Doner Burger

321 E Alameda Ave UNIT P, Burbank
(818) 859-7388

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ellit zaln

This joint makes excellent burgers that taste straight up like Lule kebab! The meat had a nice grilled taste, it comes dressed in mayo, parsley, chopped red onions, Persian pickles, tomato and lettuce. I believe they refer to this as Persian style burgers which I had never had before but has now become a favorite!

Alejandro Valdez

Best dam burgers around. Haven't tried shawarma but I hear they are good. Just get yourself a Doner Burger, the namesake of the place and you'll see why

Shaun Tate

I tried this spot in the past with a friend and I am hooked ever since. I loved the good vibes and yummy food and beverages. 5 stars.

John David

Great food and nice atmosphere.

Romie Eley III

Quality and Abundance automatically come to mind when describing just one of there delicious combos.

Ed B.

Love the food here, very nice people and reasonable prices, I definitely recommend! Came here on a Friday night 5 minutes before closing and they still had a smile on their face, unlike other places that are rude if you show up before the closing hour, I will be back for sure.

Father Dom

Excellent burgers and Mediterranean. Big portions :)

Bradley Hodges

Had a awesome experience in this spot with my wife. The food comes quickly and the customer service is just awesome. Prices are convenient.

Hank Alexander

Absolutely a place worth visiting, the food is awesome and well prepared, the prices are affordable and it is regularly neat there. Keep it up.

John H.

Good service, good fresh food try the beef doner you won't regret it And the ranch is HOMEMADE

Robert V.

This spot has great Döner sandwiches. My favorite is the mix Döner, they really know what they're doing in the back of the kitchen. Everything comes out very tasty and they have an extremely friendly staff. The location is in a strip mall but that does not take away from the taste and quality of food served at this Burbank local spot. I would highly recommend grabbing a quick Döner sandwich and fries for lunch at this place.

Anet Y.

It is my favorite place to eat and feel safety about what i eat.The workers are very sweet and fast.Meals are in a good condition and I really like it. THANK YOU DONER BURGER .

Gareth Beadle

OMG... Amazing food! Went there to grab a quick bite. Took the servers suggestion and ordered the Shawarma wrap! Now..I'm going back to pick up dinner from there also! Restaurant was so clean and tidy. Food smelled delicious! So glad I found this place!! last night was our first time we visited this place. But It is no doubt not the last. We had great time with the good service, with the finest dishes and fine drinks and with the friendly pay. We will definitely visit there in a short time.

Chris M.

This is a review for the place, the people and two items, the Giant Double Burger (w/ cheese, no onions or mayo :) ) and the Doner "mix" (also no onions).Given that it's COVID "season", you can only take-away, but when I walked in, it had a nice feel to the place, regardless. Also, they have had to limit their menu by reducing the "Xtras" to just the fries and cheese fries. These were pretty good, but as a first-timer to the place, my wife and I wanted to try a couple of target items.So, secondly, the woman that took my order was super nice and patient with me as I had to understand the similarities and differences between what the "Doner" was compared to what exposure I had to gyros and mediterranean fare (which is not the same, btw). :) She explained everything that I needed explaining and didn't give me the impression I was being a pain and when taking my order just very nice and patient. I totally appreciated that. And thirdly.. wow..Some places call their burgers "giant" or "super" and they're.. not..Doner Burger, however, definitely delivers. The patties were big and juicy, cooked perfectly, IMHO, and as someone who prefers no condiments except lettuce and tomato, I can honestly say the meat was well seasoned and the cheese was just right. The bun, btw, is a nice change of pace, being not so thick, but enough to stand up to the burger(s) it/themselves and not come apart. I was totally full after eating it but pleasantly so.The Doner mix was also amazingly big with lots of meat in it. Honestly, my wife asked I get lettuce added to it, just for addtion, but that's because there was a LOT of meat and it was a huge bun. The yogurt sauce they use with it is equally tasty and went along perfectly with the beef and chicken. Yes, the prices might seem expensive ($9.99 for the Doner, same for a Giant double with cheese) but honestly, you're getting your money's worth with Doner Burger. For me, if I want either "just a big double cheeseburger" or a whole lot of meat in a bun, I'm going back. (And I'll have to try the kabobs, sometime, too!)

Anna M.

You used to be good but not anymore. And it is really sad. I have been coming to you guys for at least 3 years now. For the past year every time I get disappointed but still keep coming thinking ok let's give another chance. But today you really disappointed me. The quality of your beef Döner was getting worse each time but today my Döner was disgusting. The meat looked like was boiled and it tasted like peroxide or sodium. I had a bite and it was horrible. I hope my family won't get sick after one bite. I won't be coming back or recommend you to anyone again.

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