2525 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 847-9600

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Jerry Hill

Drove over here to dine in based on GMAPS indicating that it's open 24 Hours. The guy there said they open at 6:00 AM.

Precious Kelly

✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ Best Denny's IN LA! There aren't many places I can say that I am always happy with the service, but here the employees work as if they own the place.

El Cool Low

Good. Better than NH location.

Caskey Dickson

Standard Denny's fare, well prepared and timely. Perfect for an option before a flight out of Bob Hope airport.

Joana V.

I have been coming to this Denny's since my children were small. We hadn't been here in a while until this morning. The food is good, the service however is not the best. If you go too early, there aren't enough servers to assist and those that are, are not helpful or they have preferential treatment for certain guests. If you arrive a little after 9:00a.m. you'll have faster and more efficient service.

Ashley B.

Called for pancakes and eggs for my 2 year old for pick up who ever answer after ask nicely they hung up it was a man fuck this dennys rude asses

Michele H.

Worst Denny's experience ever!! Wait time was the only thing positive! Our food was served after all the people who came in after us were served. Food was cold but not for lack of trying as we did see our server put it into the microwave/warmer. Not what I would expect as it was eggs and hash browns, not the most complex order. They did ask how my meal was so I explained why i was not impressed. Manager/cashier said with all the understanding she could muster. Sorry to hear, enjoy your day!!

Mister M.

I went to eat at this Denny's on my way to the Burbank airport. I ordered the chicken fried steak and eggs, and sour dough toast. Man all these fast food dine in places have gone down in quality. The food feels like they had it stored for a few days already prepared and they they just heated it up. Let me just say this, McDonalds breakfast taste better than here. Is just really sad and the food ain't cheap either.

Abby L.

First off, this is NOT 24/7. We went and they told us they were closed. Then a group of girls dressed trashy came up behind us, waiter said they same closed. The manager-owner hears, and says "I'm the owner".. "you can come in and eat"!! But not to us (a family). Just to the girls dressed trashy because he probably thought he was going to get a piece of teenage a**, while his wife sits at home taking care of his children. WHAT A POS!!

Mary Lopez

I love how fresh my food was last time. Aside from being messy and cold my veggies were very fresh. I will stop ordering from here. Too pricey for this quality.

Deon Eason

My usual quick bite satisfied my nutrition break.

Melissa Lee

No wonder can get your free dinner for your birthday or free meal unless you have a coupon code it was ridiculous but whatever

Laura Chavez Villacorta

Fast and friendly service.

Scott “Honest Reviewer”

Great place to visit, especially if you're staying at the hotel across the street. Great service, and the staff were always filling up your glass. The food is delicious. There is parking on-site. There are plenty of seats. Due to COVID-19, a mask is necessary to enter the restaurant.

Cody Kitzmiller

Closed to dine in and doing take out orders only.Guess they thought the inside of our car had better atmosphere than their restaurant... Guess the were right.Food isn't worth waiting on to eat somewhere else and needs to be hot and fresh.Unless you're looking to eat soggy eggs in a car best to just make some at home.Booooooo

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