290 W 32nd St, Yuma
(928) 726-1919

Recent Reviews

Dean Morgan

Good chicken and fries.

Annabelle Veatch

Honestly, I love the wings, like they are super delicious, but for whatever reason the orders always takes so long to get. I waited 30 minutes for a dozen wings.Now, I’ll only order online for pickup! It’s way faster! ?It’s a good idea to ask for extra ranch too.

Jeffrey Mendez

Called and placed a complicated order and Edgar was very helpful and made me feel like it was no bother because of him I will be making this my wing place thank you guys!

Junk Mail

They always make my wings perfect which is extra extra crispy

Corey Howard

Excellent customer service! My wings were hot and freshly made upon pickup. I got the Bayou BBQ and Mango Habanero. Both types were raging in flavor! Highly recommended. Don't forget the RANCH!!

Chad H.

We had not been in a while glad we stopped by the wings were as good as we remembered lots of flavor pipin hot and fresh fries were good also


Best prices in town when it comes to wings. You can NOT beat their prices, guarantee you. Their fries are different in a good way. I love the way they taste. But something about the flavor of the wings is very average in my opinion. My husband will order from this place weekly because he loves a good deal but their wings taste different each time. I think it depends on whose making your food in their kitchen. But overall it's a pretty decent spot.

Tom Cortis

I go here a lot I love the habanero wings nice and spicy

Dasy Duke

Me and my best friend new favorite grub place

G. A. S

No dining in only to go or delivery. Wings: good.

Bob Raemaeker

I haven't been there.I was at a business 2 doors East of there

Adrian Pereda

Great wings very helpful staff patient and understanding I highly recommend . I will be back forsure

CBS 121

Not that good. The lemon pepper wings were ok but the hot lemon wasnt that hot and lacked flavor. Probably wont go back here. Buffalo wildwings is better.

Crystal Clary

They are ok. Better than Buffalo but my favorite place for wing are hooters. Sorry


Placed an order online for a 15piece meal for 2, asked for cheese fries as well. I get my order, drive home, and proceed to find out that they didn’t give me my cheese fries. :) Thanks guys, beautiful service!

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