2560 S 4th Ave, Yuma
(928) 344-3613

Recent Reviews

Elizabeth Urbieta

This location is always incredibly slow.

Shawni Soto

Daniel Is 5 million stars, great customer service runs a great store. Thank you for the service tonight. Still great people in the world. It’s the little things

Toan Vuong

Fast line, also fast good customer service and clean dinning area covid spaced correctly

Louann Levy

The customer service is excellent. However, this location have forgotten items a couple of times.

Melissa Torres

Always have to wait and my order is sometimes correct.

Nate Campbell

You really have to go out of your way to screw up a three happy meal and one spicey deluxe chicken sandwich order, but here we are. Make sure you get what you pay for before leaving the drive through. Staff was pleasant and outgoing.

Mike Jenkins

Someone taking drive thru orders at the register when I walked in. A lady walked over to take my order then yelled at another employee and walked away. Someone else came to take my order, he was helpful and friendly. Food came out fast. Lots of flies inside restaurant. Unlikely I'll be back

Cruz Rodriguez

Manager between 9am-9:30 8/23/2021 is lazy, she refused to make me breakfast burritos without cheese. I had just ordered them the day before with no problem. She is lazy I know breakfast burritos are made in the morning not pre-made. They come as a mix with the egg and then it’s a tortilla and then it’s cheese wrapped up in a burrito thrown in the microwave . I’ve worked there before so this is disappointing. Please make that lazy manager do her job


Waited 20 min for an ice coffee in which I never got since I drove off.

Jairo Campos

bring back travis scott meal or i file lawsuit

hugo gomez

Me and the boys had a fat order of like 8 burgers, and 50 mcnuggies, had it ready for us in under 2 hours. It was pretty rad.

James Smith

Listen to what a customer orders.

John Baldwin

Sometimes I get all the items that I ordered, which is better than never which is why I put the two stars. Everything I go through the drive thru, I get parked, now that would make sense if I always ordered a large order, but I get parked for a single combo too. It doesn't help that this McDonald's is by far the busiest store in yuma so if you have the option to go to another store, do it. You could drive to the McDonald's on 16th st and get your food sooner, seriously it's that bad that the store right on the freeway will take care of you faster and more accurately

Sandra Weaver

Horrible i went through the drive thru and the gave one thing out of my order and ask me to go around to the front to wait for the rest and normally i wouldn't mind but it took them 30 min and still nothing so i went inside to see what was taking so long asked 2 different people and still stood there for another 10 min. The customer service and management of the restaurant is very bad

Sally McKay

I ordered 2 sausage biscuit with egg and hash browns. After I left and got to the car wash, I see that I have no hash browns, a biscuit with cheese and bacon and 2 McMuffins with egg, sausage, and cheese. I gave the kid at the car wash a McMuffin, peeled off the cheese and ate the biscuit. And went back after to tell them as I tried phoning and no answer Clarice said she was very sorry but her manager said without all the food, there is nothing I can do. I am so disappointed as I have never been treated with such disrespect at a McDonalds.

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