Guy's Highball Lounge

2627 HOLLYWOOD WAY Terminal A, Gate A4, Burbank
(818) 972-1331

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Jeremy S.

I don't know why his place got such bad reviews. Their loaded tots are some of the best airport food I have had and their staff was incredibly nice.

Heather M.

It's usually not a great experience to eat at an airport restaurant, but Beth made our visit really pleasant. She was personable and nice to talk to and was paying enough attention to offer us lunch menus when we saw the breakfast menu on the front board and started to walk away. (It was 10:30 am, but we wanted to take our lunch on the plane with us). She also let us know we could take our cocktails to go (but they are not allowed on the plane, only waiting to board) and she quickly served us after we ordered. She made a nice, strong, but balanced cocktail and the food was yummy and made to my requested changes. It's a bit pricey, but it's better airport food and service than I've ever had anywhere else.

Katie Lilikoi Kolesar

The wifi is awful. There is no real TSA precheck. There is not a single vegetarian food item available from the pitiful selection of sandwiches. How hard is it to put some cheese on some bread? Everything is ridiculously expense for junk food. Even when open, the one restaurant has awful food and overpriced drinks.

Todd M.

Beth. It's all Beth. I think it's safe to say I've not had better service at an airport restaurant in the USA. Period. I've eaten here several times but never felt much love. I felt this was a necessary evil to eat at Burbank Airport - until today. And this is during COVID (BTW they are taking very good precautions - I felt better waiting here to board (drink in hand) than at the gate). Keep in mind, this isn't a cheap place to eat and there's only one item that makes sense to take to go (BLT) and no salads. But if Beth is working, you'll feel better treated here than any other airport restaurant in the USA.

Kym Siebenhaar

Best airport on the planet. And “FRANKIE” is just wonderful. She was such a great help to us! THANK YOU FRANKIE!

Amanda K R.

Lounge lizard till flight time. The server was excellent. On point. The drinks- expensive as per airport norm- $17 for 6 oz of Santa Margherita, $14 for a pint of beer (tax included). One definite downside was that the "grill side" of the bar, emitted such a powerful grease/onion smell, it made it hard to sit there for much longer. Not being able to take adult beverage out of bar area, and not wanting to leave my $14 beer (which was incredibly delicious btw) I muddled through but left the space with the stink in my clothes and hair. Ugh!

Vic S

Had two hours to kill before our morning flight back to the east coast, so decided to stop in and see how Guy was doing...We luv him from his show and was hoping some of his culinary magic would apply to his restaurant in the BUR airport... Maybe that's why you see him travel to all the neat eateries at various part of the country, because this one doesn't cut it. It's avearge at best (That's being kind), I have been to IHOP's that have better tasting food and service. Not even fastfood quality, some of the worst chicken strips and weaker fries, son had the chicken tender sandwich and felt poorly on flight home. You are better served to take your chances with airline food or pack your own snack for the trip.


This was a welcome addition to Terminal B since one cannot go between terminals behind security, and your only other food option was Wolfgang Puck to go salads and sandwiches for $25 (tasty though). It is small, but so is Terminal B serving only United, Delta, Alaska and Spirit. I commute regularly and like the small Hollywood Burbank Airport for ease and convenience. It is a sports bar with a cramped seating area, but not much different than many concourse restaurants. I would rate the food as poor for non-airport establishments but average for an airport terminal. The name appears different now with Burger Joint being substituted with Kitchen+Bar, perhaps with a nod to being more upscale which it is not. It has a fairly long menu with standard options like burgers, tacos, chicken and salads. I found the fried foods like chicken tenders to be excessively heavy with thick batter and oil. The Kobe beef hamburger was better. Whether it is actually upgraded ground beef I could not tell. You have to order fries separately. They come as enormous mound that could feed three. Fries should be included. There are lots of sauces so I would order those on the side. And there is a full bar which is always welcome. The young women who manage the restaurant and bar are exceedingly friendly which makes for a better overall experience and decreases the stress of waiting for flights. I would rate the service better than the food. They are quick enough to get you in and out to make your flight. Of course, you can virtually see your gate across the hall from your table to know when you should start getting anxious. The cost is high like in all airports so feeding a family of four might be astronomical. I suggest sharing plates with your kids in that case since the servings are so large. They may want to consider temporarily pulling their cute, hip skull and crossbones cocktail napkins during the current pandemic and flying angst. They make a good souvenir.

Cynthia L.

I only got a cranberry club soda at 6:30 am and the server, Beth was great. I listened as she cheerily served passengers of all kind and she is pro all the way.

Lana C Murray Logan

There faster and attentive its not so crowded they do need to get a bigger better aisle chair for disabled people

Alex Flores

quick in and out fast and courteous service

Tom B.

Let's face it, airport good can be pretty hit-and-miss. Guy's has figured out how to make great tasting burgers at Burbank airport. The sourdough melt is outstanding. They have a decent selection of beers and the service is nice and quick. Got 20 minutes before boarding? Eat here.

Edward Stephens

Grub. Too bad there are none outside the airport.


So I got to the airport early to avoid the traffic and decide to grab breakfast at Guys place. The bartender's name was Beth. She let me know that in addition to her great Bloody Mary she was serving lunch. I asked her what her favorite thing was on the menu. She told me about the pablano burger and that she had it with grilled chicken. I was sold. Thinking my service was unique, I watched how she interacted with all her customers. When I told her how good she was at her job, she said she just wants folks to come back. With her service they will. Guy Fieri, if you read these reviews and if you could go somewhere incognito, you should go and experience Beth's servie.

Barney Y.

If you're waiting for your flight, I highly recommend seeing Beth. She's incredible. Made us feel like we're at a friend's house grabbing a couple of beers. What a pleasant surprise.

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