El Taco

306 Victoria St, Nelson
(250) 352-2060

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Reginald Lively

Best Burritos I have ever had. Make sure to check this place out if you are in Nelson.

Marie Says

The food was fine, but absolutely awful customer service experience. This happened a few years ago, in the Before Times, but I figure the owner is likely the same. Here's the full story, you be the judge.I was in town for a few days and planning to have a small party. I don't live in the area and I'm not white, so I don't look like a typical Nelson local either, but I have extended family in the area. So I went in and placed a large take out order, about 20 burritos to go, to be picked up 24 hours later. I paid in advance, and as he rang me up, the guy at the counter said there would be an automatic gratuity added. I told him I thought that was strange because it was a take out order. He shrugged and said it was their policy. I asked if I could discuss it with someone, as an automatic gratuity for a takeout order seemed strange to me. He directed me to the owner who was just arriving in the parking lot. I explained my confusion about the automatic tip and the owner was openly contemptuous that I wouldn't want to pay this. He snorted and practically rolled his eyes and said, "Well, you know, these kids really don't get paid much. If you don't want to pay it, I can't force you, but come on...."...I wonder who isn't paying these kids enough...the owner, I suppose...? I didn't say this. But I was frustrated by the disrespect. I didn't want to go elsewhere because I'd already talked about the food we were going to have at the party with my guests. I went back and told them to ring through my order without the tip. The next day, I went in to pick up my order. The 20 burritos were sitting on the counter individually wrapped, not in a bag, and the service staff glared at me then totally ignored me. I couldn't carry 20 burritos without a bag so I stood around for a while waiting to ask someone for a bag as they all ignored me. Finally a waitress who had NOT been around the previous day saw what was happening and was clearly confused about why her colleagues were pretending I didn't exist. She was very nice and offered to get me a bag when she learned I was there for the takeout order. As I was walking out, one of the girls who had witnessed what happened the previous day said angrily: "you know, it was a lot of work to label those burritos for you." (They each had the flavour written on the outside wrapper in sharpie).Honestly I don't really hold this against the wait staff. I believe they got caught up in the rude and retaliatory attitude promoted by the owner. But this is the customer service dynamic at this place.

Marianne V

There was no coffee. No Alaskan pollock. The rice in our burritos was stone cold. Shrimp were hard to find and it was generally poor. We are not planning a return visit.

Shannon Einhorn

I had the beef AND chicken gluten free tacos (couldn’t decide, so I got both

Daniel McCowan

Quick, tasty, and very reasonably priced. Every item is different and delicious.

Molly Caron

Don't overthink it, go if your hungry. Kids love it. Something for everyone, even picky eaters.

Nick K

Love this place. Great value.

Lauren Walker

Great little restaurant, they have mentioned that they can make their food gluten free for a celiac - however, I had some cross contamination at some point in the weekend when I was there and cannot confirm if it was this restaurant or not.If you do not need to be gluten free, it's a great place to pick up quick food. I would only say that I feel it just needs a few more spices for flavour in the food and it would be a 5 star!

Evan Main

Great food, large portions for most menu items, very economic for what you're getting. I definitely reccomend el taco, especially if youre in the mood for a burrito.

Matt Casselman

El Taco is bad. So, so bad. Shredded beef had zero flavour. Mole chicken had no mole. Tortilla Soup was tomato soup. The tacos have more water than sauce. Guacamole was just... confusing. Just really not good food at all. I could have gone to Save On, bought a bag of tortilla chips and Old El Paso salsa, and had a more satisfying meal.

Paul Sienkiewicz

If you're on a budget, maybe worth a consideration, but if you're seeking a flavourful meal - skip this one. Guacamole and chips was a joke - it didn't even resemble guacamole, more like some gross, runny, green dip. Burritos were bland and forgettable. Music inside is so loud it's hard to think let alone make a decision what to order, and btw been to Yelapa and their food actually has taste.And to add insult to injury they expect customers to sanitize tables with a spray and a dirty rag as they leave, ridiculous.

Damon Brodeur

Wasn't happy with the chicken or pork tacos, really soggy. Same with the chorizo and beef burritos, also avocado wasn't listed for the beef burritos, which im allergic to. Was excited as I'd heard good things, disappointed. Ended up going to the pizza place across the street.

Sabin Donohoe

Sep 19th 2020. Wanted to buy more food/drink after getting my burrito. Not one, but TWO employees looked at me directly in my face while I was waiting to be served. I was IGNORED both times. When i told the girl making burritos that i was upset with being ignored, she said "Oh Well."Also, their new guacamole SUCKS. Its watered down, runny, garbage. ?????

Melanie McCollum

Food was ok.. Fresh, but ingredients were pretty uninteresting. My veggie burrito was basically rice, with a bit of black beans and lettuce.Their hot sauce was in short supply and disappointing in flavor.


Good Mexican food, very good prices, not fancy. Order food and drinks inside and for now, eat outside. Or take it to go. Fun, easy, quite fast usually but it can get busy.

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