Bea Bea's

353 N Pass Ave, Burbank
(818) 846-2327

Recent Reviews

Mary A.

Love their food, it's always amazing! However, I must say that when they are extremely busy on the weekends, they don't pick up their phone. You have to order online! Either pick up or delivery. Other than that, I highly recommend this!

Esmeralda S.

Love this place! Good for vegan options, their vegan pancakes are amazing! The wait was pretty long due to covid, but well worth it.

Jennifer P.

Hands down one of the best breakfast places I've ever been to.. I recommend everyone go check this place out. It gets busy so be okay with waiting for a bit but it's so worth the wait. The cereal french toast and the steak is the best thing I've had there. I recommend steak and eggs and the cereal french toast. A must try

Stevie D.

This review is based on the service...we were seated placed our order and it's been at least 30 min that we are waiting for our order. We have seen 3 tables eat and finish their meal. We were seated before a couple tables and they were served. I would've thought service is important

Kyra F.

Bea Bea's has the best gluten free pancakes in the LA area. Get there early to avoid waiting as this place is definitely popular! Lots of patio seating during Covid, hope they can keep this for the future

Vahe A.

Very slow service. I ordered the Thai Tea Pancakes - literally tasted nothing like Thai Tea, or anything really. Neither did the Thai Tea cream on top or whatever it was. Plus the pancakes were overcooked. $20 for pancakes and a latte? Really? Definitely not coming back here. The one star was for the latte because it was actually delicious.

April T.

Was in town and found this place on a Sunday morning. There were a lot of people and the wait was about 45 minutes but is so worth it. The foods is really that good. They have lots of choices and selection for their breakfast items. I got the Oh Em Gee French toast with Hawaiian bread, strawberries, bananas and macadamia nuts. Delicious! My boyfriend got the green tea matcha pancakes which were good as well. I would come here for breakfast again but probably a lot earlier (we got there around 10am) to beat the breakfast rush.

Jose R.

Ok hear me out on this one... have u ever seen a homeless man and looked at their shoes? Ok, no cap, that's what the shoes of the waiter looked like. That's the first impression of the service. Continuing with the service they give the vibe of not wanting to be there, and if they don't want to be there they obviously don't want to serve you! Now moving on to the food. You can see by the pictures that it looks bomb! Dude, there was a hair on my bacon! I told the runner about it and they apologized and brought a new plate. No biggie. The lemonade only tasted of syrup, no flavor just sugar. By the end of the meal after all we went through I was honestly hoping they would do something about the bill. Like a discount at most! But nothing. So yea that was my experience at the place

Eden G.

Awesome breakfast food spot! There is always a wait when I come since it's so busy but that's definitely a sign that it's popular and great! I've had various types of pancakes, eggs Benedict, classic breakfast plate with eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, toast, etc. and it's always delicious!

Camille A.

While the food was good, the customer service could be better. Called in a phone order at 10:15 and they said it would be 45 minutes. Understandable for a busy establishment. We get there at 11:00 to pay and pick up. We don't get our food until 11:25. I don't even think they started cooking our food until 10-15 minutes after we paid. I hope their customer service will start to improve now that restaurants will start allowing indoor dining at a capacity again.

Nazh D.

This place hasn't changed their quality is just as good and the food is just as delicious as a few years ago when I first visited. This place is a cool spot for brunch and parking is always easy. My friend had the Summer's Dream and I had the Chocolate Tuxedo which has brownie bits. Yum! We also had huevos rancheros to share and I had the Pooh's Sunrise with 2 eggs 4 pcs of bacon. I love the pancakes here because its fluffy and that mascarpone cream and homemade whip is sooo good! Their sides are also good and I know they have so much more on their menu like waffles and crepes but I seriously cannot get enough of their pancakes. (Also, Im more of a pancake person anyway. Lol) It's far from where I live but will definitely do the drive to try all their other items on the menu!

Wayne Zelda

While the restaurant is generally crowded, when you see the extensive menu you know why. It clearly is a breakfast place, and the menu is amazing; you can get just about anything! Everything seems to be made fresh and the service was terrific. Understand that this comes from somebody who dislikes breakfast places as they are all the same.

Renita M.

Ahh one of my favorite places! I usually go to the central location, however anytime I'm around this area this is the spot to be at. The place is convenient due to the numerous parking spots. Once you get seated, the waiter takes your drink order tight away. There's a choice for everyone because of how much items their menu has. The green pancakes are a must every time! I can't wait to come back again!

N. Gatewood

My daughter and I traveled an hour to try this place. We wanted to eat outdoors but it ran that morning. The service was great and the food amazing. My daughter ordered the green tea pancakes and I the crunchy French toast...LOVED IT! Thank you so much for being so kind to us. We will be back soon.

Jane Katherine

The waffle I had last time I was there was freaking magical. They should be on everyone's list for breakfast food to try at least once. It's worth the wait. And this isn't exactly something you get to choose now but even when we're allowed to eat inside again I'd recommend eating outside on the patio if you can.

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