Hank's Bagels - Burbank

4315 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
(818) 588-3693

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Lucky S.

I will have to try this place again. But my first visit it was a bit bizarre. I ordered the white fish bagel sandwich. When I got home the bagel was not toasted. They never asked me if I wanted toasted or not, but in my experience a bagel sandwich always comes toasted by default. The texture of a doughy bagel and white fish salad was not appetizing at all. It basically turned to mush. Then each side of the bagel was coated in about 1" of cream cheese. I kid you not. I love cream cheese as much as anyone else. But 2 inches of cream cheese competing with other ingredients makes it impossible to taste anything else. I ended up scraping out the ingredients and putting them on crackers for breakfast. The ingredients I was able to salvage were pretty good. So I plan to try again in the future - I'll make sure to ask for a toasted bagel and about 60% less cream cheese.

Isaac L.

We've gotten the bagels from here a few times and they are always so good. Crunchy outside with a nice chewy inside. The Rosemary Sea salt is absolutely delicious. I haven't tried the sandwiches yet but their cream cheese and toppings are so fresh!

Derek M.

Decided to try this place out when we stumbled on it here on Yelp! We are huge fans of bagels and honestly these are the best we've had! Location was easy to find and there was plenty of parking in the back and street side. There was also plenty of seating in front as well as long the side. All COVID measures were in place and everything was clean and sanitary. They had a handful of bagels to choose from, about 6 varieties and they were all amazing. The onion and the everything were amazing. We got the lox sandwich which was filled with lox and cream cheese along with tomato, cucumber sprouts and onion. Epic! The customer service was also amazing and the staff super friendly and helpful! We have found our new go to for bagels!

michele k.

Was excited to see this place open up in Sherman Oaks. Finally went this past weekend. Ordered a scooped out vegan bagel w/ tofu cream cheese, tomato's, cucumbers, capers. Super bummed when we opened our order to see this. Almost no cream cheese. Very cold and chewy. Bummed.

Melissa H.

Our first experience was solid. The bagels were chewy and tasted good. My husband got the everything with cream cheese and I got the poppy seed with cream cheese. They do NOT skimp on the cream cheese - it felt like there was a whole tub on my bagel, which was way too much for me. :) We didn't add any extra toppings, but I think this is where the 5th star would come in, so we'll try this in the future. Coffee was better than average. Customer service was quick and friendly and not pretentious or snooty. Overall it was a good experience and we'll be back! COVID: Safety precautions were in place. Only one customer enters the store at a time, and then you wait outside for your order to be placed on a table. It was easy to maintain physical distance even though some diners were sitting at outdoor tables. Customers and employees wore masks. Parking: Free street parking. On a Saturday morning around 9 am, we found a spot down the block on Magnolia.

Alex J.

That NY Times article about California having better bagels must have been written by a Cali stoner because there is no way a level headed New Yorker, hell not even a level headed Californian would agree with that. Rant over. So I decided to visit Hank's in the highest of hopes to find the "best" bagels in LA. Quite frankly, so far the "best" bagels I have had come from either Western Bagel or Costco (yes, Costco's bakery is superior to most others). I peeped the menu prior and decided to go for the No.1 but add scallion cream cheese. The menu does say "no substitutions" but an "addition" isn't a substitution, right? Right! When I asked the cashier about it, he said I could just "build your own bagel" to match the sandwich. Uhm . . . doesn't that defeat the purpose of "no substitutions". I didn't see my receipt but I'm pretty sure all he did was add the cream cheese to the sandwich because the total price reflected the "sandwich" with the "addition" of cream cheese. Just an unnecessary restriction on the menu. The wait wasn't too bad as I expected a 20 minute wait given other reviews, but coming around Friday morning at 930am, the wait was only 10 minutes. The bagel is given in regular to-go box but it's not wrapped or "secured". This causes problems with the sandwiches because they fall apart already and even picking them up let the ingredients spill out. And of course at first bite half the filling fell out into the box. The bagel itself is good. It's chewy and dense, and the everything bagel has great flavor. The ingredients are also great, but the menu did say tomato aioli but I was given sliced tomatoes...not a huge deal but I'm not sure their bagel preparers know the difference between a fresh cut vegetable and a vegetable flavored sauce. The egg was cooked nice, and the bacon was great, the cream cheese was also thick and had great scallion flavor being spread throughout the sandwich. Now this is another issue - the bagel isn't toasted, causing the above problems when eating. This isn't mentioned and although yes, maybe I should have asked, typical bagel sandwiches are soft enough (and also wrapped like a diaper) that prevent everything from spilling out. We can put aside the toasting issue, but for $12, is this bagel sandwich worth it? No way. I can get a breakfast burrito with better and more flavors and ingredients for cheaper. Is this bagel a contender for the Cali v New York bagel wars? (was there ever such a thing? Why is this a thing?) Again, no. Even if I lived or worked in the area, I wouldn't come again.

Donald C.

Well, I know what the New York Times said about California bagels but these don't do it for me. The proverbial roll with a hole, this bagel eats more like an over kneaded loaf of bread than anything else. The flavor is alright but the size, chew, and mess don't stand up to the hype.

Arielle P.

I'm a creature of habit and Western Bagel has been my general to-go for most of my life. But with the growing food scene comes the resurgence of the hol(e)y bagel- so simple yet so damn customizable and versatile. Are you getting a souped up bagel with jalapeño cheddar or plain, cream cheese or a bagelwich, sweet or savory... toasted or untoasted (there's only one right answer there). I know there are some MUST TRY bagel spots- one in particular that's at the top of my list- but I gotta know what factors make the perfect bagel in your eyes? I got The Number 3: hank's gravlax, scallion cc, capers, radish, pickled onion, salted cucumber, sprouts, tomato, dill (mines on a sundried tomato bagel). It was FULLY loaded that it was almost hard to get everything in one bite but that just meant I got to create little tiny bites at the end from all the mess

Mel T.

We've been coming here since they opened and their bagels are always delicious! A little pricey but worth every penny. Their scallion and angry cream cheese are our favorite spreads and we normally get a dozen bagels for the week and the spreads to go. The number three, Hank's Gravlax is to die for and check their Instagram for some specials they have on certain days. Their toasted is very lightly toasted so if you like it on the toastier side, ask for double toasted. Their service is usually a bit snobby (unless it's the owner who is friendly) and they always make me feel like I don't belong but their food is really good. You can order ahead online but it may take awhile. We went this past weekend and we should've checked our order before we left because they got our order totally wrong but we still ate the bagels cuz you'd be crazy to waste any of this food! They have a nice patio along with parking in the back and some nice steps next door on Riverside you can enjoy your breakfast with some coffee.

Spencer Kellis

Awesome low-key spot for bagels. VERY generous with the cream cheese. Every bagel I've had has been amazing!

John Martin

Good bagels but wait time is so long after you order.

Joanna Steinhauer

This place rules. I come by regularly all the way from Tujunga to pick up a dozen bagels and cream cheese and then I'm happy all week. Seriously good bagels.

Hamlet O.

Tried Hanks gotta say there bagels are fresh and very chewy but it's good. Ordered cream cheese bagel expecting it to be at least toasted or warmed up but it was room temperature. Girl working on the register wasn't clear on how the bagel is served. Ordered one bagel and one orange for 10 bucks would not go back again.

Gynifur Encinas

The wait for 2 bagles with cream cheese.. walk up was 27 minute. Sign said 11.

Anaiah Simons

Yummy and fresh!

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