Healthy Salad Bar

3801 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank
(818) 280-4837

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Jon Kolnoski

Just ordered a salad for pick up from here through Door Dash. Upon arriving one of the employees behind the register was not wearing a face mask. Door Dash refunded me fully, but be wary from ordering from here.

Jon K.

Ordered a salad from here through Door Dash for lunch today. One of the employees was not wearing a face mask when I picked up the order. Stay away.

Stevie M.

Been going to healthy bites weekly for a while now! Great food! The wrap special is my go to with a healthy smoothie.

Dory W.

This is one of those places where you want healthy food but don't want to make it at home and you're willing to pay for home food quality. I always order the chicken plate or wrap with salad or fries. It tastes like how you'd expect it to, predictable and maybe on the bland end. The chicken is seasoned, but it's usually overcooked/dry. Recently my fries tasted like it was deep fried or drizzled in olive oil, and I wasn't a fan of that. I wouldn't consider it "fast food Mediterranean/Middle Eastern" as it's not so flavorful or juicy like a New York shwarma plate, but overall, the food here is fresh, light and healthy, just like the name says. I come here a couple times a month when I want something clean to eat and I'm too lazy to make it at home. I've done delivery orders a couple times and don't recommend for wraps and fries, since the longer the food steams in the container, the soggier it gets.

Jordan W.

I eat here at least 3 times a week cause it's next to my work. It's so good! Their smoothies are bomb, their warm pita is bomb, their salads are so good I love adding extra grilled chicken so flavorful. He staffs super nice. Awesome place

Word E.

Great spot. Got a berry smoothie and falafal wrap. Both very good. Little pricey but I don't mind spending a few extra bucks for good food and good customer service. They are very pleasant and helpful here -- will be coming back often. And the back patio is awesome! -- a little oasis.

Mia L.

Wow this place is GOOD! I love the Capri salad - it's gigantic, and there's a ton of fresh avocado and other delicious stuff. The Santorini wrap is amazing, and I really love the hummus here - that's important! Great seasoned fries, too. The delivery is fast and the service is exquisite. You can eat healthy and still enjoy a delicious meal. Keep up the great work!

John Sherwood

I paid $15 for the smallest sandwich. I'm still hungry and broke. Never again. Should have ordered firehouse.

Camellia S.

This was my first time trying out this restaurant. I ordered the Mediterranean salad, the falafel wrap, and a side of seasoned fries. The salad was delicious. The best part of the salad was the dressing. The falafel wrap was okay. I've had falafel wraps at other restaurants before and this one definitely was not one of my favorites. The fries were stale, so I would not recommend ordering these. Overall I give this place a 5/10. Don't think I will be coming back here.

Madison M.

Over the last several years, I've frequented Healthy Bites 2-4 times a month, off and on. Without fail, the food is fresh, delicious, and quick (speediest delivery I've ever known). The customer service is next level. If more restaurants operated their business like Healthy Bites, yelp would be a happier place. As a vegetarian, my go to is the veggie wrap, seasoned fries, pink lemonade combo. The hummus is great, and you can't go wrong with their salads. Special shoutout to whoever is in charge of the hiring and training. Nice humans, happy to rectify any (rare) mistakes, and I've never waited too long after ordering (somehow this has even gotten quicker during COVID). PS -- the patio is beautiful!

Robert H.

What's wrong LA? You think that's good food? come on... no way! That's nothing it's terrible you have no idea what is real gyros... but you're picture showing what you mean... I think it's your style of food.

Lex L.

I love the food here! I recently went in and although my food tasted great I was a bit disappointed for two reasons. 1) The employee who helped me on the phone and in person had a very hard time understanding English. There was a big language barrier when I asked simple questions or requested a couple things on the side. He was very nice... but when your dealing with people it's a lot easier when someone understands what your trying to ask them. 2). The same employee was wearing his mask below his nose the entire time he wrapped up my order and food. I was a bit uncomfortable that he was not wearing it properly. The two other employees had their masks on the right way.

Becks S.

AMAZING FOOD . My favorite is the Greek salad it is so fresh and so big. Everything here is amazing you can't go wrong healthy food for a good price and good portions.

Amy B.

This place makes the best falafl wraps. I get take out from them once a week. Great prices too.


Two separate times my wrap I have ordered from here through Doordash has come loaded with black olives despite not having olives listed as ingredients for the item. The 2nd time I wrote a note about it when placing the order so not only was the food made incorrectly, the note was ignored.

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