Buffalo Wild Wings

127 E Palm Ave, Burbank
(818) 524-2373

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Ewok M.

"Blame CORPORATE. We serve what they send us." - Yesenia, Manager "I don't know who trains them [the staff]." - Yesenia, Manager "If you have a problem talk to the Kitchen Manager." - Yesenia, Manager "I don't want to hear it." - Luis, Kitchen Manager "Good." - Yesenia, Manager in response to "I've been a loyal customer for 10+ years, and I won't be coming back." nibbs d 12/16/2021 9 PM

Stephen D.

I asked Yesenia, Manager, how such POOR QUALITY leaves the kitchen (and has me make a RETURN TRIP for replacement) Yesenia responded with total lack of accountability: "if you have a problem speak to our kitchen manager," as she gestured to Luis. I turn to Luis and present him with my phone pics/video and he immediately dismisses me "I don't want to hear it." I quickly & politely display the photo to which he replies, "You didn't get the memo? Our food is TRASH, it's always been that way, boneless is the worst thing you can order." I quickly reply that I have been a customer (Burbank resident) for OVER 10 YEARS and not only has the food been GREAT, but the CUSTOMER SERVICE was always GREAT. When I ask YESENIA & LUIS if it's lack of training of new kitchen staff or supply chain issues that would result in customers having to return for a redo order, Yesenia replies "if you don't want to come back & waste your time, open each box & check for yourself, this is what CORPORATE sends us, so this is what we serve." I ask for her name, she points & says dismissively "cards are on the counter." I ask the gentleman for his name he replies, "You can read the shirt." Luis. I ask the woman again for her name, "Yesenia." I tell them "it breaks my heart but I won't be coming back to this location again." "Good," Yesenia replies. nibbs d 12/16/2021 9:15 PM #10017

Joselito D.

Buffalo Wild Wings, Burbank location. Ordered boneless wings to go. Once we got home and opened them the wings are not edible. We have tiny pieces of what looks like burnt chicken skin. It was also bone dry and no sauce on them. We had been going to this place for over 10 years. What happened to their quality control? We called the place and they said to come over to replace the order. At 9:15 PM, 12-16-2021, Ticket no. #10017 walk-in take out order. Once we came to pick up the order, the Manager Yesenia said "That this is what we get and this is what we serve." She referred me to Luis, the kitchen manager. I tried to show him the pictures of what I got and he said, "I don't want to see them. He further said, " You didn't' get the memo? Our food is trash. Boneless is the worst thing you can order. It's always been like this." Yesenia the manager then told me to, " Take my order and get out!" I told Yesenia that I won't be coming back. Her reply was, "Good!" What happened to this place? The food and customer service went down the toilet. This is not the Buffalo Wild Wings I used to enjoy going and meeting friends. What a shame. There are new places opening up in the Burbank area. We will definitely be avoiding going and recommending this place. The bad food and rude customer service will not be forgotten. The two Managers Yesenia and Luis made me feel like they are doing me a favor giving me shitty food and customer service. Who trained these people and gave them the title "Managers"? If these two are in charge of the place, then it's no surprise that the rest of the staff will be following their lead. The experience ruined what could have been a pleasant movie night.

Chris wood

Their prices went up from $12 to $16 for 10 chicken wings traditional and then they tell me that they won't mix their sauces and I was there on Tuesday they mixed them but apparently on Thursday they don't do it anymore I asked for the manager explain that to him and he said with your attitude I'm not doing it and I figured well with his attitude I won't spend my money there went across the street to wood ranch had a great meal no issues there and the prices are amazingly low the bar was quiet and tables weren't wobbly at the company I'm management at has over 150 employees I'll let them all know about my experience


Food arrived a bit cold... Not good when most things are deep fried

Art A.

