Don Cuco

218 E Orange Grove Ave, Burbank
(818) 955-8895

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Elisa G.

I ate here a few months ago, maybe last year, (pre-Covid) and forgot to review it so I'm doing my review now. The guacamole was average, not enough salt or lemon so I added my own which didn't help that much. The server was very friendly and it was happy hour back then so 3 stars for that!!! The fajitas were not bedazzling but they were definitely edible and the portion was very generous! I'm not a huge fan, sowwwyyyyy. It's cute though

Michael A.

Great atmosphere with exceptional service! The staff is friendly, but the food is only so-so

Jacqueline Woll

Loved this hidden gem!! Will definitely be back!???❤❤

allan lopez

Loved this place. Food is amazing and the ambiance is great

Joe Z.

Don Cuco Burbank is up and running for indoor dining . This Mexican restaurant has a perfect atmosphere with the dimly lit lights , outdoor patio and spacious bar. Whether I'm stopping in to catch a game at the bar or grab dinner in the comfortable dining room, it's always been a pleasant experience. Don Cuco has friendly service and plenty of items on their menu to choose from. The prices are on the higher side for Mexican food but the quality is there. There is no dedicated parking lot for this restaurant but the public parking structure is literally next door.

Lou G.

The food was horrible, we ordered the combo fajitas and the beef and chicken were very dry and the shrimp rubbery.


This place is so good, they offer a variety of authentic Mexican food. They also have the best tamarind margaritas! My fav.

Cory Elliott

I had been here years ago and did not enjoy the food but it was very tasty. The carne asada was very well seasoned and surprisingly tender. The enchilada was also quite tasty. I'll be back soon.

Darylynn D.

It was my first time at this location and they have outside dining. Indoor dining was at least 6 feet apart from other tables and service was pleasant. They do not have paper (one-time use menus), but same normal menus on hand. I got chicken fajitas and still taste the same from the other Don Cuco location. As always, chips and salsa are given upon being seated.

Julieta Ornelas

The chips and salsa should be an indicator of the food quality. The chips are the Costco Fortaleza twin pack and the salsa is the Pace chunky salsa. They heated up the chips a bit to pass them off as made in-restaurant and the they put some cilantro on top of the salsa to also make it look made in-restaurant. The cups were also extremely dirty.Although the restaurant decoration was beautiful the food was terrible. I am Mexican and can assure you that much of this food is not fresh but Pre-packaged. If you buy the Costco chips and the Walmart salsa and compare them to this one you can see that they are the same. Actual salsa does not taste like the Pace salsa.

Ridley Gomes

Number 13 on the menu was Very Tasty.. I am going back for a second time.

Jonathan Pritzlaff

Good food. Some of the times we have come, the food has been lackluster but for the most part good. Margaritas can be a little weak, but hit the spot with food. Service is always good and food is quick.Overall, good location. We come at least once a month.

Chris Lyon

OMG So good to be dining inside! Food was excellent and the staff was very friendly and welcoming. A go to spot for great Mexican food and drink

Becky B.

I come back every couple of years to see if I can get it on a day where everything is 4 or 5 star. It has yet to happen. The albondigas is still amazeballs, but that's kind of it. Today, I had the cheese enchiladas with rice & beans. I have been craving enchiladas all week, and figured that this could be my chance to get at it. Well, major disappointment. The cheese was melted on top, but everything inside was still luke-warm to cold. The inside cheese was still in it's original tiny bits chunk forms. The enchilada sauce is what hit me as strange, and after I heated up the plate to the potential health-quality temperature standard, it hit me. The sauce is just about the same base as Spaghettios, but with a ton more added black pepper. It's the sweetness that threw me off. The beans were okay, the rice had no seasoning or flavor at all. And then I got two additional burritos for the weekend. There was no note on the Don Cuco website that the Al A Cart burritos are served wet. And wet with Spaghettio sauce. Ug. Now I have to try to figure out what to do with these. I wanted to make sure that I got in on the freshly made warmness, so I cut a piece out of each one to try it. I got the Burrito Carne Al Carbon, which I guess is just refried beans and beef chunks, which differs from the website indicating "strips of charbroiled steak in a flour tortilla with guacamole and cilantro sauce". I was kind of expecting grilled steak and onions and maybe some pico de gallo, something a bit "fresher". I didn't find any cilantro sauce or guac in it. The steak had no hint of being grilled or even pan cooked. The Bean & Cheese burrito was exactly as described, but more along the lines of a deflated tire. There was barely any filling, and the majority of my bites were all tortilla. I had ordered online and was actually a couple minutes early to pick it all up. I'm probably going to scoop out the burrito innards and make a burrito bowl or something with it. Overall, I'm very disappointed. $40 down the tube. At least there's no shortage of burritos and tacos and whatnot in the area.

Jean Von Queen

One of my fave restaurants!! Shrimp cocktail is delicious and one of the best, not to mention the chips and salsa while you wait for your main course!! Al pastor taco plate is one of my usuals and just love the setting, such a lovely place specially if you go on dates!

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