Basecamp and High Horse Dinette

1221 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
(747) 477-1135

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kate rene gleason

place is chill, indoor and outdoor seating. a delicious (and big!) croissant breakfast sandwich. they subbed avocado for the bacon since i don't eat meat even though it was the thursday special. i believe they have specials every weekday. enjoy!

Troy Rawlings

Simple menu yet superb food. Top notch customer service.I love the indoor outdoor eclectic open-air atmosphere

Shaun H

Great food, nice atmosphere. Both salads and wraps are quite good.

Gordillo Agency

Really nice environment, great decor; overall it’s a great place ??

Rosemary Montiel

I've been here twice. Food is amazing, fresh, can not go wrong with anything you order. The vibe and the staff are great. However, one small recommendation for the business owner, during the times and days when you are really busy it would be nice to open the drink bar to order just drinks. I was there one weekend, forgot to order a drink and had to stand in line again just to order my drink. (The line had over 10 people in front of me).

Laura M.

Well. My second time trying this place. Sadly I wasn't impressed. The young lady dropping off food etc. was wonderful - the girl behind the counter had a personality of a gold fish. She seemed annoyed that I couldn't decide what I wanted to drink. And overall just wasn't friendly . Food, my fries were cold. My burger was ok. Patty was dry and plain. Bun was black around the edges . The only thing I liked was that my dog was allowed. I probably won't be going here again -

Joshua H.

I think I've eaten here for the last time. Breakfast anyway. I just spent $22 on breakfast. It is a very cute place. The ambience and vibe is 5 stars. The food however is way overpriced and not great. I'm an easy boring breakfast food, eggs and bacon kinda guy...but I've been here twice this last week and it's to bland, especially at $22. I can make it better at home and will. Again, I go here when the occasional friend or date suggests it at convenience. Today, the staff wasn't pleasant to me or my friend. We both mentioned it when we sat down. We all have off days, but this place seems to always disappoint lately. I hope it changes. I love the convenience/ambience of this local spot.

Kelly Y.

Terrible food and service. Salty food and racist against Asians. Go somewhere else.

James B.

Basecamp is a fantastic brunch spot in the Burbank Rancho area with plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy the weather. Lotta horses in the area horseback riding and walking before and after come here Food: 1) Açaí Bowl - can't go wrong. A very light, sweet and delicious way to get your day started. 2) breakfast Burrito - sooo delicious! Got the right proportions of all the ingredients. The sauce was amazing.

george petrentzev

It's ok.

Douglas A.

First off, I really like the atmosphere and parking is super convenient, especially in the neighborhood. The staff is also very friendly. Unfortunately, the food is extremely salty. It's a shame because the fools looks fresh (except my wife claims her hamburger bun was old) but it's challenging to taste the food without reaching for water. If you're on a low salt diet or enjoy the taste of food, I'd recommend request no salt. I mean, what are saltshakers on the table for?

Mario Guevara

Good breakfast. We had the Chilaquiles and the breakfast quesadilla. Yummy

Linda Riha

This is a fantastic venue with great food!

Jed A.

I live in the area and come here once-in-awhile. The owner is very nice, but he needs to make sure his employees are MASKED UP!!! I came in this morning and I had to tell the cashier to pull her mask over her nose, and then saw another employee with her mask completely down. The sign outside gives a directive to customers, and if you're an establishment serving food during a pandemic, WEAR YOUR MASKS!!! I have positive cases popping up where I work from those colleagues who are unvaccinated. So how am I supposed to know which employee here is vaccinated or not. And the owner sometimes doesn't wear a mask. It's not that tough folks. Food-wise, solid. Their vegan donut is very good and coffee smooth. A little pricey, $8.54 for a small coffee and donut, so I guess it was worth it? Not sure, but not coming back here for a long time.

Lisa Barbosa

Very pleasant place. Ate outside, completely socially distanced from anyone else. Had the chopped salad with grilled chicken...delish AND nutrish!!! Would definitely go back ???

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Basecamp and High Horse Dinette

1221 W Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91506
(747) 477-1135