3113 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 841-1588

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JoAnna Aldridge-Wilson

I was unable to add my points for purchase, to my customer account. The store was of no help in assisting. The food was tasty of course.

Joanie Vargas

Good food,....and the people who work that are very ! Nice !


Really friendly staff. Curbside through the app was a breeze.

Jessica B

Always fast service and friendly workers! Never had a problem with my order!

Luisa S.

So glad I found this Chick-fil-A restaurant nearby because it is literally amazing. The line goes by so fast which is really surprising since everyone loves Chick-fil-A. I came in today for the second day in a row and immediately had my big order ready to take out. The workers are so kind especially the worker Penelope who helped with my order today, she kindly took my order and gave me whichever sauce I asked for in such a nice way. Will definitely be back!! I recommend if you are close by and looking forward for a yummy chicken sandwich to get quickly and served by a kind community:))

Will S.

Service gets worse everytime I'm here. The staff is so lazy and upset all the time. They don't care about anyone's time.

Liz S.

I've gone to this chick fil a for a while now but I've noticed they put less Oreo crumbs in their yogurt parfait & it tastes so bland. Idk who is making them now but it sucks! It literally tastes like plain yogurt. It's so upsetting.

Felicia G.

I like Chick-fil-A as a whole however this location is VERY different. This site is take out or curbside service. I had an interesting experience. I pulled up to a curbside spot, installed the app, ordered, and waited for my food. We were parked and a man pulled in close so I couldn't get out my car. The parking spaces are a little tight so that felt uncomfortable as I have children I need to get to. I prefer the drive thru so I don't know if this location is for me.

Ty T.

They're super slow, often forget to do simple things like put a straw in your bag, and will all collectively ignore you for as long as possible if you try to walk up for a refill. Especially the managers. Just a poorly run location.

fabio arcos

thanks a large, spacious, clean place and the people who work there are very responsible and friendly I would not hesitate to return here once more

Sierra Sampson

Love Chick-fil-A a little buys actually they are busy busy. But great customer service and good food

William W.

Having had food from here previously, on every occasion until now it was picked up or delivered. So, I thought it was my turn to repay the favor. This is the place that started all the copy cat chicken sammies. It's very good. And they only do waffle fries. They're okay. For me what stands out and is above all, are the nuggets. Not tenders. They come in 3 available sizes with a multitude of sauces for dipping. They're moist and juicy and not too overly breaded. This place is an impressively well run machine. Which it has to be due to the sheer volume of customers. Kudos to the staff. Which brings us to the parking situation. Tiny lot, full spaces and no stop to cars coming in. A nightmare scenario. My advice is to park a block or so away. Just don't take my space.

Adrien Juarez

I looked on Google maps and saw that there was a Chick fil A near by so I decided to stop by. I had never been to this location and I was a little confused because I couldn't locate the drive thru. I actually drove around the building a few times when I finally noticed that the parking lot was all curbside only pickup, or you can park across from the alley and go in to order. I decided to use curbside pickup and my food came out fairly quickly. It was very busy and lots of customers and employees in motion. They seem to have a good system in my place and this is probably better than drive thru because those lines are always long. Overall, I would come here again if I was in the area.

Mike Rodriguez

Adjusted from 4 to 5 stars because something changed in the kitchen. The last two times I went, the chicken was super crispy and 100% on point (previously it hadn't been quite on par with other locations). Staff has always been excellent.


Spicy chicken sandwich. Really good ?

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