Donut Prince

1721 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 841-0859

Recent Reviews

DK Mega Boss

The buttermilk bars are the best I've ever had.

Bernadette Allavesen

The freshes am donuts in town. My favorite place

DH Quin

Great donuts. Sinfully good. You can't go wrong with their wide variety of offerings.

Rene Seville

Prices are high, out of stock of alot of the common choices. Not always the friendliest. They have great hours though.

Kendra E.

FOOD: Dozen of donuts fresh, not stale, and great price My favorites were the long sugar donuts and chocolate glaze donuts SERVICE: Quick and friendly I was in and out in less than 5 minutes LOCATION: Huge parking lot, not busy Easy to find OVERALL: It's your typical donut shop but instead of the pink boxes, it's their cute funny logo. I love the fact that there are photos of the owners and movie stars. Lots of history in Burbank. This place is near work so I would definitely come back.


Best donuts around! The make a mean breakfast sandwich.

Sarah L.

This used to be one of my favorite spots to go to when I was in high school! The donuts taste amazing and so do their breakfast sandwiches. Sadly, they are only getting 2 stars as I went in today and one of the workers who was serving people, was not wearing a mask. And by the looks of the rest of the reviews, it seems it has been this way for a couple of months now. This is not the right way to be serving people. I understand some people may not agree with wearing masks, but now it looks like you don't even care about your customers. Because of this, I cannot support this business anymore which is truly sad. I hope this business takes COVID and the health and safety of their works and customers seriously moving forward.

Emily Pollack

These were the lightest, most cloud-like donuts I've ever had in my life AND the staff was incredibly kind!!

HollywoodSaint 57

Cozy donut shop that makes tasty French Cruellers!I guess the owners know alot of celebrities because their pictures are posted everywhere with the ownersCoffee is really good and I tried the sausage crossiant with ham. I also got an iced mocha ?Plenty of parking and seatingOrders under $10 you pay 50 cents on a credit or debit card

Kat T.

Pretty sad and disappointed that my Apple fritter was burned. The taste was burnt the look was darker than usually. I wish I took a photo of it.'I should have known looking at it through display case it look darker than normal. Normal from all donut places. I also got the buttermilk glazed. It was good but not their usually great yum amazing. Prince use to be my go to buttermilk when in Burbank. But after today it may change. Unless I go during the day with a new baker. I went after the movies it was around 10:30-11pm. My buttermilk glazed was warm like it was freshly made but the glaze did not have that crunch. Slight hard shell. Ugh that one of the things I love about buttermilk glazed. The baker was nice but had a weird feel. He would be nice and then have a mean feel but then nice again.

Saul Cervantes

Always love a good "mom and pop" style donut.The donuts are delicious, they never disappoint. The only time I was not fully satisfied, but still very happy, was one time when I got freshly made donuts. The boxes were nice and warm but unfortunately because they were fresh the donuts were still filled with some excess oil. Not a big deal, just showed me how fresh they were. I just dried them with a napkin meaning I had to wait a few seconds to eat those delicious donuts!I always come here to get a box, or two, whenever I want to share some treats with my coworkers.Overall, a great spot to get some donuts that everyone will enjoy!

Sean S.

I love trying donuts spots, especially when they accept credit card as a form of payment! I know it's a small feature, but it helps as I don't carry cash. Ok, aside from that the donuts are GREAT! The prices are not crazy and the taste is spot on. Cake middle with just a slight crispy outer layer on the plain ones. The icing isn't too heavy. The best part was is wasn't the early morning (5-8am) and the selection was plentiful. Will be going back to this location

Kristin W.

Don't get a divorce get a donut! Priceless! Made this visit because a church group member recommended and has a story behind it. It didn't disappoint. Lots of variety to choose from.

Sunny P.

They said they had to charge extra for our fruit juice because she had to peel the orange -_-

Joe R.

Can't claim to be an expert on donuts, but this place does a darn good job of offering a tasty, fresh assortment. The glazed buttermilk is my favorite, followed by their apple fritter. Yum!

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