Chipotle Mexican Grill

135 E Palm Ave Spc A2, Burbank
(818) 842-0622

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Chef Robert Olivares

To be completely honest. My wife and I weren’t in a huge hurry like the gentleman in front of us but the line was moving slow. I guess It wouldn’t have bothered me at all but for a few minutes there three employees were talking to each other complaining about scheduling instead of helping the line move faster.It’s a completely open kitchen so the entire line was able to hear it. I guess that’s why the gentleman in front of us complained and left without food.

PeterWeiss dot me

Quesadilla a bit small, so swapped it with a Chicken Bowl. Good Choice, I must say!

Kaylie Parker

The absolute WORST chipotle. I ordered a delivery it got changed twice and then cancelled. And then I called 3 times only to be hung up on so I never got my 27 dollar refund. Absolutely ridiculous.

Samantha Rodriguez

The 3 stars isn't for anything related to the food or what I ordered. The location in Burbank has been consistently sub par when it comes to their mobile pick ups. I understand the pandemic has put a lot of stress on businesses, especially when it comes to staffing shortages, so I like to think I'm pretty patient since I do work in a service industry myself. However, with that being said, I found myself running low on patience because I've found myself waiting 30 minutes past the time I selected for pick up on more than 1 occasion. This last time, there was actually a crowd of people waiting for their mobile orders and no one in line ordering normally (so it would have been faster just to order normally). The store looked fully staffed. The employees in the front looked like they had nothing to do (they were just shifting things around and chatting), you would think they'd offer help to the employees in the back trying to fill mobile orders?? Anyway, I've only noticed this so far consistently at the Burbank location. So, my advice is to just go into the store normally and order. Don't waste your time with mobile orders because it saves you no time at all. It ends up costing you more time.

John Greenler

Several new servers were a little slow, but overall were excellent. Just need to sanitize the tables more

Sam Avoyan

Second time I’m ordering online from here and pay extra for extra meat… but surprise half scoops is what I got …do people think customers are stupid and can’t tell ?

Amber Richardson

It was a busy Friday night, not close to closing time and they didn't want to make more of the new featured menu item (brisket). We were also charged for the tortilla for a burrito bowl.

L Ang

I eat here before seeing a movie next door at the AMC16 Burbank, the selections seems limited to the basic Mexican dishes Burritos, tacos, bowls, (see menu pictures for selection) the people are friendly and professional, the dining are are kept clean

Elbon Flanagan

This is the slowest location in the area for mobile orders. When they get it right, it's great... but otherwise, it's very inconvenient. My mobile orders are never ready when I arrive and I often have to wait much longer than if I ordered in store, sometimes up to 20 - 30 minutes later than the time I chose. I usually order on Weekday evenings, around 3 - 4 PM, which seems to never be too busy ... so maybe short staffing? I don't enjoy standing around a crowded area with 4 other frustrated people during COVID.

Algore 2000

Okay food. But the lines are too long. And its hot and all the fountain drinks are room temperature from the machine and there was no ice very irritating. At least there was AC in there. But uh yeah they got to do better than that.

k dawggg

Food is good but so tight with the chicken.... ordered a bowl and they only gave me 3 tiny pieces....

Tony “Toeknee” Rodriguez

Order ahead! Or don't. They're pretty fast either way. Food is filling, especially for the price.

Shaun Nac

Terrible. I understand it was closing time but They gave me left overs and charged me full price for it.

Lisa Koslowski

Order was correct and tasted great. Loved the quick and easy pick up experience!

Louis Jay

Delicious and filling. Watch out for the extra price additions if you're on a budget, they add up quickly!

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