2525 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 847-9600

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Daniel Will-Harris

Surprisingly good! I hadn't been to a Denny's in years, but a friend invited me to join him for the "Endless Breakfast" (a limited time offer). All you can eat of scrambled eggs with cheese, hash browns and fluffy pancakes. All. You. Can. Eat. $8.99So I expected a lot of food, but I didn't expect good food--and it was actually good. The eggs were well cooked with plenty of cheddar cheese, the hash browns were crispy, and the pancakes were cake-like, light a fluffy.Honestly, even if you only eat the first batch they give you, it's still a great value. But if you have room for more of anything, they bring it.This location across from Burbank airport tends to be quiet, lots of easy parking.And, it's OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY.So if you're hungry, just know that Denny's is always open and has good food at reasonable prices.

Ms. Contreras

Horrible service. My daughter in law and I waited 10mins to be greeted and asked what we wanted to drink. It took them another 10-15min to bring our drinks and an extra 30-35min to bring our food. Not just that, food was cold when we got it. The place wasn't busy there were four families in the restaurant including us. HORRIBLE FOOD HORRIBLE SERVICE. WILL NEVER COME HERE AGAIN.

BJ Kean

Great location. Plenty of parking. Visited in early afternoon. Being near the airport I expected it too be busy. It was crowded. We were seated within 2 minutes. Servers were friendly and helpful. Very attentive. Food was hot and fresh.

Angel Paniagua

I have when very recently, and it was my very first time at this location. Nerveless, I had experienced a good meal and a good experience overall. Even though, their was only one server, I believe that he did an excellent job, juggling seating, taking orders, and serving food. What I had ordered was a double chess burger; my meal was very filling and satisfying with the seasoning being on point and the quality of the beef great. The only reason why I did not give a fiver star is for the fact that this was a Denny's. I am not a huge fan of Denny's restaurants, but it is the serves and experience a person reserves at a restaurant that makes it a great restaurant.

Elizabeth Gutierrez

Nice and clean the waiter was super nice didn't get her name but the bathrooms are also clean and our food was good freshly done

Michael Ramos

Liked the attention from staff, even though you can tell they are short staffed. I have been coming for breakfast and sometimes even during dinner time.

Andrew Ostler

Great food with no wait when we came. They also don’t charge a split plate fee since my wife and I split our food. Good if you want an affordable meal with good service anytime!

leslie williams

Typical food selection, which was good...but the service was great. Especially considering only one wait staff was serving the entire restaurant.

Jerry Hill

Drove over here to dine in based on GMAPS indicating that it's open 24 Hours. The guy there said they open at 6:00 AM.

Precious Kelly

✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ Best Denny's IN LA! There aren't many places I can say that I am always happy with the service, but here the employees work as if they own the place.

El Cool Low

Good. Better than NH location.

Caskey Dickson

Standard Denny's fare, well prepared and timely. Perfect for an option before a flight out of Bob Hope airport.

Mary Lopez

I love how fresh my food was last time. Aside from being messy and cold my veggies were very fresh. I will stop ordering from here. Too pricey for this quality.

Deon Eason

My usual quick bite satisfied my nutrition break.

Melissa Lee

No wonder can get your free dinner for your birthday or free meal unless you have a coupon code it was ridiculous but whatever

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