El Pollo Loco

521 N 1st St, Burbank
(818) 846-4022

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Jonathan A.

Dashing through the snow And I stopped by El Pollo Loco Grabbed a Double Chicken Bowl And exclaimed Ho Ho Ho! Got a Tamale or two Because they have them for Xmas time woohoo! Ate them on the loo Because the salsa was spicier boohoo! Okay, I'm done. Merry Christmas y'all lmao.

Super Tech818

Best customer service experience from an El pollo loco. I've been to everyone in the valley. Busyness is no excuse there. Keep up the good work guys

David Cameron

The service and food preparation is great here no matter what time of day. I often have to order late after work and the quality has always been top notch. Best El Pollo loco in the area!

tom bui

Decent quality Mexican food. Good prices. Little too bland for my taste.

Jon Winquist

fast. quick. speedy, fresh and delicious

Lor D

Visiting from Pennsylvania and I must say I was very impressed. Stopped in for a quick bite and the food was really wonderful , fresh and delicious. Friendly staff and well organized and clean restaurant. I was very impressed with the quality of the chicken. It was so delicious. Wish we had this restaurant back east. Loved it.

Cade H.

I'm not understanding why they got rid of the Burbank airport el pollo loco, because food was perfect, the service was amazing, and they kept this one on first street :/. I've come to get the loaded nachos here (first st) on 3 different occasions since Burbank airport one closed; each time my nachos are SOOO poorly made. Thrown together and look like movie theatre nachos. I literally had to hand it back to them and ask them to make it better. I get it back and it's not much better at all. Just today, since I've learned from my and their mistakes--every person I made contact with before I got my nachos I ask to MAKE SURE THEY ARE MADE WELL. Guess what, poorly made loaded nachos, with half one side of the tray sadly proportioned cheese and 4 little pieces of chicken *this is the loaded chicken nachos* not very loaded at all. The other side is empty dry chips. Lady at the window keeps telling me "they're good, they're good" as I tell her that they are not. Mind you, I got my nachos within 30 seconds of ordering them, that's wayy too fast dude, and the quality shows. Rude service, a bunch of people who HATE their jobs and subsequently hate el pollo loco customers. This has GOT to be fixed if you want this establishment to be taken seriously.

mr. chri5

Always find myself here when I don't bring lunch to work. Always good though?

Yesenia C.

I stopped by on my lunch like I always do I work in Burbank so this is always quick and convenient 5 customers were in the drive they line it took me 15 mins just to order the cashier apologized about the wait time when I got to the window the girl handing me the food was rude. And when I asked her for serranos me still keeping a positive mind she gave me an eye roll and then grabbed the leper's and just dumped them in the bag I asked her really this is how you hand out things to paying customers and she said yeah what's wrong with it . I said what do you mean what's wrong with it she has no hygiene whatsoever and that scares me I will never eat at this pollo loco again

Creepy Airsoft

Great food, received my order quick.

Claudia Q.

I've stopped at this location during my lunch. The cashier "Mayra" was very pleasant, professional and accurate with my order...great customer service, food very healthy.

Kihui K.

Great customer service, friendly and attentive, Ariana was alert to my special request got my order they way I wanted. Great job!

L Millhauser

My eating experience was one by which I know as patrons we are enabling restaurants to be lazy, disregarding and unethical in treatment if consumers. Yes, not holding companies accountable for their lack of regard for monies we earn working just as their employees not held accountable.These pictures reflect a container of rice I received from ElPolloLoco on First St. In Burbank. Now I have a couple of receipt from this location because of various concerns and food not fit to send out for consumption but was buried under fresher grilled meat. I know others know that siteWhen I was sharing the experience with a "group" management staff one chuckled at the reality of meat being hidden under fresher meat. I think that individual have also gotten home to find a few pieces not eatable.When do we start with holding our money and let business like such go on... Close your door... Even the employees deserve the loss. Work Integrity/ethics.

Richard Ventura

Good, tasty, well prepared food as usual. A little disappointed at the lack of courtesy by the employee. Was not rude or disrespectful at all but a simple "thank you" would have been nice. We have a multitude of dining options. We don't have to eat here. Most establishments need to put the friendlier, more personable workers out front.

Danielle D.

Food wasn't good. Burrito tasted watered down, chips were stale, and the churro was awful. First time going to this location and I know it's not this bad every time but today it was a let down. Didn't finish my food :/

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