Barney's Beanery Burbank

250 N 1st St, Burbank
(818) 524-2912

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opentable dinner

Amazing and nice service

Peter Xaymountry

If you come here just be very aware that they could short staff so the service can be very very slow. My friends and I stopped by here while we were waiting to be seated at another restaurant in the area. We got seated at the bar but it took like 15 minutes to even get acknowledge and seated due to the place only having 2 waitress and I believe 1 bartender. The projector area wasn't even open and they had a lot of table open probably due to the slow service. It took a while for us to just put in our order and also for it to come out. Our order was just 2 drinks and mozzarella sticks. Even getting the bill took like 25 minutes. I know you have to be understanding due to covid impacting the restaurant industry but my suggestion would be just not sitting people and letting them know ahead of time of the situation.

opentable dinner

There no TV's outside I was unaware of that which kinda ruined my experience. But Barney's is always delicious and the pitcher is a reasonable price and cold!!!

Julio C. Avila

Crew was awesome, place was clean. Best part, we got sat down right away for a late Friday evening. Thank you Barney's. You guys never fail to make us feel at home.

musa abdul-malik

Basic bar food well cooked great service and very polite and professional staff.


Great waiter and food !

opentable dinner

We had a nice lunch and chose to sit outside where it was a little noisy but still pleasant. Service was very good and we all enjoyed our meals. Free parking in the structure was nice for LA. They were nice enough to make an eggs Benedict for me even though we were a little after breakfast. A cool place to get together and neat vibe inside

Aalia “Lady K” Rasool

Who said a GREAT meal has to come from $$$ spots? I had super friendly and welcoming service from Alex (she was very attentive and smiled a lot too).... A BOMB burger (the Barney I think it was called) and crunchy, well-seasoned fries. Worth the visit!

celiece aurea irving

Great servers. Every place in downtown Burbank had about an hour wait with at least 18 parties ahead of us, we meandered down to Barney's, they were able to sit us right away. The service was great. They got my order wrong and ended up taking it off of the bill AND gave us 2 extra chocolate bars for our smores dessert!


Great experience i watched baseball while eating wings the kitchen was closing but they were still able to squeeze in our order before it was closed also a waiter gave me a free Hershey bar after the bill because we waited a while kind waiters nice service not to sure about the mens bathrooms though but what can you expect its a bar i really recommend i had a good time.

Mariah Garcia

Great service and great atmosphere! They have a lot of TVs at the bar and the bar stools are comfortable 50s car seats

Ciera Gregg

I stopped by this place while trying to find a place to get a drink before I hopped on a plane back home. Super glad I did! It is very cute inside and thr waitress that served us was wonderful. I reccomed the spicy margarita (im pretty sure it was a margarita) Anyways it was VERY spicy and delicious. Would definitely return if I'm ever in Burbank again.

Tilson A.

Today, I went to Barney's around 6pm to have a few drinks before my movie at AMC started. We told the host a party of 2 and she told me 10-15 min. I gave her my mobile number thinking we would be getting a text or call to let us know our table was ready. We went to the side to watch 3 parties of 2 be seated before I walked to the host to ask if our table was ready yet. She never acknowledged my question and asked me if I could sit outside. Acknowledging what I had just seen would've been polite and an apology for seating 3 parties ahead of us since we arrived before all of them. She sat us at a table inside and we waited for 10 minutes before anyone approached us to ask, "Has someone come to your table yet?" Based on the initial experience with the host and the disorganized staff we decided to go somewhere else.

Carlos R.

If I could give 0 stars i would. Asked for a table and the host was beyond rude. Kept denying my request told me it was a 2 hour wait and a new group showed up and literally asked for a table and they sat them right away. They didn't have a reservation or had put their name down before hand. I felt i was being friendly but I felt like I was treated poorly. I honestly am all about respecting people and couldn't believe the way I was treated here today. There were big tables ready to be used and they still did not want to help us.

Ginger D.

We've been going to Barney's for brunch for years... like over a decade, and the way we asked each other if we wanted to go there was, "Want to go get great food and terrible service?" But then, about a year ago, something wonderful happened... Ebony started working the morning shift! Can't say enough good things about this amazing lady. Great service, amazingly friendly and attentive and today she had a trainee with her so there's about to be at least one more awesome server. Thank you Ebony!!! Oh yeah, the food is also great. Mish mosh is delicious.

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