Bob's Big Boy

4211 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
(818) 843-9334

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Tony McGinnis

Love This Place! An American Classic and SO happy to be able to dine in there again... Nice menu of American Classics But come hungry because there are no small orders! Even during lunch, items still come with salad, choice of potatoes, side of veggies and then what ever comes with the meal. This was a downside for me as I really wanted Just Fish & Chips but it came with WAY too much food and they don't let you order kids size or any smaller order so I had to order something else instead.


Our Friday night favorite place , when in town. On Friday’s there is a show of many different Vintage, classic , cars , bikes, and various unique show vehicles. We are “Car Show” people and this is just a must do! It’s also always nice to get a “Big Boy special” to reminisce of ( old times ) our younger years. Even an old fashioned ice cream shake comes in the a steel large cup to enjoy! Have FUN here!! Must try it out!

Kenneth Johnson

Excellent food. Friendly and efficient staff considering the pandemic. Great job by the manager!

Big John K.

This may be shocking for you to read but I love a good Burger lol I've only been here once many years ago and didn't get the burger for some reason.. quite honestly I don't even remember what I got. Fast forward to recently It was a late night and a cheat day for me and I decided to treat myself to "The Famous Big Boy" double beef patty shredded lettuce, special sauce, cheese , think thr Double Double or Big Mac just WAAAYYYY better. It was outstandingly delicious to the last bite.... Be hungry for this one kids its a beast of a burger and that's from Big John, you can always downgrade to the regular Big Boy that'snot quite as much beef. I washed it down with a Vanilla Coke that was perfectly served to taste ( this was real VC) Excellent service at the counter! Superchill late at night there as they are open 24 hours midnight there are open 24 hours. You can always grab some merch ( all kinds of BB merchandise) and if you don't feel like coming in drive up in your car and get the old school drive up service. You really can't go wrong here at BBB. Come on a Friday and ck out the weekly and free car rad is that ? Nicely done BBB....nicely done.


What a Iconic Place to eat, We're were on our way back to the Bay and decided to stop and munch. The staff was very friendly, The Food was great, our waitress (Vivian) was absolutely awesome ....She was very Tentative before and while we dined considering it was our groups 1st time eating there.Well worth stopping !!!!

Paris M.

It's bob bigs boy not some five star diner that being said I always have a pretty good meal and the wait stuff is amazing

Christopher S.

This food is delicious! Absolutely delicious ! Service is amazing too! The only thing is that I think the floors should be changed , I think they clean them a lot and they did changed some of the flooring during quarantine but I think the whole flooring should be changed. And no, I don't owe a flooring company but I do think the place would look way nicer !! Love the food! This is the best diner in the US!

Ron F.

We got seated after waiting for more than 20 minutes. The waitress took our orders: two burger combos and a sandwich. We waited for our food, and waited, and waited. After 30+ minutes, we still have not gotten any of the food we ordered. I was looking for the waitress who took our orders to follow up on our orders, but did not find her. I followed up with a different waitress and she asked another waitress. It seemed like they were clueless about what happened to our orders. We decided to just leave and get food somewhere else. I was so disappointed! I have been looking forward to eating at this iconic restaurant for the first time. Now it is on my list of restaurants to never visit again.

Heather C.

The manager Mitzy argued with me when I told her the blue cheese dressing was bad. I then asked her to please leave, then her mouth hung open. The lobby also smelled like sewage from a toilet overflow My heart broken at what has happened to my childhood favorite...Bob is dead

Ken Wong

7-2-21:Classic diner from the 50s. Fun to see all the Bob's Big Boy kitch. Would definitely come back again!Came here for lunch and shared the fried chicken and the Hamburger double decker combo. The burger reminded me of a Big Mac because the buns, patties, and fixings were just like the Big Mac. Overall, the burger was pretty good. We also got ? and a salad. One tip is that they put a lot of dressing on the salad. So if you don't want to drown in dressing, ask them to go light or put it on the side.Now the fried chicken was very tasty. Crispy and flavorful. The mashed potatoes though tasted watery. Odd and thought maybe they use instant. The veggies were over cooked and tasted like it had margarine. Could be totally wrong but that's what it tasted like.Service was very good. Servers were masked and felt safe eating at the restaurant.

Geoff M.

If you've grown up in LA then Bob's will always bring back a lot of great memories. I've been going to Bob's all my life, I am not sure why it took me so long to write a review. Last of the great diners, they have anything you want, from their Big Boy burger that comes with a generous side salad, double decker burger and fries, fried chicken, all different types of sandwiches, steak, fish and chips and all day breakfast. Their desserts are and shakes are all great. The food is great, keep in mind this is a coffee shop, you're not going to get a wagyu burger here. Set your bar accordingly and you will have a great time.

Melody C.

I'm sad to say that I can't recommend this restaurant for take-out. The cooks frequently do not follow instructions. When you are in the restaurant, the wait staff will gladly make the order right- but if you take it "to go", the cooks seem to know that you are unlikely to wait in the long line at the counter to exchange it. This has happened to me several times, so I think it's time to give up. Even my receipts say "no mayo", but the burgers always have a swipe of it. I think they make the error, then refuse to start over. It's as if they have to pay for it themselves! I guess they think your allergy is your problem, not theirs. This is true, of course, but customer service is still important to most businesses. Since the cooks don't care, maybe management will. Note - this is NOT an inexpensive burger! Don't waste your money unless you are willing to have it "their way".

Michael A.

***3.5 stars*** Yesterday was my first time eating at a Bob's Big Boy. What better way to try it than at their oldest remaining location in America? Built in 1949, this place has a lot of history. In fact, according to Wikipedia, this location is actually a protected historic landmark! I had been curious to try it ever since I moved to the area, and I'm glad I finally did. To eat, I ordered the "Original" Big Boy Combo. This included the original double-deck hamburger, dinner salad, and french fries or fresh fruit. Priced around $12, I found it pretty filling. To go with the burger, I had to try the chocolate milkshake. While I really enjoyed the dinner salad and milkshake, the burger itself was just OK. The meat was pretty dry. In my opinion, 3.5 stars is pretty spot on. I love the decor and ambiance, but the hamburgers can use a little work. I thought the service was pretty decent. Overall, we had a good experience, and I would not be opposed to coming back. If you're in the area, I would recommend stopping by if you've never been. It's a fun and classic landmark.

Margaret R

Went to Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank during car show on Friday. The cars were great but the car hop service was terrible! I ordered the Original Bob’s BB Burger Combo and hubby ordered Cobb salad. My burger combo’s fries were cold and not much flavor and the waiter never brought my salad that comes with it. My husband’s Cobb salad was just mediocre. The waiter forgot to bring straws for drinks, ketchup, napkins and never came back to bring my salad or check on us until he brought our bill. If you do go to car hop show eat some place else before you go check out the cars!

Roberto Aguirre

If you want to have a great experience eating in a historical location. This is the place you will enjoy like your are in 1950s

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