Another Broken Egg Cafe

250 E Olive Ave Ste 110 Ste 110, Burbank
(818) 563-3344

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Neal N.

While breezing through Yelp looking for a different place to eat at, I came across this place because of its catchy name. Free parking is available across the street from the restaurant, which is next to the City Hall. Upon entering, you'll notice the high ceilings and welcoming staff. Depending on your preface, indoor or outdoor dining is available. The menu includes something for everyone, plus our waitress Lesley offered her recommendations. Off her recommendation, I had the club sandwich. The club sandwich was filled with several fresh ingredients, but one of them made the bottom bread kind of mushy. I can't determine which one it was, but overall it was tasty. And don't hesitate to get their fries, they're spot on delicious. After we were done eating, I thought about it for a second, none of us ordered anything with eggs. I guess we'll have to come back and try something with eggs. Their coffee mugs are nice too. Next time I need to see if they're available for purchase.

Roman K.

I think the most popular place for breakfast in Burbank. Huge selection of different egg dishes. American style mostly. Regular diner interior, nothing special or fancy. Menu and indoors reminds me New Orleans locations.

Norman G.

This place looked amazing on Yelp so we decided to try it out. It was a short walk from our hotel, so we trekked over to see what the talk was all about. We immediately were seated. The server was the reason there was a star taken away. She got us coffee quickly, but as far as taking care of us the rest of the time she was pretty non existent. At one point, another server came and refilled our coffees and asked, "what are you waiting on? Jesus?" At that point, we hadn't even ordered anything other than our Pancake appetizer. Yes we had an appetizer during breakfast. They looked delicious and they were. Anyway, service was pretty bad from our server. Looked like the other servers tables loved her. Maybe she didn't care cause she automatically put the tip on the check. $18 for a party of 4, which we would have definitely tipped more if service was better. Yelpers are tippers. Let's get to the food. Pancakes..... I could have eaten even more. They weren't heavy and were just the right amount of sweet. 2 of us got the Mardi Grad Omelette, which was full of flavor. Another got the Baquezo omelette, which was ok. We asked for salsa, the server said she'd charge us for some and never gave it to us. She did charge for the salsa btw. Ok enough about her. Then I had the Lobster and Brie Omelette. I'm not sure I liked it. Cream cheese in an omelette isn't my fave as well as seafood, but the pictures were amazing. It wasn't that bad. It was still good. We will definitely go back based on the food and outdoor patio. Hopefully the girl just had a bad day and was hungover or something.

Ivan J C.

They gave us menus and i asked for a waiter, and after no one came after 22 min... 3 tables that were there after us were helped and ordered and no one came to us.. not sure if it was a race thing because we were the only Hispanics in the restaurant... definitely never coming back.. felt like we were purposely ignored.. raza dont eat here!!

Vasisht Raghavendra

Hands down the best bruch place. Everything was perfect right from the start and the service was top notch. We started off with a pitcher of orange Mimosas. For food we ordered Salmon and Shrimp Omelette which comes with a side of potatoes or tater tots, Smoked Salmon Benedict which comes on the top of a muffin, poched eggs, tomatoes and capers, Egg Blackstone Benedict with city grits and Crab Cake Benedict. The city grits were out of the world and comes with grits topped with bacon and tomatoes.

Myeshia Bray

my go to for brunch. the staff is very friendly and the food is good.

Alyse H.

Right off the main drag in downtown Burbank, this place is perfect for breakfast or brunch. I ordered the Traditional Day Starter with perfectly cooked over medium eggs, an English muffin, house made sausage, and fried potatoes. I only have cream with my coffee if they have legit cold creamer in one of those tiny metal pitchers, and this place has that. No on-the-table creamer for me! My friend ordered the cinnamon roll which is so large that it looks like multiple rolls on top of one another. It is perfectly soft and gooey with delicious cream cheese frosting. They have a ton of outdoor seating as well.

Jennifer S.

Really good spot! I found it on Yelp when I got set free from an early morning job after working all night. Nothing was open before 8am with the exception of this place and Dennys or Norms. I'd rather eat a dead bloated raccoon covered in garbage juice gravy than eat at either of those places, so it was time to try something NEW! This place has a TON of tables! Most of them were empty but keep that in mind when you want to go somewhere that can accommodate a lot of people without a ton of wait. I ordered the veggie omlette and grits (super bonus for having those!) I got extra spinach as you can see in the picture, but that made them forget to put the goat cheese inside that it was supposed to have (it was supposed come with goat cheese, I didn't ask for it). But the flavor was tasty for sure... even without the cheese. The grits were creamy and very good as well! I'll definitely return!

Jasmine R.

Called for a pick up order, I opened up the box and at the bottom of the box was burnt with holes in it, potatoes are now inedible and taste like plastic from the box. Ordered a Salmon Benedict that came with no hollandaise. Wish this didn't happen, waste of money and good food.

Scott Christopher Worden

Biscuits and gravy were awesome and I was stuffed! Also, the service was excellent. The server kept refilling our coffee often and never had to ask once!

Chris R.

First time here on Veterans Day. I guess they didn't plan well because the place was packed and there was an hour wait. However, If I sat in the bar, there was going to be no wait. Beyond the incredibly long wait for food, when it did finally arrive an hour later, instead of softly scrambled eggs, the eggs were burnt. The sausage wasn't a pattie or a link but a blob or ball of sausage meat that was underdone. The pancakes were fine. Because I sat in the bar area, the bartender had to wait on tables and was so busy, that he really couldn't handle the added people in his section.

Joey R.

This place has really good stuffed French toast and they will make your eggs anyway you want. There is always a long waiting list to eat here. They have good country potatoes

Trinity Williams

This was delicious! If you are looking for breakfast packing flavor your in the right place. Sooo good! I did the lobster and grits, my husband did the cinnamon Rolls and city grits! Service was great! Location was perfection! Would definitely eat here again ?

Jasmin S.

We ate here for My daughter's bday to try their brunch I checked the Menu before We went it looks interesting! And so we ordered the griddles and a lobster omelette! I would recommend the lobster omelette the Brie cheese it's good I wish there's more lobster though. We had beignet it's ok We thought it's on the crispy side We hope it would be softer but We can't complain coz this is the first time We had beignets. My daughter ordered the cinnamon French toast she said it was alright coz she was expecting it to be soft but i guess it's a little crispy I thought it was good The food portions are big and presentation is excellent! I would come back to try the other items and skip the griddles next time!

Arlene L.

Hi, Hello! One word comes to mind YYYYYYUUUUUUMMMMM. What a cute spot that knows how to deliver breakfast. Chefs kiss breakfast for sure. The entire menu is unique and looks like it will knock your socks off. Sheesh! why did it take me so long to come here? Anyhoo, staff is great and fast. Looking at the menu there is a variety of deliciousness concocted from this business. I ordered the skinny omelette which had GOAT cheese. OMG stop. I have been dreaming about this sexy omelette for most of my life. Finally someone has answered my prayers. Pretty sure it's not skinny but who cares... Anyways the mimosas were so good! Perfect balance of juice and booze. I really didn't care about what anyone else was eating but they loved theres too! I was really involved in my plate. Sorry. I am a huge fan. I will be back as often as I can work out before this meal. WAY TO DO IT RIGHT ABEC! EPH YEAH

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