Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

1720 E 16th St, Yuma
(928) 329-8180

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Felicia Preston

Food was great and service decent, but the cleanliness could be improved. We brought my service dog in training with us and the gave us a nice big booth to accommodate the Labrador in tow. When we got to the booth I had to ask them to clean the floor under the booth because there was pasta on the floor, I hadn't even sat down and I could see it, so they could have too and shouldn't be sitting anyone in a booth where their stepping in pasta. My dog goes under the table and settled down and went to pat her for being good and found gum on my hand when I pulled it out from under the table, but didn't think much of it. This morning I found a wod of gum on her harness, so now I'm going to have to wash her harness and hope it comes out of the fabric. People stop putting your gum places it shouldn't be! Olivia Garden, please check your tables more regularly for this kind of thing

Beatriz Rivera (Beauty by Betty)

It was a pleasant experience! Waitresses as always are very caring, they even sang The Happy birthday to my son and got him a dessert courtesy of the house. Waitress even gave us extra bread to take home along with the leftovers but forgot to give us a bag, as we were walking out the door, another employee saw us struggling and gave us a bag and the Olive Garden famaous mint chocolates and save the day!

MK nelson

Chicken gnocchi soup was great. Service was good too


Amazing service! Ernesto was such a great waiter, very attentive, and really nice. I came here for dinner with my boyfriend and his mom and we had an amazing time and appreciated everything Ernesto did for us. Definitely recommend coming here, food was very tasty too!

Sonia Beissner

It was great. the food was delicious and the waiter is the best ever he's name is Ernesto I highly recommend him who ever goes there is gonna have the best service ask for him ?u'll have the best service ? I was very pleased to have him as a waiter ????

M M.

When you are going to an Olive Garden, you should not have high expectations of the food and simply expect a chain restaurant quality meal. This is exactly what my experience was at Olive Garden today. I am not saying it was good and I am not saying it was bad, I am saying it was an edible meal. Will I go to Olive Garden again? - Yes Will my expectation be any higher? - No What else can I really say on the subject but try to enjoy your meal there.

Valerie Lloyd

Doris was our server today, she was excellent. When we go back we will request her. She was very nice and attentive. I wish all servers at every restaurant were as good as she is.The chicken and shrimp carbinarra is always amazing.

Ericka C.

I'm not one to spend time rating/reviewing chain restaurants (or eating at them too often either when the mom & pop places are available!). Mostly because you kinda know what to expect when you eat at them. An Olive Garden is an Olive Garden is an Olive Garden. BUT don't be fooled, fellow Italian food lover. This particular Olive Garden disappointed me. I ordered online for car side pickup to go. The food was delivered to the car over 20 minutes later than my pickup time AND I took my food home only to realize my family's dinner was missing some things that we'd paid for. My son's pasta was supposed to have a grilled chicken breast and the chicken was completely left out, despite the sticker label on the container saying it was the chicken pasta. We also paid for extra breadsticks and didn't get those (or any breadsticks at all... which is super disappointing because what is an Olive Garden meal without the breaaaad? I died a little inside when I noticed they were not included). I'd like to say that we'll just take our business to the other Olive Garden instead but this is Yuma and we only have the one. So, really, I guess it's more appropriate to say we will show up a bit later to pick up our to go food and then make sure to check all of the containers in the bags before leaving the restaurant to make sure all of our food is there. The food that we did receive, however, was delicious and tasted fresh. So, there's that.

Debbie M.

My husband & I eat here usually (2 or 3) times a month. Saturday night we were served by Sydney & she was delightful. She was very friendly & efficient. The food is always good & we always return.

Michael Meeks

Food was dried out and the waitress was nice but forgetful and had to be told several times to bring more napkins and she never brought two different items my wife asked for. Also my wife's dish had some hair in it, and they still charged us for it. We had to talk to the manager via formal complaint. Got our money back but wasn't a good experience.

Elizabeth Cazares

Had THE BEST waitress ever.... My friend that is elderly has been craving a margarita but due to medical conditions and diabetes she can't have alcohol or sugar.... well our waited talked to the bartender and made it happen!!?? The food was great and our waitress was on top of everything!! My friend was still talking about how happy that "margarita" made her hours later??HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Adrianna Ojeda

Good service and great food. The staff was friendly and wait time wasn’t long. We enjoyed our meal. It was so much food I had to take most of it home.

Preston T.

I love this place it has all of the good stuff breadsticks and pasta thanks for having good meals for us also my fav here is Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti and Lasagna Frita .

Sharon Harrison

This was a very pleasant experience. Our room was lovely and very relaxing. We both needed that we have had a couple of weeks of extra stress.

Adria O

Good service and great food. The staff was friendly and wait time wasn’t long. We enjoyed our meal. It was so much food I had to take most of it home.

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

1720 E 16th St, Yuma, AZ 85366
(928) 329-8180