Del Taco

2515 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 565-0534

Recent Reviews

Craig B.

Not sure why I ever bother driving to this location which has either poor management or lazy employees or both, since they never seem to be open. This location is by the airport and always seems to do good business. And if it's an issue of not hiring enough people, pay them better! Though it's interesting that other fast food in the area doesn't seem to have this problem....

juana jimenez

The lines is rediculous, over 45 minutes waiting on the drive thru, and it keeps happening everytime. They should put a sign in the front and let us know. Gzzz

Chris F.

Fabulous FRESH Food! Super nice employees and good value - ( I'm afraid about the Jack-in-the-Box merger let's see what happens!) Hey thank you very much have a nice day are you know what

Vicki Cerda

Used to be my favorite location being they were 24 hrs and served breakfast all day. Not anymore, more than 50% of the time I've gone to get breakfast they're not even open with cones blocking the drive thru in the morning?

Omar Guzman

Good place to pick up some quick affordable food. I like their variety of items including shrimp and fish tacos. You can get a lot of food for a little money. Love their 8 layer veggie burrito especially since Taco Bell no longer offers their 7 layer. Big mistake Taco Bell.

Isabel O.

They gave me the wrong burrito when I ordered guacamole and carne asada epic burrito and got a burrito with a lot of beans and some pieces of meat. What a disappointment getting the wrong burrito when someone probably got my burrito:(

Brian F.

Went to this del taco on Wednesday night around 6 pm , 5 cars in front of me, it took another 15 minutes to reach the order box, I only ordered combo burrito, taco, and drink, then waited another 20 minutes to reach the pay box drive through, all together waited 35 minutes, beware this service is unacceptable!

Sara Nichols

The food is usually good and the customer service is fabulous when Sandra is working!! She's provides top notch customer service!!! Thank you Sandra!

j b

I only used the drive thru ... And, I didn't eat the food, a friend did and loved it ... The drive thru was relatively fast ... My friend changed her order when we reached the pay window and the cashier accommodated her ... All in all, I'd definitely recommend if your into Mexican fast food

Kirk Wong

Clean, uncrowded, service is a little off, food is as expected, great! Can sit in and dine or use outside seating.

J. S.

DOUBLE DEL CHEESEBURGER = DOUBLE PATTIES. I got charged for a DOUBLE DEL, and what did I get? Single patty dogshit wrapped in tinfoil. 7-11 has better burgers. The guy running the drive-thru was slow as fuck (I waited five minutes before he even took my order), then another ten to get my food, and I get this slop. I mourned the other Del Taco down the road when it was replaced by a Starbucks, but I'll do a tap-dance on this fucking Del Taco's grave when COVID and the economy turns this place into a laundry mat. Awful, and a disgrace.

Michael Castillo

Got my order way wrong and they skimped on the meat. Wouldn't go there again.

James G.

Their staff is usually very nice and good but they have recently hired a new group of people who could not be any more careless than they already are. Disrespectful and saddening to see people give such a little f**k. Yes I get it's del taco, but you can at least be kind back to me when I'm kind to you and THEN you mess up my simple ass order after I waited no joke over a damn hour though I was third in line just because your damn ass is "a week old".. like okay so screw me over in my money then. Jesus

Cody Kitzmiller

Amazing place, great food at a great priceFriendly staff and fresh ingredients.Clean restrooms and overall positive atmosphere.Tacos tasted like god himself made them and blessed this deltaco.A religious experience for fast food and a must have when in this area.

Vahik G.

Zero customer service, doordash driver has to wait 20 minutes for customer orders because they entrance is closed and no body answer for this problem Zero management

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