Fosters Freeze

201 S Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank
(818) 846-5906

Recent Reviews

Bryan A.

Simple pleasures..Fresh cheese burger made to order with all the fixings, crispy crinkle fries, and a chocolate chip malt. Nothing fancy, just damn good!! Add in friendly staff..winner, winner!

Jasmine M.

This place is hit or miss. Sometimes you get something good and you can be pleasantly surprised. For certainty is the old fashioned desserts like a chocolate malt! Yum! Also, their candy twisters are great for my sweet tooth!

Scott Sackett

Fosters has been a staple and hangout for us for over 20 years!!! Awesome burgers - but stick around for the desert too!


I can always find an excuse for some soft serve when I'm in Burbank. New location is still easy access.

Arpi A.

Very bad costumer service ! Went ordered food came home only to find a alert of my order is missing ! Had to drive back to get it and all I got as an Accommodation was a dry sorry, like it was my fault I forgot my food . Too much attitude and not professional at all .

John N Jocelyn MacKenzie

Love the ice cream here-glad to see it’s still around after all these years

Molly Parsons

This place was pretty good.i got a hamburger, fries and a milkshake and they charged 16 bucks. That's way too much and the food was just fine. It was good, but not 16 dollars good.

Chad Anderson

Freshly made food and delicious ice creams. I love this place. Super friendly vibes. Strawberry cheesecake with big boss combo is my go to order ??????

Robby Deffo

For the price the customer service is horrible. There's this one lady she has a bad attitude is just horrible. What's worst is that i think she's the owner. She should just stay in the back and let someone else handle the front.The food is alright. Sonic is way better! Down to the onion rings.The only way I would go back is if there's nothing else around and I'm craving something they sell. Even with that if that lady is doing the front. I'm not dealing with her.

Carlos Garcia

This place is amazing !!! The food is always cooked to order and when they give you the food it's always hot. I would recommend 10/10 everytime and twisters for there ice creams or cone are the best !!

George H.

The prices are reasonable and the food I got tasted fine. The big boss burger was filling and tasty. Garden burger was good but a little dry. Much better after adding bbq sauce. The Snickers Twister I got was SOOOO good. The person taking our order was friendly and the wait for our food was not long at all. Successful evening of nostalgia.

Alexis P.

Listen, I'm not new to the Twister game. I order the same kind every time, but tonight I was met with exceptional rudeness. Knowing that the Twister comes with vanilla ice cream I ordered mine with chocolate, and two toppings. The lady asked multiple times, insisting I wanted three toppings. i confirmed two with chocolate ice cream. Attitude. Then I was a bit shocked to realize it was $1.50 for a second topping even in a small. Fine, whatever. Still, super rude. Anyway, I saw it being made with vanilla ice cream so I confirmed chocolate. She told me vanilla and I needed to order chocolate. WHICH I DID. Attitude, telling me I didn't. It was basically a stalemate. She had the girl remake it. Said disparaging things in Armenian and didn't look back at me. I mean, what the hell. A small Twister for $8.50 is not worth it, not even if a pile of attitude comes free.

Arman A.

I don't know how this place has such a low rating. I was just in there and outside of the fact that I embarrassed myself in front of the owners wife, I mean daughter, everything was great. There was no line and the order came out quick two cheeseburgers, two fries, a twister, and a parfait. The burger was freaking amazing, I'm not a fan of thicker fries but there's was as good as any. The soft serve is ten times better than any I've had anywhere in the neighborhood, and the service I was beyond good. I'd go more often if calories didn't exist.

Jocelyn O.

I used to really love this place but over the past few years quality of food has gone down gradually and prices have gone up substantially! Almost $10 for a double cheeseburger that's on the smaller side seems crazy! I can only assume they've had a change in ownership because Fosters isn't it anymore. Also very slow service going through the drive through. If there are 2 cars ahead of you, expect to be there for over 30 mins.

Joe Z.

Fosters Freeze reminds me of the Peach Pit from Beverly Hills 90210. Such great high school memories hanging out and doing everything but eat. This was the place to be after school and hangout with friends and bump the speakers, wear dickies and copy homework assignments. I recently got the nostalgia bug and decided to grab a bite while in the neighborhood . The food was average at best and lacked any type of flavor. The frozen patties and chard grilled burnt taste was inexcusable. The prices are great and the menu is fun , but I'll stick to trying the dessert menu on my next visit. This place has great choices from banana splits to soft serve scoops. The employees were straightforward , nothing over the top. Enough parking in the lot and the tables were clean. I can't give anything under three stars because this place has such great memories.

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