Coffee Commissary

3121 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(323) 782-1465

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Sandra A.

Life is too short to wait 30 minutes for a subpar latte. Also, my god, put a mask on the barista.

A B.

Bullshit ass coffee commissary. Which normal coffee place closes at 6 PM Pacific standard time? I am highly disappointed for visiting this location at 6:49 PM just to find out that these losers are not even open whenever you have competition with other coffee shops that are also high-quality that are open until 9 PM the other coffee commissary is open until 9 PM at Glendale but the Burbank one chooses to close their doors at 6 PM this is extremely wrong and absurd. I hope management sees this in dresses to change because there is so much more potential to this place.

Alexis C.

I really enjoyed my visit today. I had given Coffee Commissary about a 5-year break after getting food poisoning at this location but today was much better. I ordered an iced matcha latte and it was wonderful! Not overly sweet, not overly bitter. There were plenty of tables available both inside and outside. They're very dog friendly too, which made it even better. Thank you!

Tally S.

I've heard so much about this place so I had to stop by. I got the vanilla latte which was good but I wish it had more flavor it barely tasted like vanilla. I also got the brisket burrito which I actually enjoyed more than my coffee. I really liked how they had so many food options here. There is no parking here which is kind of annoying so you can't just stop by for a quick coffee.

Casey A.

Disappointed. I've been coming here for 3 years. Today, I ordered a new item The Harvest Biscuit Sandwich and a side of truffle tater tots. I was told it would take 20 mins due to online orders enqueue. Cool. I left, came back 30 mins later and my order was ready. I opened the tots to check that the spicy mayo I requested was included (it wasn't); however, to my surprise the tots weren't truffle tots just regular tater tots. I asked the cashier to redo the order and the chef hastily sprayed some truffle oil and threw on a pile of Parmesan. The order was still missing parsley, as described on the menu; so I asked for it to be added as well. I knew I'd have to cook it all again on the stove at home since the tots were soaked in room temp truffle oil. At home, I heated the tots on the stove and they were fine. However, while eating the biscuit I felt something chewy in my mouth. Two small pieces of plastic, as if from a plastic sandwich bag. The sandwich was delicious but I feel as though the entire order was lacking the precision and quality that I was accustomed to. I'd like to chalk this misfire up to being overwhelmed with orders but I was in no rush and just wanted my order as requested. I like Coffee Commissary's offerings and hope this is experience was an anomaly.

Suzy B.

We had an amazing latte & quick treats. My husband had their delicious yogurt granola & golden Milk. I had a cappuccino & vegan chocolate chip cookie, & more to take home. The guy at the counter was super nice and helpful. What a great spot to have great coffee and food. Excellent service and place.

Alicia B.

I didn't have high expectations going into this place for the first time but it was close to where I needed to be so I tried it out. When I walked in the first thing I noticed was how packed it was, always a good sign. Then they were jamming with some pretty chill music (I shazammed about 2 songs, don't judge). The line was moving pretty quick which was also nice. So little by little I'm getting excited about this place. I ordered the house biscuit sandwich with caramelized bacon and honey butter biscuit with egg and cheese and a mocha. It took all of about 5mins to get my order. When I opened the cute little box holding my food I was shocked at how much damn food was in there! A giant ass biscuit sandwich with massive diced seasoned potatoes on the side with ketchup. I was so confused at how beautiful it sat in the box like how you would see in commercials. I'm not even exaggerating this shit was picture perfect. I didn't take a pic Bc I was so pumped to eat it lol. It was spot on with the flavors and I'm genuinely happy I've found this place. 1000x better than mcds breakfast. I know you may be thinking ah it can't be that exciting or you can't mess up a breakfast sandwich... let me tel you yes the hell you can! I've had gross breakfast sandwich's before and have been pissed off with many lol I take food unnecessarily serious hahahaha oh well. Eat the food the iced mocha was tasty as well I couldn't finish everything and I'm a 6 ft Dominican. I think I'll be good till a midnight snack is needed. Not even kidding. Rant end. Later!

John Storie

It’s great, but be prepared to wait in line for at least 10 mins no matter what time of the day


First time trying this place and I got double charged, had horrible coffee, this place never answers your calls and it's been over a month to get my refund back. Like I never had trouble getting a refund back, yet they make it so complicated.P.S. I'm still waiting on my refundAnything is possible, yet they wanna give me a gift card. Im not even going back to this place and it was the employees fault.

Rob Cohen

Favorite place. Amazing food. Lots of seating.

Rosie Ramirez

Best vanilla latte i have ever had!!!And the best ever chocolate chip cookie - vegan!!! Never Heard of a vegan chocolate cookie, but damn it was delicious!!!Friend staff, small venue but worth stopping by again next time I'm in the area.A must to try in Burbank.

Maddie Parker

My #1 favorite, best freaking coffee shop in all of CA. I can't recommend this place enough. Try the Chai, Texas Tacos, Avocado Toast, Brisket Burrito, EVERYTHING! The vibe here, the baristas, the food, the coffee, the tea, it is all unbeatable. I love the Gendale location where there is a little downtown area to walk around with fun outside seating. 11/10 spot. I wish I still lived close enough to go every Sunday like we used to!

Aries Simone Sanders

Super busy location! Definitely bring your patience, but this is just as comfortable as all the other locations

Matthew Rosenthal

Came here with my wife and baby daughter today for the first time since ore pandemic days and it did not disappoint. They were very helpful and kind and allowed to take my time to order. I wanted the brisket hash brunch meal but i got there after 3 pm so I "settled" for other items. The BLTA (Pastrami bacon lettuce tomato avocado) sandwich was great. The pastrami bacon was delicious and crispy with the heat if both worlds of pastrami and bacon. My wife got the fried chicken sandwich with condiments on the side and it was very filling. The chicken was tasty and juicy and the breading of the chicken was crispy and not soggy at all considering we took our food go. The house made potato chips were light and salty and delicious, mine picked up some of the pastrami peppery flavory for an added kick. The jalapeño coleslaw for the fried chicken Sandwich I had as a side and it was fresh and with a bit of heat.We also ordered a few pastries and coffee to go. Chocolate croissants that's were still soft plus toffee walnut cookies and zucchini vegan chocolate chip bread. That cookie though..... Wow.Cold brew coffee and Cuban coffee were very tasty. Cuban coffee wasn't too sweet which i prefer and is good for my wife. A single espresso shot was also very good. I enjoyed it to the point I bought a bag of coffee.Will definitely be back again soon

Lesley H.

A lot of unhappy people working here. The female with the dice earrings is in her own world she won't acknowledge you and isn't engaging. You don't need to strike up a meaningful conversation with me but be present. The music here was a nightmare it was loud screamo music and don't get me wrong that's fine but at the volume they were playing it I couldn't even have a conversation with my friend right in front of me. A lot of flies in this place and the tables are very dirty. The chairs at this location are god awful, so uncomfortable. Definitely don't recommend this location.

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