo was perfect for dipping. They have over 10+ special sauce (had celanteo $ red chili type), they even has a pinapple sauce (which will try next time). If your looking for a true quesadillas place, home made flour tortillas and like freat grandma makes, this is the freaking place. NOTE: parking is very limited and dine in is limited (so you know). They even had jamaica drink (my favorite). They have also have other on menu for quesadillas/tacos.

Emily W

I was wandering google, looking for a quick bite that would probably turn in to dinner.Yall.. these tacos did not disappoint! I’m sitting here thinking about seconds.Ordered: carne asada, jaas, jalapeño steak, and Barbacoa.??????????

Brian Kracht

The quesadilla was very good. They are on the smaller side so you need order a couple of them. The hot salsa had some good heat to it, not overly spicy though I just didn't like the flavor of it. The mild salsa just tasted like tomato. I would go back as a quick snack if I was near by but I would not go out of my way to get here.

Lawrence Teichert III

Visiting out of town and found this little gem. Our group was very impressed with the amazing food and quick service. They have a large variety of amazing salsa's. One of our favorite salsas or dips was the cilantro dip. Our group stopped for a second time for lunch before heading home. Highly recommend this restaurant!

Justin Anderson

Absolutely amazing. Everything deliciously marinated and fresh. The Al Pastor may have been the best I've ever had and the Rib Eye taco is a must try!

Jamie J.

Absolutely great Sonoran hot dogs. Would definitely go back. Friendly employees. They don't have very many tables, as it is a small place and we had to wipe our own table down to find a place to sit, but the food was great, so I can get past that. I also tried a tostada with carne asada and tried some of their sauces. We really enjoyed the food, but the hotdog was the highlight.

Cas K.

Got a carne asada quesadilla and taquito de frijol with Jamaica. Everything was DELICIOUS and 100% reminded me of living in Sonora. I will be back!! Sooo good. Quick service, clean, and Covid-friendly service.

Sandra P.

These guys don't have the average tastes, the combination of ingredients and spices they use are superb. They have a quite a few of salsas to choose from and makes it hard to select only one. I'll have just come back to try the others.

Justin A.

Absolutely amazing. Everything deliciously marinated and fresh. The Al Pastor may have been the best I've ever had and the Rib Eye taco is a must try!

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