Knight Restaurant

138 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 845-4516

Recent Reviews

Jennifer Mara

I came to this spot a few years ago while on vacation. I knew that if I ever found myself back in Burbank that I MUST come back. I love Mediterranean food and their food is top notch for sure. The art and decor is pretty cool and I love that they don't play top 40 hits on the radio. Anytime I find myself in this area of California I plan on coming back here. I HIGHLY recommend you do too.

miguel valdez

Its a little different from what you would consider traditional, but the little twist and well cooked food make this place a must try for Mediterranean cuisine..... give it a try.... im sure it will make your top 5 places to eat in Cali

Jesse Carwin

This has been my favorite restaurant for years. Family owned business and the owners are the sweetest and kindest people in the world. The food is to die for!

Eve Morrigan

Great food. I've been here a few times now and it's not disappointed me.

Michael M.

Lamb Gyros!! Get them. The hummus is also great! Can't wait to go back to try new items'

Ed A.

Better Greek food than we had in Greece! Love this place! Generous portions and great tasting food. The owner takes a great deal of pride in serving his customers the best Greek cuisine possible. Wish this place would move up to Northern Nevada where we live. I would go there often. One thing is for sure, you won't walk out of this place hungry or disappointed. Great food, great service.

Ven R.

Delicious as usual. Tried some. Ew stuff the sweet pastry and dumplings got some salad and hummus on the house. It was delicious. Very nice service.

Jeremy White

This place is incredible, super convenient and hands down the best hummus I've ever had. Make sure to try their Armenian beer as well! I'll definitely be coming back regularly.

Rich Colton

Fast friendly service, authentic Greek/Mediterranean in Burbank the best must try, you will be hooked !

Lisa Y.

Very disappointed in this place. Ordered two chicken breast kabob plates. Asked if it came with hummus. She said yes- hummus and rice. They brought out a salad drowned in dressing first. Then our entree and pita. We asked for the hummus. She said it comes with 2 sides and we got salad and rice. Huh??? Who asked for salad? Who asked us which 2 sides we wanted? Nobody. Clearly we wanted hummus if we specifically asked for it. So why'd you give us salad we didn't ask for then charge us for the hummus??? The chicken was small, overcooked and very dry. Sat outside waiting a while for someone to come back by (only 2 tables w patrons and we were 1). Really needed the bill so I could get to the airport. The 3 people working were sitting at a table in the back talking. WTH?!? I would never go back.

Kelly P.

This review is for the moussaka plate. The portion is generous with a huge side salad, pita, and bed of rice. It's enough for 2 meals. However, the taste and texture is just alright. It tasted reheated with a strange consistency. I wouldn't get it again.

Mary H.

Bad customer service!!! They don't know how to talk nicely to customers. I asked about why we're only getting 3 pita breads when we ordered 3 dips: 1 eggplant caviar, 1 mutabbal and 1 hummus. She responded with rudeness that we are supposed to get only 3 and that she already gave us 1 extra, which is inside one of the orders. The way she spoke was really rude. If she explained it nicely, we are very much willing to pay extra if needed to get more pita bread. And making it worse, while she was talking to us, her mouth was really very close to my face and she wasn't wearing mask. Really Disgusting! And then when we got home, we found out that we're missing one of the 2 chicken orders. I called them up. Again, I dont like their tone. And she was not apologetic at all. She passed me to the manager because we couldn't agree on the refund. Instead of trying to apologize to me for their mistakes, the manager was arrogant too. They don't know how to win back dissatisfied customer . And the manager accused me that they already gave me 4 extra pita breads. Free? I dont know where she got that information. We are always in the Burbank area. We've tried most of the restaurants here. This one has the worst customer service!

Richard C.

This place is the real thing. I used to live here in Burbank Now I live 25 miles from this restaurant. I stop here to get the lamb Gyro w Tzatziki sauce and salad plate. The owners /service is amazing, family owned with authentic Greek/Mediterranean Cuisine actually in Burbank. You must at least try it once you'll be hooked. They are small but worth a shout out, you'll thank me later !

Mirna H.

I understand that businesses are doing their best during covid but this last experience I had here really brought some issues to light. The smell of sewage flowed out from this establishment and was so unappealing upon walking in to order some food to go. We were about to leave but there were a couple of people eating there so we thought maybe this will be worth it. Unfortunately it was not at all. They are so short staffed that they blamed us for not keeping track of when our order was complete, and told us we took a long time to come pick it up. Normally I wait inside or nearby for my food order to be prepared, but the smell was so overpowering of sewage that we had to wait outside at their outdoor dining area. We used their restrooms to wash our hands before we ate our food, and the smell was amplified the deeper we got into the restaurant. (Mind you, the smell got stronger the closer we got to the kitchen area) At this point the smell was so bad, that we couldn't even get through a couple bites of the food. We ordered a meat gyro and a falafel sandwich, and everything was super greasy and slick, and the gyro didn't have any tzaziki sauce, and instead it had hummis in it, which was a disappointment considering it's pretty standard for a gyro to come with tzaziki sauce. I used to come here for beer and hummus I'm the evenings a few years ago, but not it's significantly gotten worse, and it shows. I worry about he sewage smell being a backed up or broken pipe because that might mean the water they're using to wash dishes is not clean either. I couldn't stop smelling that awful smell all night after we left. I have never experienced something so foul, especially at a place where food is served.

Sadie C.

the owner and his son were extremely welcoming, as well as our female server! the menu has photos of every single item sold- seriously so awesome to see! the food tasted SO GOOD. so much flavor in every bite, i already can't wait to come back. i wish denver had greek food like this! thank y'all for everything!

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