Hank's Bagels - Burbank

4315 W Riverside Dr, Burbank
(818) 588-3693

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Bethani S

One of the best bagels ive ever gotten out. I was on vacation while visiting here, and it was such a great experience. 10/10

La. Life

Good bagels get there early in the weekends they sell out fairly quickly

Carlo Loffredo (LACOFyremn)

Walk up orders are sometimes quicker than online orders especially on the weekends.

Cathy Rothe

My daughter and I are regular weekend customers. We moved to LA from Brooklyn 5 years ago. After much research we agree Hanks is the closest bagel to our favorite Brooklyn Bagel store. Thanks Hanks for great service and the best bagel in LA

vanessa feliciano

Love this place, absolutely delicious.Only problem is I got a #4 earlier today and there was a piece of plastic in my sandwich from a container of some sort. Bit into it and was confused as to what “veggie” would be so hard to chew, come to find out it was a piece of plastic.I know we’re all human and mistakes happen, but also want to make aware of what had happened. Hopefully next time, whomever can be a bit more careful so this won’t happen again. I’ll definitely be back because I love this place too much not to. Hopefully this isn’t a consistent issue and just a one time mishap. xoxo

Ratigan S.

Delicious bagels and coffee!!! I got the #2 and it was too spicy for me (fyi there's jalapeños in it) and they were super chill and let me exchange it for something else. Also they source coffee from 3 different roasters in town and it it DELICIOUS. I was not expecting the coffee to be so good. Super friendly staff and there's a cute sitting area out back. Limited parking in alley (next to Tocaya)

Stuart W.

So glad I stumbled upon this bagel shop. I've tried all the recommended bagels within L.A and friends in NY have even overnighted their bagels to my home too. This Burbank location is my new go to spot when craving a bagel. I brought home an everything bagel to enjoy with some lox. Heated it up in the oven and it has both that crunch on the outside and chew on the inside we all crave. Plus the people working there were quite friendly too.

Jessica Downey

Excellent food, great service, effective Covid safety measures. Got a spare bagel for a late night snack...too good to have just one!

Jules L.

Got this via online order and pickup. The order was on time but they are busy even on weekdays. Our order was incorrect in what was put on bagel despite a pretty rigorous online ordering system. Other than that the bagels were tasty. Could not tell if they are super chewy or it was because I hate mine after the 15 minute ride home. Good jaw workout! The sandwiches are pretty fancy and not your average bagel but I have a feeling just a plain bagel with cream cheese would be good here too. Interestingly I think my favorite part was the side of potato salad. The fresh dill in it makes it so good! And it's not super creamy and overwhelming like most potato salads. Next time maybe will try to eat there for more freshness!

Benjamin Tibbels

Some of the best bagels I've ever had. Most of the bagels in NYC couldn't hold a candle to the beauties. The salmon is delicious and angry cream cheese is a must try.

Coco R.

The bagels at Hank's are absolutely to die for! As a native New Yorker, I have a hard time finding bagels in LA that do it for me but Hank's is just about as good as it gets here in my opinion. My other favorites are Sam's and the Bagel Broker but Hank's has won my heart. The cinnamon raisin bagel (toasted) with honey butter is such a comforting pairing and I highly recommend. I did not try any of their sandwiches but they looked amazing and I can't wait to come back and try more flavors on the menu! Be sure to check out their flavors of the day, today I also got the onion bialy which is so delicious.

Josh M.

Strange how just having a halfway decent bagel in LA can make a place get pretty cocky. At Hank's, you can walk in with no line and order a SINGLE bagel w/ cream cheese, and they'll tell you it's a 30 minute wait! I get that they have online orders, but that's a bit much for something that takes 15 seconds to prep. I left and came back a half hour later, and then it was surprisingly difficult to get an employee to retrieve my bagel that I could see sitting there. Solid bagel, weird vibes.

Jacqueline S.

Delicious and filling bagels! Highly recommend ordering online before to avoid long lines.

Kayla Goldstein

They had a lot of cream cheese which is good and a small variety of types. A delightful breakfast.

Greg Bryett

Bit of a drive to get there. I may be crazy driving 41 miles to grab some bagels, but seemed like a good idea at the time. The bagels were excellent though. They were recommended by a local restaurant who buys them for it's customers. I'll go again.... Soon...

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