Bea Bea's

353 N Pass Ave, Burbank
(818) 846-2327

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Dozer H.

Ridiculousness...why people wait in line here
Oy your dinero and buy a frying pan

Antonio G.

A great breakfast place and super not busy on the weekdays for takeout in the early a.m. 8 - 9 ish. I felt like treating myself to a nice breakfast to bring to work and gave Bea Bea's a call and ordered a happy morning with hashbrowns scrambled eggs whole wheat toast bacon and pork links. Which all tasted good. The pickup was easy I arrived 15 minutes after I ordered my order was ready, I paid and left and still had time before work. I'm happy I stopped by and will def be back.

Christy S.

The line is always long, the food is always great. These are the two universal truths of Bea Bea's.

The waffle I had last time I was there was freaking magical. They should be on everyone's list for breakfast food to try at least once. It's worth the wait. And this isn't exactly something you get to choose now but even when we're allowed to eat inside again I'd recommend eating outside on the patio if you can.


I've wanting to try this spot for a while now, and I finally did today! And I'm glad I did! They have so many good options on their menu, so it was hard to choose. I loved everything I ordered.The steak in the steak burrito was very soft and juicy. The lox on bagel was great! And pancakes!! Don't forget the pancakes!! The portions are huge, so we had leftover to enjoy this goodness again. I will definitely bisit again to try other items on the menu.

L K.

Great food, great location, great sanitation, great staff!
I especially love their Green Tea Monster, Strawberry Dream French Toast, and the Sicilian Scramble! I always make a stop at Bea Bea's when I'm in town.

Bradly G.

Best grits I have ever had from restaurant ... reminds me of how I make them and how my mom used to make it for us as kids!

Their food is really good from what I had and I'm excited to try more from them!

Karen W.

I love going here for breakfast with the girls! The kids love it too. Lots of tasty options.
Love, laugh, love,

Vivian C.

I don't know why, but we went absolutely bonkers and ordered way too much for one sitting, but now I've got lots to write about.

- Breakfast burrito- very very huge. It has a lot of ingredients and can fill you up fast, but it was also very dry despite drowning it in sour cream and avocados. Nice to have tried, but I wouldn't order that again.

- Eggs Benedict- Quite satisfying. It was decent and definitely hit the spot if you crave eggs Benedict. They have a lot to choose from too. Definitely a good and safe breakfast choice.

- tuna melt- Hope you like the taste of tuna. I am not used to such huge amount of it between breads, so if you enjoy the taste I recommend it. Definitely a filling sandwich and I only had half of it!

-chicken pesto panini- I hope I got the name right lol but this was a good alternative to the tuna melt because it tasted a lot lighter but still flavorful. A solid sandwich choice!

-Matcha pancake- I have saved the best for last. This pancake would be the sole reason why I would venture out into Burbank just to have a taste of this again. I had pretty high expectations already since my cousin hyped this up and yet it still exceeded my expectations!! You can taste the matcha but it isn't overwhelming or bitter like how I imagined and just the perfect amount of sweet for both sweet tooth's and those who prefer less sugar. The lady who worked there called us to apologize for forgetting to put the whipped cream on the pancake but honestly it was so darn delicious that it wasn't even necessary. Highly recommend this dish.

Merry Ann S.

Two words: Matcha Pancakes!!

Safety measures:
Outdoor seating
Contactless menu (via QR code)
Tables were spread out well over 6 feet apart

I ordered their matcha pancakes and the portions were HUGE! I had enough matcha pancakes for breakfast the next day (and I am NOT complaining, haha). Definitely a great brunch place to visit.  

Parking: Street parking available in front of the restaurant.

Dennis R.

Recently started getting into brunch places and I can now see why so many people love brunch! Upon walking in, the restaurant was super packed, but luckily we got seated right away at an open table and looked through the huge menu. There are so many options of food and drinks to choose from! We decided to order a bunch of food and shared family style (amongst three people). We ordered:

-Hot Green Latte: Nice and warm with decorative latte art. Perfect blend of milk and matcha and was not overly sweet or milky.

-White Chocolate Mocha : They serve it iced! On the sweeter side. A little strong for my tastes, but probably because I am not a fan of coffee/espresso drinks.

-Blueberry Lemonade: Not too sour or sweet, but it tasted more like plain lemonade. Could not really taste the blueberry, but still very good and refreshing.

