Buffalo Wild Wings

127 E Palm Ave, Burbank
(818) 524-2373

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Rocky R.

Ordered online and went to pick up the order. When we got home, found out order was incorrect. When called to report the problem, the girl answering the phone was extremely rude and had no customer service skills, then proceeded to hang up on me! Called back and the manager Luis refused to give me her name or fix the problem in a reasonable manner. Food was cold and sloppy. Will be reporting this to corporate tomorrow. AVOID THIS POORLY RUN HELL HOLE!

Jorge Villalba

Great location, good food. Could be warmer do. Good service when I went.

trisha mor

We drove from far away after on their website said “open until 11pm”, got there at 9:05pm only to have absolutely no customer service by Aubrey (manager), denying us a seat despite many empty tables. Not pleasant at all…. Wow! Absurd!

Monique L.

Used to come here with my boyfriend all the time but I guess they changed their hours . So we called ahead to make sure they were open and whoever I spoke to told me they closed at 11 and when we got there a little after 10 they told us the kitchen was closed and that was always there closing hours . Wish I got both their names but the cashier was lying because we've been there past 10 many times . Was extremely annoying and inconvenient.

JhoJho Tia

Good service and friendly staff.

Patricia L.

We drove from very far away after checking that they close at 11pm. We arrived at 9:05pm only to have manager Aubrey deny us a table, excuse me???? Just us 2, and can't serve us an order of wings? Very blunt and could care less to try to accommodate us. Unheard of!

Valeria Wiedemann

Love love love this BBW, the food was great, wait time wasn't to bad ,the waitress was so lovely and kind and was very conscious of us. I recommend this BBW for sure.

Jay S.

My kid wanted lemon pepper chicken and onion rings so of course I took him. Today was my eat clean day so I just had grilled chicken. Couldn't resist so I had one lemon pepper lol I mean if u wanna have a good time with friends watch a game chill grab a few drinks then this is chill place to go to. U gotta have the wings with beer though otherwise no point is going. Unless u got kids that crave it and in that case u must take them. This was the case for me. Wings are great though. Onion rings okay too. I like that it's super crispy. Anyone ever try the South Carolina reaper? That's one spicy sauce. Better keep asking for that cold milk. Enjoy!!!

Steven James

*Post COVID Reopening* This place is sad. They have all 54 TVs OFF and feels like they are barley running the AC. Sounds like music is being played off a Bluetooth speaker somewhere in a corner, and all of the food coming out was barley holding any temperature. Fries and wings as cold as yesterday’s McDonald’s. Im not sure if these are cost saving measures but it needs to be corrected FAST. If you’re feeling like overpriced wings save yourself disappointment and get them from wing stop - atleast they’ll be hot

Foresight Wisdom

Excellent service from the host Grandpa and superb server Andres.

Kim H.

Worst BWW experience ever. We got seated, waited 30 minutes to even get waters and the servers excuse was that she was helping a party of 10. First of all, the manager didn't even let us have 7 people at our table because the max is 6... why were they able to seat 10 ? So when I asked her that she said "oh I shouldn't have told you that" smh AND THENNN when we asked to use a coupon for a side , she had the audacity to say no ... Then the manager came and said the 1 extra person had to wait to be seated again .. about 45 minutes. He was not accommodating at all. I will never be coming back

WebWorks Agency

Not bad. Too commercial and busy

Matt K.

I ordered delivery for some classic Buffalo hot wings for my birthday and got wings with literally nothing on them. I had to go to the store directly to get them to remake them for me snd I asked,"is this normal for you guys?" And the lady working said "yes this happens all the time." I love this company but hate their service. Take some pride in your business at least. I asked for a coupon and they said no this is normal for them. I don't write reviews unless I have a real problem and this is a problem. Thanks for a great birthday. I love wings with no sauce. -_-

Valee X.

I wanted to redeem my points for my rewards. I wanted to redeem my points for "20 boneless wings + fries" but instead had been told that I couldn't redeem it because one of their employees inputed the wrong bundle and it wouldn't go through. Now it can't go through because my points have been taken away. I had to cancel my reward certificate to get my points back within 24 hours. It's unfortunate that the manager did not handle the situation well or even honor it considering they messed up on their end. Sad that this place is not customer-service oriented.

Jerry M.

Ordered online to go, arrived at location to just wait 30 minutes in line to get my order. Only for the order to be all cold. Bad management at this location, dont waste your time at this location.

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