Dairy Queen Store

2077 S 4th Ave, Yuma
(928) 783-9242

Recent Reviews

Virginia Cook

I love their milkshakes and blizzards

Kathy Robles

Fast great customer service!!

Gloria Garza

While visiting Yuma, and working on small projects all day my sister Linda and friend Teddy Bear went to the Dairy Queen in Yuma on 4th Avenue.We all got small cones dipped in cherry, but because of the humidity and my sister air-condition not working well, our ice creams melted quickly, how-ever not pleased with the kids that work there. They wear no hair nets and they touch everything with same dirty gloves.

Akshara Bevillard (OSO)

The Oreo milkshake is bomb! Good service !

Tim Amavisca

Good people. Great service

Elizabeth Ramirez

Delicious Ice Cream! Outstanding customer service the gal went on and beyond. I had already ordered and forgot my 6 year old grandson wanted to place the order.so when i mentioned to her that he wanted to order.right away she directed to him and took the repeated order but assimilated she had just heard the order.Thank you :) for putting that smile back on my grandson because he wasnt to happy that i forgot :)

Michael Melton

If you would like your dairy Queen product done correctly I would recommend you not go to this particular location as they seem to have problems doing so

Rock Eye

Parking is a little tight but they have quick service.

F Pacheco

Way overpriced nothing out of the ordinary just a regular ice cream drive thru

Rosemary “SquirrellSprinkles” Hewett

We love ice cream! The staff are wonderful here. It does get seriously busy with long lines alot.

Sock Hawk

Good store, fast friendly service...i went in for a hamburger but the don't sell food.

Dawn Freshwater

Nice variety but very slow when there's 5 people behind the counter

Rosemary Hewett

We love ice cream! The staff are wonderful here. It does get seriously busy with long lines alot.

Mike molinar

Fast service and yummy ice cream

Hdycy9cy9yy Giggigigo

This place in this certain spot.Theres this employee by the name of Fabian Montano who always always is the most respectful kindest employee I've ever come across and he always makes sure to make whatever you order way more. Delicious than how it looks on the screen. He makes our visits to Dairy Queen so pleasant and it's because of. His positive attitude and smile even when they are super busy, that has made us regular everyday customers of that ill place. Make sure you ask for Fabian to make your Blizzard, noone else makes em like Fabian.Thank you Dairy Queen. For your great customer service !!!!!!

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