2000 South, S Avenue 3 E, Yuma
(928) 317-8833

Recent Reviews

Kyra M.

Great customer service, dining area was too warm to stay and eat though

Jo Jefferson

Sandwiches are fresh and so are salads. A nice change in our fast food offerings

Samantha Cruz

GREAT service great food! Place was clean employees were super nice!

Alfonso Mejia

Gentlemen at counter took my order, he had food out quick.

Tim Brown

Super high-end, classy roast beef restaurant with excellent service. I had read online that the name comes from the French pronunciation of the combined letters R and B, so I knew this place would be perfect for my 10th wedding anniversary. It did not disappoint. All roast beef is served with two complimentary onion rolls, and sometimes with a beef patty as well. I asked the chef what he puts in the cherry turnovers (as if the third course was needed), and he said he just adds a little heat. These kinds of subtleties are what separate the finer white table establishments from the other guys. Sure, it costs a little more than many dedicated roast beef restaurants, but I didn't land my young hot wife by being cheap. Saving my clams for the next anniversary.

Crystal Mitchell

Drive thru guy was very nice. Perfect voice for radio :-)

robert huff

I cook roast beef, but theirs tastes better than I have ever made. The service is always first rate, with clean tables.

Monica McCormac

This location was very clean, friendly staff and made to order hot food. Highly recommend if you are an Arby's lover and don't want to deal with over crowded places near by

Marilyn O'Laverty

Clean restaurant. Excellent service. Turkey, ranch, and bacon sandwhich very good.

Guadalupe Gomez

Love Arby's even if I have to travel an hour to get some ??

Kayla Beltran

drive thru service was excellent ?the employee.was very friendly and the food was really good!

Joe Willmon

A bell is available at an entry/ exit door to ring if you had great experience... There were four of us in our party and everyone of rang it.

Todd Bealer

It's Ok. went because wife likes it. Sandwich had all the meat on one side of the bun, poppers were bland, Diet Dr Pepper from fountain was actually fairly good... not scrimping on the syrup like circle K does.

Lori Miles

Counter clerk was not friendly or patient and I knew what I wanted. I can't imagine how a person that doesn't know the menu would be treated. 5 stars for the large chicken salad plate and back of the house.

Brad G.

Excellent service! Clean restrooms and dining area. Employees appear to take pride in their work and are happy to serve. Food was amazing! Manager on duty today was super nice and working the counter. Very impressed, thank you!

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