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PALMS, 1521 Yuma Palms Pkwy, Yuma
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Jodie W.

Its been quite awhile since I ate at Red Lobster so I was excited but not for very long. I ordered on-line curbside. Order was to be ready at 7:23 pm. I show up on time & check in. Get a text saying order is almost ready, please turn on hazard lights we will be out soon. Annoying as it is I still turned on hazard lights. At 7:26 get a txt order is ready we are on our way out. 5 minutes goes by then 10 then 15 at this point I turn off hazards annoyed hearing the clicking. Then 20 minutes goes by still havnt received my order. After 25 minutes I go inside to find out what is going on. Hostess is alone up looked like front straightening up her area. I tell her I've been waiting for awhile for my food. She has me wait at their order here area. Few minutes I see her go back up front. Few more minutes goes by finally a lady who looks like the manager comes strolling in she stops at the man next to me & asks his name then tells him they are just waiting on a sauce. Then asks if there was anything she can get him also asking would he like a drink while he waits he take a few seconds to choose a 7up. All while holding onto my bag. Her stop was just under 3 minutes but why not tell him she will be right back & just hand me my food i was only 3 feet away. Im sure he would understand since it would take her a few seconds to hand me my bag. Finallt she gives me my food tells me "you're all set" I ask who is in charge of pick up she tells me "they called out" & that is all she said. No appology from her for the long wait or how about serving me food that had been sitting wherever for over 30 min. I walked out disgusted with their service. I had already prepaid. The order was ready, it would had taken just seconds for someone to run it out to me. They were not busy only had a few tables that were occupied. I my food was ready at 7:26 I was there to pick it up at 7:23. I patiently waited in my car until 7:50. End up having to go inside where I end up waiting another 7 minutes for them to bring it from the kitchen & then stood there waiting 2 more minutes looking at her hold onto my bag just 3 feet away from me. Are you kidding me? Wth? I left pissed off. After lastnight I will not return to Red Lobster.

Ed R.

Went to Red Lobster last night and got the Admiral's Feast. The fish I got was raw and tough. It should have been white and flakey. I complained to the manager and all she did was "I will talk with the Chef, may I help you with anything else?" What kind of manager would do that? My waiter stopped by and asked what happened, and I told him that all she did was say "Sorry", then the waiter said he would talk with the manager and then the manager returned and gave me a few dollars off my meal. So much for customer satisfaction.


I love the food & Sam is the man❤️

Lil Donut

The food had zero flavor, the crab wasn't clean (not exaggerating it literally had the feces still on it), and our server was pretty preoccupied although there was no one else in the restaurant

Gloria Garza

While visiting Yuma, in support of celebrating my daughters Birthday, her husband Mike Jaso took us all out to eat at Red Lobster.I had the Garlic Shrimp Linguini, and boy o boy was it good.

Marla Marcus


Diana Hernandez

Went the day before Father's Day, my mom has an insane list of allergies, but luckily, they delivered a wonderful salmon dish that was made just for her. The waitress was kind, understanding, & funny. She was also on top of refilling on both our drinks & biscuits. Definitely plan on going again.

Devin T.

Food was underwhelming for the price of everything. I've been to many red lobsters over the years but this one really took the cake on wasting my time. Our server was a chatty Kathy to only one table so ours and another were like red headed step children. 20210622

Joe Montague

Horrible service. Started out with my family having to wait for a server. They sit us down waited 10 minutes and a bigger party sits next to us and gets served and fed before our table. I would definitely will not come back to this place.

Joe M.

Horrible service. Started out with my family having to wait for a server. They sit us down waited 10 minutes and a bigger party sits next to us and gets served and fed before our table. I would definitely will not come back to this place.

Shane Silas

Excellent service from the moment we came in. Our server Sam was very knowledgeable on the menu items and ingredients. The bartender Sivana stopped by to recommend us drink options which were outstanding. The food was fresh, and delicious. Lily had brought us surveys and explained it was feedback for the food we enjoyed that evening. Even the management checked on our table. Would definitely return to this location.

Jose Del Angel

It was great the food was awesome and our waitress was really good. I will definitely be going back again hopefully with the same waitress. ;-)

Maria Cadena

Muy amable personal, la comida muy sabrosa, el lugar limpio y fresco además los precios muy cómodos Gracias

Lila Fay Muñoz

Was great, celebrated our 13th year Anniversary . Service was great, Manger was awesome.

Merci Valderrama

Amazing food and service

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