Los Manjares De Pepe Foothills

11274 S Fortuna Rd i1, Yuma
(928) 305-9877

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ky swifter

Amazing food, realy clean dishes, great customer service, they when I left my phone they came outside and got my attention immediately ? ?

Dusty Arsaga

Amazing burritos, if you're hungry for Mexican food and in the foothills area I recommend checking them out

Jennifer Delgadillo

First time never going back horrible ask for carne asada burritos & paíd for them too add guacamole they didn’t put any the burritos were small ask for rolled tacos saw them was like what the hell is this I even tip good ended up throwing everything away that ain’t Mexican food I wouldn’t even give it one start but I had too soo my comment gets post

Jake Alvernaz

It’s Mexican food… hardly. But it fills the gut.

Cindy Benton

The most unfriendly place I have ever been seen in the foothills. The quesadillas were subpar. We will not be returning anytime soon if ever.

Laura Vazquez

This was our first time visiting this restaurant. It was bit hard to find at first because it is tucked away in the corner of this shopping mall. Anyway, we were in the mood for some good Mexican food.....and lo-and-behold!!! The food was truly amazing and not to mention pipping HOT as in temperature. You can see the steam rolling off the beans, rice, and main dish! I had the combo #4 which is a chile relleno, folded taco, rice and beans. My husband had the chicken enchilada plate. Honestly the food reminded me of when my mom use to cook food for us as a little girl....she was the best!!! Since we went on a Sunday there was only one server, so not sure if the rest of week has more than one, none the less service was prompt and polite. We definitely will be back!

James Hammer

Normally the food and service are terrific, but not tonight! We got the beef and shrimp fajitas and the shrimp was extremely small and the carne asada was so loaded with gristle that was worst than chewing on my shoe. The rice was very undercooked with hard kernels. Service was awful! We ordered a guacamole appetizer that we never got. We had to ask for plates. We wanted another margarita but he would never come and check on us, so we paid and left. I realize in the off season that you have to adjust the amount of inventory...but not quality. I guess we'll wait until October to go back.

Shane Newby

I LOVE this place. It's my go-to Mexican restaurant in Yuma. I recommend the flautas (rolled tacos).

Steven Pierce

I had a soft shell chicken taco but I never had before it was the chicken was chopped up cubed and sort of fried or whatever but sort of dry and chewy, they did not charge me for my mealI like the beans ,otherwise everything was okay. The waiter was actually pushed to get everybody taken care of.she basically on her own.

Elena Reyes Beas

Muy buena la comida les recomiendo si los chiles rellenos muy sabrosos

Joanne Black


Carleen Moberly Blagaich

Excellent food and great service!!

Tim Mcneel

Absolutely loved this place never eaten at this restaurant before but the food was great and our server was the best she was always checking on us.

Joel culpepper

Just went there to eat ordered the chimchunga dinner for lunch got my order cut into the chimy and the beef was soured ,so I let the owner know she took it back,then I order another item, the thing that got me was she didn't even apologize for serving something like that, I've been there at this restaurant another the food has always been good. I will not return anymore mainly because of the owners attitude not the first experience with her attitude

William Crounse

Mexican food in Yuma is terrible, Pepe's was my last hope. I have been twice and only had the Caldo de Rez and Albondigas, but wow! Caldo was good, but the albondigas makes me look forward to Mondays! Excellent albondigas! Some other customers got fajitas and chile verde that looked and smelled great, so I plan to try those next.

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Los Manjares De Pepe Foothills

11274 S Fortuna Rd i1, Yuma, AZ 85367
(928) 305-9877