DO NOT EAT HERE!!! IF YOU LOVE Bww DONT EAT HERE you'll HAATEEE ITT they will make you OLD CHICKEN and re fry it and send it out I just ordered 15 wings I was starving I threw it all out I'm going to complaint to corporate this BWW needs to shut down!!! DO NOT EAT HERE unless you want left over chicken refried...whoever works here should RESIGN and go work at an office job or something this is clearly something you have ZERO KNOWLEDGE OF the kitchen staff should be F I R E D I own a restaurant if God for bit I serv anything like this to my customers ID HANG MYSELF shame on everyone working at this location...SHUT IT DOWN!!!! SHAME ON THE CHEFS the CHEFS HERE SHOULD BE JANITORS (no disrespect intended to janitors) update For the first time in my life I went out of my way to complaint to corporate and I decided to call them lady picked up I told her you guys serve fried bones I don't want refund but let me speak to the manager she goes "we have couple managers here including myself" I said WOW u have COUPLE MANAGERS and the FOOD IS THIS SHIT!!!?? NEXT TIME if I order from them I hope not..I told Doordarshan to ban this location but if they do make food for me in the future and they serve me dry chicken I am willing to put this shitty food in my car drive to their restaurant and throw it all over their.kitchen...SHAME ON YOU GUYS. I've never written a review like this.... first time for everything is a real saying. Note scroll down and look at "180 unrecommended hidden reviews" THEYRE ALL 1 STAR they must have great hands with yelp to protect them like this.

luciano ramirez

There where out of alot of drinks I was not too happy about that but the food was good.....

Donna Arce

10/10 service?❤️?! My waitress was very friendly and kind. As well as the young handsome gentleman at the front usually seats us , definitely deserves a raise! He is average height and has somewhat of a mullet ! Ws very kind and have me a bag! He deserved a tip!! Will be visiting for sure again.

Salty Sauce

It was not good.Service was lacking. Was sitting for awhile with my friend, talking, with the menus already down when I had to actually flag down a server to order. Not even a drink or even water had come yet.Usually I order wings but we were in a hurry and the sandwich looked amazing. This is definitely one of those, it doesn't look like the picture, deals. It did not taste good at all. I mean, it wasn't gross but mine didn't seem to have any sauce so I was basically eating a dry over cooked crispy processed chicken sandwich with a handful of cabbage that couldn't even stay on the chicken with a dry bun.My friend ordered well done fries. I didn't but mine came out well done. I don't know why. Lazy server. Bad cooks. And cheap ingredients.2 chicken nuggets, 2 drinks, and teeth breaking fries with bad service for 50 bucks... I'll pass. I guess that's burbank for ya


This place is definitely overrated. Good just to hang out and watch sports but that's it. Took 2 hours to get a table and another hour just to get our food and when we did it was mostly cold. My wings were super dry and salty. My daughter hated the mac n cheese because somehow it was also dry. Worst $70 spent. Definitely won't be coming back. WingStop is so much better.

Patricia N.

Salt, salt, salt. I had Approximately 4 Cheese Curds then threw them away. They were like a salt lick. Extra SALT is not a flavor. The garlic parm wings were awful.

Americus A.

Went last night to catch the last half of Monday Night Football. Sat at the bar. Ordered the chicken quesadilla and a wild herd. It was unusually warm in the restaurant. Finished the night off with loaded ice cream. Rams lost. Overall, BWW rocks again.

Victoria K.

The food is ok, but the service is better. Unfortunately my boyfriend and I did not get her name, but she was one of the sweetest servers we have come across. I can only remember her having red hair. We both decided to sit at the bar since it is self seating now. She came up immediately with menus and greeted us and asked us for waters. She was always quick and very attentive. She always kept asking if we were ok and tried to make small talk. Some of our food came out cold, she quickly offered alternatives or her managers. Since we cared more about our food we opted for an exchange for new wings and she quickly fixed the situation. She was very sweet. Definitely will come again with my boyfriend to drink. She is the best.

Katelyn T.

Worst Buffalo Wild Wings I've ever been to. After trying not to eat out for several weeks, I was so excited to get some wings and watch the game with friends. But this is what I saw when I opened my takeout order. This is supposed to be half asian zing, half parmesan garlic. There is a drop of sauce on SOME of the wings. Some had nothing on them. The fries tasted like they were weeks old; hard as rocks and cold. Buffalo Wild Wings is NOT cheap so this is totally unacceptable. Do not waste your money here.

Ingrid A.

Came here for the first time today--not worth it. Ordered chicken tenders which were hard and dry. French fries were semi-cold when received and got cold immediately. My friend ordered wings with lemon pepper which came dry and tasted flavorless. Other friend ordered buffalo wings which were cold and did not have enough dressing. Wait was long and not worth it at all. Usually anything tastes good when you're hungry but this time even while hungry the food's bland taste was prominent.

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