Da Boyz Pizza & Pasta

11274 S Fortuna Rd, Yuma
(928) 317-1717

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Great home made pizza flavor. Courteous staff and they did curb side pick up for me.

Annabelle Veatch

I have eaten at this location a few times and it's just not like the one downtown! Still has delicious pizza and pasta, just not the same dining experience.

Annabelle V.

I have eaten at this location a few times and it's just not like the one downtown! Still has delicious pizza and pasta, just not the same dining experience.

J.D. G.

Ordered lasagna pizza and fried ravioli and 2 tiramisu's. The only thing they got correct was the desserts. Even tho they completely fucked up my order, the food looked good. It was not. I do not recommend

Ylonda M.

Really good pizza and my favorite is the spaghetti with side of meatballs. Delicious and large portions. We have also tried the delivery and they were prompt, friendly and food was delicious! My rating is for the Da Boyz Pizza & Pasta on S. Frontage Rd. Will try the downtown restaurant next.

Kenneth C.

The pizza is really good but the staff at the Fortuna location could really give 2 cents if your happy with your meal. The customer service isn't that great they are more interested in talking to their co-workers. They are not very friendly at this location....They look miserable and make you feel they are doing you a service for ordering food from them....I like the da Boyz in old town Yuma much better the ambience is better, The staff is so much friendlier and nicer. Management has better control over their environment at the old town location.....

Kira Justina

Typically Da Boyz is on point! Not so much today though. We ordered food and there were missing toppings. Still good but when you pay for toppings, you expect to actually get what you paid for.

Darryl Noble

We have been buying pizzas from Da Boyz foothills for over 4 years now but probably not again as the pineapple/ham was the worst one we ever had. Pineapple pieces was half it used to be and the ham was way less too. The large pizza did not have anything on the outer two inches all the way around, just crust. BAH !

Ilona M.

I love the salads they are out of this world fantastic. The chicken fettuccine is fantastic. Thanks you for cooking for us.


Excellent yuma local owned business. Great service and great pizza?

Ryan Ribelin

Great cauliflower crust! And the small Caesar salad was plenty for two. Not cheap, but good quality food.

Matthew D.

Pizza is thick, and heavy, even when you ask for well done it still feels cool in the inside and undercooked.

Andrew F.

Best pizza in the foothills area . The atmosphere is friendly as is the staff . If you want Italian I highly recommend

connie taulbee

You order and pay for food when you go in. You have to get your own drink and refills. You pay extra for a salad for two. The employee brought the salad out, then the plates and utensils. We didn't even have salad on the plate when the lasagna and garlic bread was delivered. The lasagna was spread across the plates instead of like a brick that I'm used to seeing. The lasagna and bread was cold when we finished with salad. Plus side....food was very good even though it was cold. Pricy place to have to get your own drinks and pay extra for salad. Not sure I will go back.

Beatriz Aguirre

Very clean, good service and more I love this place.

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