Kabuki Japanese Restaurant

201 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 843-7999

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Charlotte Dunnett

Last night we ordered dinner at this place (yellow tail sashimi) and some avocado rolls. The fish had an unpleasant smell and tested off. My husband was so sick last night he spend the night doing trips to the bathroom with terrible stomach issues.Please be aware. Their quality had diminished considerably. I won’t recomen this restaurant anymore neither are we coming back.Also , the customer service is one of the worst . The ladies at the cashier register are not friendly or welcoming.

Donald Stallings

The spot is great and roomy, the menu was yummy and the prices were very fair. quick, efficient service and very personal waiters. I highly recommend this place.

Gerald Smith

This restaurant is my first choice place. Of all restaurants I know I like it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to visit this restaurant. everytime I I need a good lunch, this restaurant comes right away to my mind. very good and food and a rich menu.trained staff, and agreeable ambience. And very important, the cost is modest. I praise this spot with no hesitation.

Luka Hale

I celebrated my graduation earlier this evening in this great place. Well we passed a terrific evening and the place was definitely one of the reasons for this happy event. The waiters cooperated in a pleasant manner, the cooking was tasty and my friends were so delighted. We shall surely return for more celebrations. thanks very much.


The food was great. But when I go to a restaurant I expect good customer service if I’m spending my money and giving them business. Able wasn’t very helpful with being said it was our first time there , also led off to be kind of rude. When we go to a restaurant we always return if the food is good plus customer service, so we won’t be going back.

Jeremiah D

Very well kept and welcoming spot. They provide generous portions and for reasonable rates. We loved the menu a lot and the waiters were super welcoming and informative. I recommend this place.

Julian Ellis

Had a fantastic experience in this place with my son. The food arrives quick and the service is just fantastic. Prices are affordable.

Jeremias Edwards

I adore this place very much. there is a unique spirit. The kitcen is great. the service is powerful and the crew is very professional. The price is decent. profoundly recommend.

Seo Advisory

Today, I love this place, more than ever! Marissa Buccianti was at her best, I have never had such a great customer service in my life.Beautiful welcoming smiley face, took her time to explain the menu and helped with several options.Thank you Kabuki excellent service.I would happily give 10 stars Today.Harry A.

Hambig Mk

I have NOT come across such a place with terrible service and rudeness. We ordered two orders of different sushi rolls and they mixed it up in one box and on top they put the soy sauces in the middle of the orders and I was mixed up with the food. We called them to try to ask during COVID-19, and why they weren’t sterile. they were very rude and they didn’t want to help at all. I don’t recommend them at all.


KRISTINE KRISTINE KRISTINE KRISTINE KRISTINE Hello, hi!Did I catch your attention? Well if your reading this then I obviously did, so enjoy and read on. Hello there Kristine, Allow me to inform everyone reading on Yelp the experience YOU provided to my family and I who were ready to spend and tip some good money. Your actions and ability to push paying customers away deserve some attention. As my family of 4 and I arrived at Kabuki, we were directed to a table in the back where our waitress named Kristine was working. Kristine is the kind of waitress that everyone dreads to encounter at a restaurant. Now yes I understand that we are all humans and we all have bad days but honey.... IF YOU DO NOT LIKE YOUR JOB.... PLEASE EXIT! Not only did she come by 15 minutes AFTER being seated but she proceeded to ask my family and I with an unpleasant and extremely unprofessional tone what we wanted to drink."LET ME GUESS, WATER RIGHT?" Yes readers!!!! THATS WHAT SHE ACTUALLY SAID!!!! That was enough for me, my family and I got up and left! We have been to Kabuki multiple occasions and NEVER had an experience like this!Kristine, I (like many that come here) am a PAYING CUSTOMER who puts money in your undeserving hands. I am an individual who knows what it is like to work in the food business therefore I do understand one thing.... your skills as a waitress is what makes you tips and keeps you EMPLOYED. Your distasteful approach only tells me that you missed that day of training on "how to serve your customers" by your poor display of customer service skills. Kristine, In the food industry one must present themself in a PROFESSIONAL manner, after all YOU have a responsibility of representing the restaurant and yourself in a professional approachable manner! Please educate yourself with the restaurant job description manual.You are utterly rude and uncomfortably unprofessional. Your appearance was just as lousy! Uniforms must be clean and presentable at all times. You are NOT customer service oriented or proactive. Gee, I wonder why you think that it is ok to treat people this way? Maybe because your management ENCOURAGES IT!!! Yes your manager ADRIAN encourages your arrogant and obnoxious attitude. Adrian, you have a title of a Manager for what? As a restaurant manager you hold a higher responsibility on what should be done. Unfortunately that is NOT what you displayed either. Your character was just as bad. Laughing at a paying customers experience with a waitress on your clock is what will hurt businesses and lower their profit. You displayed no sense of urgency nor did you attempt to engage in the conversation to correct this issue. It's embarrassing to see undeserving individuals like you employed when there are deserving people out there who actually would appreciate their paychecks.Some words of wisdom to you both... be kind and considerate and project a positive professional demeanor towards everyone, you never know who you may encounter. Thank you Adrian and Kristine for the experience you two provided, I sincerely hope you receive the same service at your favorite restaurants.PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONTACT ME TO CORRECT THIS MATTER.

Sharon Lee

The food was great. Their outside patio seating was perfect, was a bit chilly tonight then they turned on the heaters.. they have happy hour every night,

April McGee

Pleasantly surprised to taste the Italian flavors with the full on flavors of almost everything they offer to put on a pizza, on my personal pie.The service was excellent, accommodating and made me feel welcome.Will return when I'm in the mood for a quick bite of comfort food.

Greg J.

Honestly one of the best spots for sushi and Japanese cuisine. I been here several times and the food is always delicious. Place is always clean restrooms are clean. Parking near by but depends on which day of the week you go. Only reason I'm giving this place 4 stars is because I felt our server was pretty rude. Not once did she greet us or thank usA nice welcome goes a long way.

Stephanie P.

It's a pretty good place to have lunch during this Covid period. The patio holds maybe 10 tables. The service staff are always very nice, but the young man with the salt n pepper hair needs to move just a tad faster. Daytime customers have a limited lunch hour, so one would expect a bit more energy from a young waiter.

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