El Pollo Loco

1150 W Alameda Ave, Burbank
(818) 557-0683

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Matthew Castillo

Good food, awesome service

Ryan Krieger

Our go-to for easy quick burritos or chicken. Not really mexican food by any means, but good american watered down mexican food.

Joseph Martinez

The restaurant may be closed but the food is top notch!! Great staff!


Good food, great service and good prices.

Patrice D.

If I could give a 0 that's what I would choose. Yesterday I made an order through El Pollo Locos site. My was withdrawn from my account I received an text message and email stating my order had been received. 50 minutes later I checked to track my order and it stated I would receive my delivery in 2 minutes. I then received an text from a driver with a picture on their establishment stating they had temporary hours and closed at 7pm. I made the order before closing. I was disappointed, but thanked the driver and proceeded to cancel my order online and surprise their site wouldn't let me cancel. A few minutes later I received a message saying my order had been delivered, which of course there was no food on my doorstep. Fast forward I just got off the phone with customer service, which informed me that she has no answer when I would be receiving my refund, because she has to check with the store and send in a case with no expected time of response. Today I still have not received my refund and my bill was $32 to feed my family. Very upsetting.

andi mac

They are great there. Service is great and food is great. My favorite pollo loco.

Geri H.

I'm disappointed that my original chicken bowl was really only a bean and rice bowl. When I addressed this issue with Julieta, seeing a teaspoon she claimed they put 3 ounces which was clearly questionable. I haven't had challenges at other locations and ended up spending another $3 to have a reasonable amount of chicken.

HTS Transportation Services

This is a great place to eat! Fresh food and clean restaurant.

Joshua Finkel

App did not work letting them know I was waiting at curb side

Titan French

I frequent this unique restaurant from time to time as I love the good air that is unique to this place. The personel is extraordianrillyremarkably loving and experienced. The service is impressively quick. Most important, the food you get is first-rate. I frequent more than once and I was always joyful. The cost is reasobable. I recommend this place to to all.

Louis E.

I know everyone is trying to adapt to strategies to serve the public, but this location just seems to miss the mark. The good things were you do get a lot of food for your money, it's priced well. I placed an order online for pick up which I had never done before. I took a screenshot from my PC of the order in case there were any problems. I showed up early, the site says go to the pick up area. There was no pick up area. A friendly clerk inquired and I said I ordered online. He said do you have your email confirmation? I said no I didn't receive one yet but I have a screenshot, and then asked what name the order was under. He went back and checked the orders I suppose and preceded to ask me everything that I had ordered online! I couldn't remember every detail (and I did have specific requests on the order). So I had to verbalize everything and then they missed 1 one item and the specifics I asked for were wrong because they made up the order from my verbal presentation. I'm getting wordy here, but long story short one of the items was not edible for the person I ordered it for. It just kind of a mess, but the clerk was trying to be helpful as best he could, I don't know why they didn't have my order on the screen. And if you are getting drinks, a staff member has to come out from behind the counter where customers are waiting to get the drinks...with all the virus protocols and I found that odd, they really need a drink center behind the counter. Some the chicken was hard and dry. But value wise it's good, just this bad experience. I know everyone is trying their best sorry for the 2 stars.

Elton T.

Normally I love El Pollo, been going for over 10 years with my family. Once in a while you get pieces so dry you can't eat them, but overall, a good healthy meal, I recommend. I went to Burbank location and had to write about something I thought was poor service. I checked my order before leaving, good thing, as they gave me the wrong pieces, twice. When I said that wasn't what I ordered (for the 2nd time) they said yes it is, I said really, turning the thigh over saying, that doesn't look like a wing to me. They said, "oh yeah", then took the thigh away and brought it back to the side where the chicken comes out, and brought me the wing. I said, "I touched that thigh, why did you take it back and not just give it to me?" They said they were going to throw it away. I thought wow, it really appeared that they were just going to give it to someone else. If they were really going to throw it away, any reputable restaurant would just let you keep the piece. I had to write about this as it left me with a very poor impression of this location.

Chris Silva

This chicken chipotle abacado burrito is amazingly tasty! All their food is.

Laura Juarez

My $10 Meal was great except for the fries were a bit soggy. ? The ladies in the crew were very efficient, friendly and have adjusted Beautifully to the new Covid -19 safety precautions. They wore face shields and I also saw that they removed & replaced their gloves quite often, especially Blanca who was cashiering yesterday.. ?????.


Just walked in order my food cashier asked me want it to go or fine in so I decided to eat in But I noticed nobody was around to sanitize the tables also went to the rest room there were no papers to dry out the hand , have to be carefull these days....

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