In-N-Out Burger

761 N 1st St, Burbank
(800) 786-1000

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Olivia N.

Two girls at the drive thru are terrible at customer service. I was so polite when asking for things or just paying for my stuff and I got shitty service with some sass in return. Yes it's only a fast food restaurant but that doesn't mean you have to provide mediocre customer service & make a customer uncomfortable.So annoying when you're just trying to grab dinner.

Tejal B.

This is the only burger joint that we can come to when craving some burgers. I mean, in-n-out, whats not to like. We are vegetarians & find it hard to get places with good tasting burgers. We always order their fries & "secret menu" (Not a secret though!hehe) grilled cheese burger. Majority of the times they are consistent with their product. They are following all the safety measures for these times. The employees that take drive-thru orders have gloves on, face mask & face shield on them. They are always very polite & patient while taking the order. The drive-thru gets very busy on weekends, but they keep the line moving. If the drive-thru line is crazy long we do go inside to place our order & the line inside is always short in comparison & you get your order quicker. Though not a big fan of their soft drinks which lacks in that frizz & Hot chocolate which is plain milk with packet hot chocolate powder (from Swiss miss, I guess) which we are not a fan of. The food is awesome, I mean I still wonder how does just a burger bun with spread ,lettuce & tomatoes be so addictive & fries are spot on crisp on the outside & soft inside. Its funny how at times when we even pass through the road, its smell pulls us. They have definitely increased their price. Till date we have had only one hiccup. Rest all good.

Amanda C.

Best in-N-out I've been to in a minute! Everything about it was just bomb. Shout out to Saturday's night shift

Tray J.

I didn't know where I should eat but this was a great pick. Best In-n-out I been too in Cali I will be back again soon

A Enriquez

As always no matter which In & Out you go to the quality is always the same and service is always great. I make it s point to go to an In & Out anytime i travel and there is one nearby. I can always count on the same great burger every time. Double Double Animal style every time for the WIN!

Julie Daniels

If I could give this more than 5 stars I would! Always fresh. Family favorite for years. Live out of state now and it's always the first and last place we hit!

Faq Yu

I had a simple order and I had to reapeat it 5-6 times. Then to top it off they still got my 3 of the items on my order wrong. All i ordered were 2 regular burgers, 2 large drink and fries. They gave me animal style burger and 2 small floats.

Vicente Marroquin

I love their simple menu, burgers fries and a drink...simple and delicious...double double with extra onions and yellow chili peppers, fries and a vanilla shake...Yes please.

Tammi H.

Steve Av the young man who took my order gave me great customer service this Thursday night. I appreciate the whole late night team! Thank you guys. Great food, great service, great experience.

Roy K.

Is the best burger ever , and management is the best they care about rules and customer service , on Sunday as usual they always busy , but the staff on it they works like bees , the  mint you entered, the cashier they noticed you and welcomed you with Enthusiastic tune
After I give what I want , the meal box was ready with decent time  , went home  and I open the box ops was not what I ask for so I called the customer service, the operator with very friendly tune , she listened very well and I confirmed my order number , she ask what was my requests
She spoke with manger and give it to here and told as I enter my snide ask about In-N-out manger .
The manger was super amazing person and my food was ready hot fresh
All employees wearing face mask and gloves and hair net

Heather Rovira

They are usually pretty quick, but they can improve on the new covid drive thru line, its ridiculously long. It's much quicker to park and go inside, order and leave.

Jorge Villalba

Best spot in Burbank! Lines are long, but at times they are short at the drive thru. Worth the wait.

Emil C.

This place never disappoints! If it wasn't for an extra wait, I would be having their burger every day. I don't know what they do to their food, but It's the only burger that doesn't give me heartburn. Definitely my choice for a burger. Fries - I'm not so crazy about, but the burgers outshine everything else. :)

Ro Ro

I went from Phoenix, Arizona. All the way to Tacoma. Philadelphia, Atlanta, LA. Southern California where the Double, Double are warm. So I could eat those Cheeseburgers, yeahSo keep having In-N-Out Burgers.Keep having In-N-Out urges.Keep having In-N-Out urges.Keep having In-N-Out urges.

Weary T.

I went from Phoenix, Arizona.  All the way to Tacoma. Philadelphia, Atlanta, LA.  Southern California where the Double, Double are warm. So I could eat those Cheeseburgers, yeah

So keep having In-N-Out Burgers.
Keep having In-N-Out urges.
Keep having In-N-Out urges.
Keep having In-N-Out urges.

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