Jack In The Box

140 S 4th Ave, Yuma
(928) 343-2489

Recent Reviews

Stuart Forthman

The food is hot and people nice but its still fast food

Anthony Basolet

Got to love jack in the crack

Erica Zapien pena

Love coming here great service

HJ_ON_THE_MIC HectorAngel

We need more food and we need more supplies such as more meat and less lettuce in the tacos.

Spencer White

They are careful to make sure your order is complete and have all the sauces too

Robert Martinez

There real nice to my father in-law and answered all his questions eventhough he asked the same one 10times and the whe time had a smile he is 93 & hard of hearing but wanted to go eat at Jack in the box cause he saw it on t.v.

Lanaya Gardner

There are very many helpful to us

nick griest

Very fast drive through time. They have a employee outside taking orders to help speed it up!

Aj Bossee

It's a fast food place, you can't expect much.

Jose Aranda

It's a cool place but not when I did not ask for more ? on my ? .....sheesh ...it's a clean place thoe ....?????

Durban Diesel Sour Poison

Good ole jack in the box always does the trick!

tina G

I had never been to a jack in the box before and it was really good. The loaded fries were so good and softer if you have had dental work done.

Oswaldo Avalos

Went thru the drive thru last night yes it was busy but i was surprised to see how fast the line went. Our food was hot and fresh i love the loaded tacos. Our drive thru person was also very helpful explaining certain menu items in full detail i i believe her name is jamie or jane anyways excellent this time few months ago not so good.

Lisa S.

Very good hamburguers! Delicious and quickly drive thru service! The new tiny tacos is the best! Try with the guacamole sauce!

Arvin Gonzalez

Update 2/24/2021 I came to this place again since there was a responded and I have to say that drive through has become better.. I put the star rating from One to Four because of the effort it has improved. Thank you so muchI came to use the Drive thru and it was horrible. The wait time was bad. I was already in line to back up and go.

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