Wheezys Grill and Sportsbar

11732 S Fortuna Rd, Yuma
(928) 342-1139

Recent Reviews

Joyce JeanBieber Martschinske

Great food and friends but with less fly's. we had a pesty one.

Lauren Nicole Twerdak

Great local spot with specials every day. Love this place. I've eaten meals at all times of day and night, had probably 50% of the menu, and drank a variety of their offerings and never been disappointed with what I've ordered.

Danielle Favreau

Great food and service. Went for Wing Monday and they were excellent.

Kelsey P

Food and drinks were good and the service was well above par, super pleased and will recommend!

David De Anda

So I’m not one to write reviews as much because I won’t be a Karen like some of these other people lol. But man was my experience not fun. Appetizer came out late as if it were the main entree and we got no napkins. But that’s not the thing. The thing was we weren’t given utensils and the napkins and our server paid zero attention to us. He passed us 13 times and I counted just to poke fun at my girlfriend but then it wasn’t fun. Food came and then we still couldn’t eat cuz no napkins once I had let him known. Then the server proceeds to still pass us by until I flagged him like an airline technician flagging down a plane. He came and seemed pretty calm about the situation and I was like can we please have the needed items to eat and then came back 20 minutes later. The whole time the appetizer and the main entree is getting cold. I drank all my drink and that was a mistake. The moment he came back and brought napkins and utensils he didn’t take my drink to get refilled. So I ate and was choking and my mouth was so dry. He came and said I’ll get you a refill and was still patient. But then he passed 9 times. I had counted again because I was really not having it. He FINALLY came and I could finish the remaining foot but the sides were cold, my hoagie was stale, it was a disaster. I’m not one to complain but normally you don’t keep your customers dry. Normally you find a way to weave in thru tables to check up. It was our first and quite frankly the last time. Sorry but until I can be reassured and our experience can be made up, I can’t say I recommend it. Go to Buffalo Wild Wings or Boston Pizza or Brewers to watch sports games and eat good food. Wheezy’s wasn’t it. Thank you.

Eileen Brosius

Cool place, good food, great zucchini sticks and awesome server Kelly!

Gregory Fuerte

First time at Wheezys and I ordered the Cubano Sandwich and it was amazing and the Garlic Parmesan Fries were so good and full of flavor all the way down to the last fry. I didn't try the rest of my parties food due to the fact I was so into my Cubano Sandwich, but all of it did look good. I am definitely going back to try out more of their meals and the wife even suggested we try out their breakfast menu one of these days, I can't wait to try it.

Deidra Cooper

Alway a great place to eat when I visit from SanDiego. I love the Strawberry salad and fried zucchini. Excellent service.

CJ Meiko

During the day, a nice place to chill and eat. At night the place to be for a good time. The food good and I really liked the Chicken and Waffle meal.

Sergio Huff

First time going for breakfast. I ordered the 2+2+2...it was delicious and very fresh..pancakes were perfect. My friend ordered an omelet..and biscuits and gravy. I wasn't too keen on the biscuit..it was mealy to me...but they liked it. Will definitely go again.

Katya (perfectlyflawedkt)

Incredible staff (especially that beautiful manager, Amber!) Wonderful atmosphere! Fantastic food! I highly recommend stopping in!! We're so happy we had the opportunity to see the infamous Wheezy's for ourselves!#greekpride #perfectlyflawedphotos

Elizabeth Arnold

Only giving stars because the server was very sweet.We ordered a Reuben, burger(medium), kids mac n cheese and potato skins…. Cornbeef was swimming in sauce and meat was almost jerky, the burger was so dry he couldn’t eat it and our child said the Mac n cheese was gross and he never turns his nose to Mac n cheese. Potato skins were the best thing we had. Not happy with a bill over $50 and such poor food.

Matt Schedler

We come here pretty frequently and are usually happy with our experience but the food delivery was not good this trip. The waiter was awesome and trying hard but while we waited we watched people come and go. We eventually had to leave half our party to get the food to go while the other half had the leave. We will definitely reconsider coming again with kids.

Chefq Q

The food was disgusting. The meatloaf wasn’t traditional at all. Looked like it was reheated on a flat top. Had gooey gravy in a box. The fried green beans had a cement coating on them. The server was rude. The service was terrible. Stick to a corporate restaurant in Yuma at least it will be consistent.

Mike Merkel (Shark Bytes)

Hands down the best service, beer and burger I have ever had at lunch time. That is saying a lot since I have had burgers in about 30 different states and multiple places across Canada. Stop in for lunch and get the beer and burger special you won't be disappointed.

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