200 S Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank
(818) 558-6344

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Heather Roth

The line for drive-thru was around the block, so we opted to go in. We waited 10 minutes because apparently they only had one employee working both drive-thru and walk-ins. I'm not sure how hard it is to put a donut in a bag, but they put one frosted on top of the other, smearing them both. Hire more people, or train the one employee you have on better time management.

Judy M.

I go here every morning and the people working there are very nice. BUT This morning, 5-11-21, 10:15 the young girl with braids practically threw my order at me. Not really sure what her problems are, but she needs to leave them at home. The coffee was very hot and I could have been seriously burned.

J Hayes

The girl at the drive thru is really nice, the one with the braided hair. Shes super kind and always is cheerful. I like the coffee here.

Ryan A.

Drive thru took forever! I order 25pcs of chocolate munchkins, when I finally reached the window the lady tells me that they don't have what I ordered and offered me a regular donut instead, I asked why didn't they tell me that when I was ordering, all she can say was sorry. Then to top that she over charge me for 4 pieces of doughnuts . 0

Michael A.

The staff is always extremely friendly and welcoming! I rarely have any mishaps here and I'm grateful for the amazing coffee they always provide

Jose Herrera

Best place in Burbank. Very fresh and delicious

Gardenia Gutierrez

Great service, thank you keep up the good work

Cleo Rita

I just want to start off by saying this location does NOT set a good name for the Dunkin franchise not only are the employees blatantly disrespectful they also have no clue what is going on half the time! this was my 4th visit at this location & they always have an attitude and they ALWAYS get your order wrong.. here's an idea stop hiring kids who are barred out on Xanax to work for your company!!!

Allison Nowacki

Nice and clean location. Convenient drive thru.

Diego M.

Discriminates against medical disabled Americans. They are rudeThis is America. Land of the free. You should be protecting my right not too mask. Breathing is an essential God given right. Not government or Dunkin' Donuts. STOP DISCRIMINATING AGAINST THOSE WITH MEDICAL DISABILITIES. ITS A CRIME.

Leyla F.

Worst customer service and gross bug infested bathrooms, I'm sure those roaches can be found behind the counter as well!

Theresa R.

Worst customer service. They are practicing medicine without a license and their establishment is not private property because Dunkin' Donuts allows the public to enter it. There are laws in this country and the lawlessness is out of control. By the way, a mandate is not a law and Newsome cannot make laws, it's not in his job description. No mask, we're over it.

Natalie S.

Horrible service. Went through the drive thru and they got my whole order wrong twice... Went inside the store to tell them in person nicely and the workers just had horrible attitude about it. Not my fault it took them three tries.

Megan K.

Coffee was decent but the donuts were kind of dry. I had the rainbow sprinkles kind. Iced latte was good but almost 5 bucks for that money I rather go to an organic place. My friend got a breakfast croissant which was OK but clearly not baked fresh in house.

Allison Priscilla M.

Horrible customer service ! Refuse to abide by the state and federal law to not discriminate those who have medical or religious exemption from mask mandate. This store has committed fraud by refusing service and will be served with a lawsuit. My grandma who suffers from illness is unable to wear a mask and the employees harassed her and made her feel unwelcomed. This place goes against America as a free country.

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