The Great Grill - Back to the 50's

126 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 567-0060

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Pamela Aalgaard

service and food is fantastic

Dodie T.

My daughter wanted a 50's diner to celebrate her birthday and she chose The Great Grill. What a fantastic find. So quaint and definitely 50's vibe complete with music boxes at the table. The menu is huge and breakfast is served all day. Diana is the server and Victor is the chef, both are darling and completely dedicated to their jobs. We ordered omelets, shakes, burger, grill cheese, fries, and deep fried zucchini. All were fantastic. The omelets had incredibly fresh ingredients, served hot and all tasted wonderful, and it comes with a choice of toast or fruit. The shake was old fashioned, served in the tall glass with the rest of the shake in the large metal container it was mixed in. Just like the way it was served when I was a young girl. The fries and zucchini were great and the burger was wonderful. You won't be disappointed by the service, decor, or the food. Did I mention the coffee? I'm a coffee snob and the coffee was perfect.

Amy C.

Great service! Very good coffee and vegetarian options for meal. Clean and cozy. I like the decor! We will come back!

Jerry I.

This place is amazing! Whether you come in for breakfast, lunch or dinner, expect to find your meal served piping hot. The food is delicious and is prepared by Victor and George who've been a staple of this restaurant for over 20 years. These guys care. My favorites are the BLT with Avocado, the unique Cesar Salad with chopped up chicken pieces and for breakfast, the eggs served "over medium," the soft cooked bacon, toast with jam and coffee. And yes, they cook to order!

Lilac C.

This was the first time dinning in and at first we were excited because the aesthetic is so adorable. But the bald server wasn't helpful at all. He didn't take out order at the table I had to go up to the counter and when I finished playing for my food(I also tipped) I sat down where I was stung by a bee out of nowhere. I was shocked and it was painful. I told the server and he did not acknowledge me in the slightest and as someone who also works in customer service that is absolutely unacceptable. This is the first I've had to even write a bad review. He completely ignored me telling him there was a bee in the store and that it stung me. Didn't even offer ice. Luckily I'm not allergic but what if it had been someone who was? He can't do anything about it stinging me but the least you could do is acknowledge when someone is talking to you. Horrible

Barbara L.

If I could leave no stars I would. If you want to get your food don't order delivery from here. They left the food outside my apartment complex and didn't bother to call to let us know it was there. After several calls to the restaurant they finally contacted the driver who said he delivered it. To who is the question. He delivered it to the shrubs! Needless to say, no dinner for us!!!

Ann Van Epps

Really great for a girl on a budget. They have healthy, affordable food. I got a massive Cobb salad with fresh chicken, a side of fries and a coffee for $17 all together!! The waiter was super friendly and they played rock music from the late 70's.. doesn't exactly fit the theme but I liked it better. Comfy booths and casual, quick dining in the center of downtown Burbank. The pic is the Cobb salad after I mixed the dressing in. Some people are rating this place like it's fine dining, dude it's a diner, chill out. ?

Andrew Vaughan

Family run local diner with excellent food options and fast service. We typically enjoyed the mushroom Swiss burger for dinner or the sausage breakfast burrito on the weekends. During footballs season all give their wings a try. Definitely worth supporting this local gem in a sea of chain restaurants all around the mall.

Melissa Elias

A 50s-themed diner with such delicious food and milkshakes. The services is amazing, Victor was so sweet and we got our shakes and food so quickly. I can't wait to go back.

Al S.

My son and I recently visited this restaurant again after a few years of not going. Friendly staff but the portion size is not worth what they charge. We each got a sandwich and the portion of fries were very small. Little details like this count! Good luck!

Qh R.

Went there yesterday with family. Super hot in there (No AC). Many people walking in and out with no masks. Food was not impressive at all. Taste of frozen food and cooking oil has been used so many times - the taste of french fries and onion rings was disgusting. Waitress was nice. Folks there are much better choices in the area.

Steve Hernandez

Food was delicious and service was great. Love the them of this place.

Alen D.

My compliments go out to the entire team! We walked in here to grab a quick bite and loved the food along with the atmosphere. Victor is an amazing chef and the food you are eating is as good as something you'd make on your own. I highly recommend this spot to everyone who wants the best American food. Thank you again team I would've taken photos of the food but I was too hungry haha.

Zachary Simon

A great place! Food was fantastic and the workers were super nice. Plenty of outdoor seating and good prices. They even gave a complementary ice cream for my birthday.

Latrese T.

This place is awesome. Jukebox .25 for three songs. Menu is perfect for diner style eating. Breakfast is awesome. All the food is hot and the service is EXCELLENT....I recommend The Great Grill if you are in the area.....Kudos to Victor and the rest of the crew for making our dining experience absolutely pleasurable..... See you next time we're in Burbank or Los Angels area....

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The Great Grill - Back to the 50's

126 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 567-0060