200 S Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank
(818) 558-6344

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M P.

STALE donuts. If they can't sell fresh donuts, they shouldn't sell any. Next time, I'll go to Yum Yum

Olga Miranda

Good price, fast service

Tara Johanne

The staff have always been really friendly each time I visit this Dunkin Donuts. My orders are always correct and the turn around is pretty quick.

michael fidanza

Enough with you and your mask policy! It's a drive through!!!!!!! You uneducated town! If you're going to have special needs people working the drive-thru at least train them properly.

Beauty N.

East coast born and raised with Dunkin. I'm not sure what the staff is doing when they make the coffee at this location but it does not taste like dunkin coffee in my opinion. It is very watered down not hot in my opinion. I had to throw the last two cups ...bitter like warm watered down coffee tasteless even the holiday blend. So disappointed. I actually felt a bit queasy after drinking the coffee. I'm not sure if it's the water they are utilizing or not enough coffee. It simply does not taste like Dunkin' coffee from back east or for that matter any other state that I have had Dunkin coffee which I usually adore. Guess I have to wait until I go back to Penn NJ CT MA or NY to get my cup of magical Dunkin. This Dunkin' coffee fails to bring the East coast magical Dunkin flavor in my humble opinion. I truly wish it would have!

Jilbert Davtian

I don’t know why I come here still. I barely complain about food places but this place is ran by children. Every time I go my food or drink is messed up. Either the food is cold (ew cold eggs imagine) or my drink has 40g of sugar that hasn’t been mixed in so my first sip is like dumping a sugar packet in my mouth. Overall I thank no they just need new employees

Maggie S.

Horrible!!! We went to go get donuts on Halloween. First off all the Halloween donuts were sold out. They only had a limited amount of old donuts. They just threw some donuts in a box. Never again will I go to this donut shop.

Lilianne S.

I usually don't leave negative reviews unless they really piss me off, which was the case with Dunkin Donut today. They girl got my order wrong, charged me more, made me wait, and WHILE I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING TO HER FOR HER POOR SERVICE AND WAS MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS ON MY PHONE, she tells me "I don't appreciate your attitude". Excuse you for your poor service! If you're not feeling okay to work and deal with people, call out because you're ruining others' days while they're trying to be understanding that human error can happen. This was not my first time seeing poor service at this location. Once, I was in the drive through waiting to pick up my order, and suddenly I see the cashier playing with the customers' dog while there's a long line waiting. This got to a point where I had to leave without picking up my order! Sure! You can do that if you don't have a long line. Some people go to drive through because they don't have the time to get off the car. Respect peoples' times.

James A.

Absolute Morons and they deserve minimum wage. I ordered an Everything Bagel Toasted with white cheddar cheese. I got a untoasted plain bagel with American cheese and to top it off when i grabbed my bag a fkn fly flew out if it.

Sofia Hendrix Almendárez

Friendly employees and they quickly get you on your way!

Jenna Sheridan

This location had a couple of issues.1, there was a kid in there with no mask on and no one batted an eye. Very unsafe and annoying that businesses are still not enforcing a mask mandate after 600k+ people have died.2, apparently they changed the minimum number of munchkins you can order. The minimum at all has gotta be the dumbest thing I’ve heard from them, but now you have to get at least 10. That’s equivalent to almost 3 donuts!! If I want one of each, when I’m purchasing other items with it why does it matter? Minimum purchase amounts for credit cards I get but why can’t you just sell me a 4 munchkins when I’m buying multiple other items??Pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin muffin were fine

Alicia W.

This is my local Dukin and while it's not the biggest location, and you'll likely be stuck in a line for drive through that's out into the street, it gets the job done! I've never had any issues with my orders or with the staff here, everyone's always been nice and willing to fix anything with my order should it not be correct.

Tiffany Rochelle

Great food and drinks. Their Matcha Latte is good. And I love that they have the option of Oat Milk.The Burbank location I have experienced many mishaps with my orders. Once I got reg milk instead of oat milk. Another time I added bacon to their avocado toast only to find out.. no bacon.Today, which now I know to check first, the orange juice and a donut were missing.They always offer a substitute or remake a drink that wasnt done right. But like with the orange juice, they ran out, they didnt tell me up front that the item was missing.So 4 stars instead of 5. And they gave an extra donut for the missing one.If there was a closer location I would go there instead since this has been a recurring issue

Gerome Huerta

All good, just wished DD made fresh thru out the day

Rita L.

Dunkin In Burbank , CA has the worse customer service and management! They are rude, careless , about customers. This stored Poured hot coffee in thin cup by the time I grabbed it , the lid came off and hot coffee poured on my lap while driving. When I confronted, the manager, said they are not responsible, because its drive through. Also, pay attention to your receipt, this store charges you eat in at drive through while they charge you for different oz cup. Report them to BBB.

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