El Pollo Loco

1150 W Alameda Ave, Burbank
(818) 557-0683

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Ali Latif

We ordered with Hector today, after completing our order I asked for the Chips and Guacamole. Hector decided to walk away from us... The worst part is the meal was for my 6 year old. He got to experience horrible customer service unfortunately...

Sophia A.

I ordered over $185 worth of food yesterday for a luncheon.  My luncheon was at 12:30 so I ordered the meal online at 9am, paid for it and had the time set for 12pm.  I got to the restaurant at 12pm and nothing was done. They said they're finishing it up and almost done. Well 45mins later, I walked out. They handed me bags and I checked for my items. No salsa, no tortillas no catering salad, no dressing. I was very pleasant to the women yet they barked at me when I would ask if an item was in the bag that wasn't in there!! No sorry no nothing. They helped all the small orders and I'm standing there like an idiot for 45mins.  This went to Drs at St Joseph's Hospital, they requested El Pollo.  Never again.

Matthew Castillo

Good food, awesome service

Joe Z.

Everyone knows what to expect when eating at El Pollo Loco. Food wise, this location is just like any other Pollo Loco. The service is just so darn slow,here. Management needs to implement a better system, especially on the weekends . On my recent visit, I waited 30 minutes for my order and I was only three deep in-line. It's not like my order was over the top or anything. I just ordered their tamale meal. The employees seemed overwhelmed and the cashier was definitely getting flustered with bagging orders  and ringing up customers . The workers were too busy with orders  to even think about enforcing social distancing. Customers were just hanging around in a group waiting for their orders. The dining room was taped off, so we were all in a tight space. This location doesn't have a drive- thru, so no excuse for the delays . I can't really knock the employees, they were doing their best. I'm knocking management for putting them in this situation.

Adriana O.

This is my first time ordering from this location through door dash.  I ordered a 4pc Leg and Thigh meal with mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and avocado salsa.  I got 2 sides of mashed potatoes and pico de gallo.  Not happy with this location.

Daniel H.

Had a great experience with El Pollo Loco curbside pick up just now. We ordered the Pollo Bowl combo with chips and a Diet Coke.  My wife could not add salsa condiments online so she called after putting in the order. When I arrived and tapped that I was here they came out in less than a minute with the drinks and bowls ready to go. The sweet young lady made sure to tell me that she had put in ten salsa and ten avocado salsa little containers. When I got home the family was very happy. The coke was extra carbonated, the bowls were substantial, and the chips were plentiful and tasty. Seriously great deal for $5 per combo. And we used every salsa we got!  Awesome!!!

Ryan Krieger

Our go-to for easy quick burritos or chicken. Not really mexican food by any means, but good american watered down mexican food.

Joseph Martinez

The restaurant may be closed but the food is top notch!! Great staff!


Good food, great service and good prices.

Felix S.

This place is absolutely disgusting. The employees are rude and incompetent. The food is always wrong in one way or another. I always end up waiting for 20 min even though there is almost no line. And they give me attitude. The lady preparing my food put in the wrong item in the salad and literally reached in trying to replace it. It was nasty. She was hoping I wouldn't see it. Going to have to go to another store from now on

Patrice D.

If I could give a 0 that's what I would choose. Yesterday I made an order through El Pollo Locos site. My was withdrawn from my account I received an text message and email stating my order had been received. 50 minutes later I checked to track my order and it stated I would receive my delivery in 2 minutes. I then received an text from a driver with a picture on their establishment stating they had temporary hours and closed at 7pm. I made the order before closing. I was disappointed, but thanked the driver and proceeded to cancel my order online and surprise their site wouldn't let me cancel. A few minutes later I received a message saying my order had been delivered, which of course there was no food on my doorstep. Fast forward I just got off the phone with customer service, which informed me that she has no answer when I would be receiving my refund, because she has to check with the store and send in a case with no expected time of response. Today I still have not received my refund and my bill was $32 to feed my family. Very upsetting.

andi mac

They are great there. Service is great and food is great. My favorite pollo loco.

Geri H.

I'm disappointed that my original chicken bowl was really only a bean and rice bowl. When I addressed this issue with Julieta, seeing a teaspoon she claimed they put 3 ounces which was clearly questionable. I haven't had challenges at other locations and ended up spending another $3 to have a reasonable amount of chicken.

HTS Transportation Services

This is a great place to eat! Fresh food and clean restaurant.

Joshua Finkel

App did not work letting them know I was waiting at curb side

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