-Palmmy's Early Bright: NY Steak with 2 eggs. The steak was okay. Not the best I have had, but not the worst either. Had to put lots of pepper.

-Spy's Dewdrops: Slice of ham, diced up potatoes, and two strips of bacon. The ham was delicious, bacon was crunchy and potatoes were yummy with ketchup!

-Green Tea Monster Pancakes: MUST TRY! It's the best. There were three pancakes with green tea mascarpone and whipped cream (sounds heavenly, I know). Very light and fluffy with syrup on the side. It is an extra $2 if you get their specialty pancakes with an order from "THE GOOD STUFF."

-Strawberry Dream: French toast with Nutella and strawberries and syrup on the side. I did not really like this, as it was way too sweet for my taste buds. Although I ended up only eating one cut up piece, it was good to try.

Service here is amazing! Everyone is very attentive even though they are really busy. The food took a while to come out, but considering how busy they were, it was not bad at all.

This is a great spot to hit up if you are a fan of breakfast/brunch places. However, if you do decide to stop by, I would suggest coming by earlier when they open or during the week if you do not want to wait a long period of time to get seated. Whether you are in the mood for something savory or have a sweet tooth for something sweet, you are bound to find something appealing to order. If you are indecisive or don't eat much, sharing family style is always the best way to try a bunch of food!

Dianna D.

10 AM on a Wednesday back in November, there was about a 15 minute wait for a table (party of 3).  There were only about 4 tables outside in the front, and not sure how many in the back patio.

The menu is still super extensive that you look up on your phone after scanning the barcode on the table.  My favorite is the Green Tea Monster Pancake but without the white chocolate chips.  I got the Kin Sunshine with scrambled eggs, sausage, and made it special with the specialty pancakes.  I've also tried their tofu scramble and thai tea pancakes, but my go to is always their green tea pancakes.

Ample parking in a lot shared to Starbucks and Vons market.

Algin G.

Bea Bea's has a special place in my heart.

Glad they are open during covid. The outdoor dining is nice and really wouldn't mind if they kept it forever.

Their Loco Moco is executed so well here. The extra kick of spice with the chopped chilies in perfection. Pair this with their delicious green tea pancakes and that is a breakfast for champions. Their green tea pancakes have white chocolate chips... Even if you don't green tea you are bound to enjoy this with the mascarpone cream on top. *chef's kiss*

My new go-to is AC's Huevos Tomatillo. If you want chilaquiles for breakfast this will satisfy that make sure to mix everything together. Easily one of my favorites!

A Burbank classic and one of my favorite brunch spots.

iinfynite beats

Place is amazing once you get out of the sweltering sun. Made us wait outside in the parking lot for 45 minutes without checking us in to find out we had to wait another 45 to get seated. They should at least have umbrellas set up to shade their waiting customers so we are not being burned to a crisp to just get checked in.

Madison L.

The food is good.However the whole experience is ruined by the fact that 90% of their staff is SO RUDE. I don’t know how they have so many good reviews. Every time I’ve come in, they have an attitude. I just called to make a pick up order and they straight up hung up on me. I called again, and they said they won’t do my order.One time I showed up an hour and a half before their online listed closing time, only to have the host get mad at me. “We close in 30 minutes.” He sat me but I left because he never came back to give me a menu.Another time, I stood right in front of the host stand for 30 minutes, watching as the host kept ignoring me and seating other people. When she finally acknowledged me, she very snidely said that I "should have marked a place in line via the Yelp app." What? I can't do it in person like I had the times before? There was no sign indicating for me to do that. I had to wait another hour.You’ll always have to wait very long to be seated. I understand that; they can’t really do anything about their seating capacity. But it’s not worth cutting out at least 2 hours of your day just to get subpar food and treated like you’re worthless. It's silly that I've given this place so many chances and never complained once. Bye!

Each Other

Huge choice of amazing breakfast! Fair prices for large servings!Also all pancakes they can make vegan or gluten free!I ordered vegan Blue Hawaiian pancakes and french fries (just in case) bc it was first time I came there and I was not sure I’d like their pancakes. So, pancakes were really beautiful and delicious, and Idk what the seasoning they use in french fries but it was very good.My friends got Coco Caribbean french toast and Strawberry banana nutella crepes and they loved it!I put 4 stars only because a waiting time to get a table is too long.

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