Chipotle Mexican Grill

1525 S, Yuma Palms Pkwy Ste 3, Yuma
(928) 783-3044

Recent Reviews

Miranda Basson

Food was not Chipotle standards at all rice was soggy steak was undercooked, this location makes Chipotle look bad.i ordered twice this week and same results BAD

Aubrey Packer

I usually love chipotle, but this location is very unreliable. I’ve been a couple times this year and both times they were out of several items. I’ve been to a few other chipotle’s this year and no other place has had any outside . Seems like whoever is in charge of ordering here is disorganized or something.

Roman Paine

We eat here all the time and it's always fresh and delicious

Larry Farris

Consistent with service and food quality of other Chipotles.

Talana Jordan

Rude server charged me the wrong price and wouldn't change it.

Karaev Eldar

For two years I’ve visited about 40 Chipotle branches.This one has the poorest portions so far in entire US

Olga Salko

Worst dinner…., portion 3 times less than normal, food fresh, but trying to find rice, chicken and salsa in a portion ……. Staff dislikes clients, worst experience of my life ???????????????????

Max N.

Very stingy and rude. Paid double meat for 1 serving... Would not recommend. Go to the 4th ave location instead. Much better service and you will get what you pay for.

Patricia Monarrez

I have eaten there twice and both times, I was disappointed The meat was good but the beans and rice were terrible. The service was very good. They are rather expensive for what you get. I won’t be returning for a third try!

Elisabet Espinoza

I love chipotle but this location… seems like they are trying to put the least amount of food in your bowl. They don’t place the food correctly and my plate is about to fall apart from how soggy everything is. The people were not nice either, very disappointed.

KaEllin Brown

They seem to be out of quite a few products they did not have any Pico, they did not have any cauliflower, options and they were out of one of the hot sauces. But the steak burrito my husband had was good as always

Tas S.

Cold chicken. NO black beans. Definitely not up to Chipotle typical standards. Will NOT be back.

Cassandra T.

Normally I love chipotle and I come here when i'm driving back to Cali from Yuma. Portions are typically large with full scoops all the time but NOT HERE There was a good two inches on both sides of my bowl where they weren't filled???? I typically get a bowl so full with toppings they have to squeeze the lid on top. I get everything from rice beans meat veggies salsa corn sour cream avocado lettuce and cheese!!! how is the bowl NOT full after that? are you kidding me. I haven't had any bad service from employees here but i wouldn't say it's typically good either. But this isn't a place where i come for customer service but for a nice hearty bowl but I felt like I was felt a kids bowl so dissapointing TT I'm sure I could've asked for more rice etc when she placed them but I don't doubt they would've charged me for extra. Normally places pack on the rice etc so they have less space to put meat etc which i don't mind but this place gave me a scoop that didn't even fill the bottom of the bowl. Also why do I pay for adding guacamole when you give me a table spoon of it on top of my bowl???????? oh and to the other reviewers complaining about people not wearing masks while eating at the table of course how are they supposed to eat with a mask on? leave your mask on until you start eating stop being so picky.

R. Mo

Beef was chewy...i actually didn't order beef, I ordered chicken. And ordered rice, but no rice. This was an online order, so my correct order was printed on the sticker. Bizaree that they'd still mess up on it, even though my order is plain as day. We haven't eaten here in a while and probably won't again. Get it together yuma, there seem to be no standards any more.

Kenny McGeath

Dropped from 5 to 4 today because the chicken was overcooked and really dry. Otherwise it was a good lunch. I plan to return here again in the future.

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