Tacos El Cositas

12557 S Frontage Rd, Yuma
(928) 257-5875

Recent Reviews

sara “Gemini” Smile

Definitely try the shrimp tacos! ? ? the service is excellent and the food is amazing ?


This place is super delicious. Tacos are cheap but very good. You come up to the stand to order the type of tortilla (corn or flour) and your protein (beef, chicken, shrimp, etc.). Once they make it for you, they provide you a glove (sanitary reasons) to then use it to scoop ingredients you want. The cooks were very friendly and very nice. You pay for the tacos after you have finished eating them. I would definitely stop by this place again in the future.

Jody V.

Great little roadside place. Outdoor seating, amazing tacos. Definitely a local hot spot. Service is quick and friendly.

Charmaine Eichenberger

So good, especially horchata. Inexpensive authentic Mexican food. Family owned and operatedThe cook has to be one of the hardest workers ever. Been going here for years now.

Dena S.

This is one of our favorite taco stands in the Foothills of Yuma! We've tried all of their tacos and always add the chipillonas pepper to the tacos.

Sally Murray

Best taco's in town! Eat dinner for two for $10.00 wow!

Lily H

Owner is very rude. He came over to our table to yell at my child in spanish for having her water out. She got scared at the way he approached our table. Then the cashier (younger woman) was upset when we DISCREETLY pointed out there was dead flies in the salsa bar. After the way they treated us, I should have spoken louder to let the other familes in front of us know that the food they had just prepared had dead insects, but I didn't want to make a scene.The entire time we were there he continued to stare at her and she lost her appetite and wanted to leave (not sure if he thought she would pull her water out again). Even while we waited near the exit while my sister paid, he still continued to watch her AND ONLY HER while he cooked, not ONCE did he glance over to the other table full of customers.The food is decent, but I'd rather not put my child in a situation that makes her feel uncomfortable. We shall never return to this establishment.

Sandy Orth

As always, everything was great. Greatest place for tacos. Great people.


Very rude cashier. Her terrible attitude outweighs the good food. It’s surprising how a bad experience really takes away the flavor of the food.

Plicka Stan

Very rude cashier. Her terrible attitude outweighs the good food.

Susan Drummond

We LOVE LOVE this place!!! We’ve been eating at their taco place for 10 yrs and have never found anyone working there disrespectful or rude, as some of the following reviews will say. This is the hardest working family in town and BY FAR the best shrimp tacos and chipalonas. Hubby likes the pastor. One time I forgot my purse. We backtracked the places we’d been and finally returned to here. It was closing time and Here came the owner running out with my purse! The son had found it under the table. We eat there about once a week.

Stephanie Sanchez McKay

Great food and service, but this place gets really busy. Be prepared to wait a while. But then I went there on Friday too!

Daniel Kealy

The Carne Asada and the quesadilla filled with cheese and beef was delicious and full of flavor. The service was fast.

Jason King

It.Was my first Time! Awesome Shrimp Tacos! Would Come Back Again!

Denise Hillemann

I am so happy I stopped!!!!The fish and shrimp tacos were awesome!!! The breading was crisp and very flavorful but did not over power the shrimp or fish.You walk up order then wait for them to call your name. Then pay after your done eating.There is a little area were you dress your food with salsa, cilantro,limes... YOU MUST WEAR A MASK AND A GLOVE TO TOUCH THE AREA!!! Hygiene at its best.Its nothing fancy so don't expect anything but good hot food.

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