Kuru kuru sushi

N Hollywood Way & W Verdugo Ave, Burbank
(818) 848-3355

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Sandhya D.

I rarely write reviews and try to be understanding during these pandemic times, but their customer service is so atrocious and food only so-so. They are not following mask protocol, and are possibly racist. If you are black or brown, I suggest staying away, the food isn't worth it. I ordered takeout via Grubhub. When I arrived, there was a short line with one person inside and one lady standing right outside the doors. As I waited behind her, a white man wearing a mask over his chin with nose exposed, waltzed inside to the front of the line. Instead of showing him to the back of the line, they immediately helped him and continued to ignore the woman in front of me. She finally gets the staff's attention and gets her order, while maskless man sits inside. It is a small place and not only do they not ask him to pull his mask up, but also the women prepping the orders have their masks pulled down. I stand at the counter to be helped next, trying to keep a distance from the maskless jerk, yet they never acknowledge me. When two white men arrive behind me, they shout their order name over me and a woman answers him...still never asking me my name or acknowledging me in any way - even though she literally had to look over me to answer him. Realizing the line serves no purpose, before I just start shouting my name into the void, I look at the orders set on a table and see that mine is there, and take it. It would have taken them two seconds to ask my name and point to the order. Or just say the order name when they placed it on the table. I ordered two rolls - spicy tuna and yellowtail - one was sloppily made and the other fish tasted not so fresh. There are places with better sushi and better customer service. I never expect lavish attention, but a a basic acknowledgment of a customer waiting on line should be the bare minimum. And I don't want to have to be aggressive just to pick up a simple dinner order, especially when there is a very short line.

Madelyne B.

I love this place. Very friendly, creative, delicious sushi! We go almost every week!

Florina P.

I decided to order some sushi for take out and the staff was incredibly friendly considering I called very close to the closing time. It was my first time ordering here so I asked for some recommendations on the specialty rolls and they did not disappoint, everything was absolutely delicious. I live in the area and I was surprised that I had never known about this place, but in my defense it is a little easy to miss. I will be ordering from here again!

Rosa G

Very delicious sushi and the people there are also very nice

Simon M.

AMAZING SUSHI even considering it is all to go during COVID times. Make sure to have AKANE & ALLAN roll your sushi and try some of the classiest tasty modern rolls found in Burbank!!

Hailey Z.

I hadn't had sushi since before the pandemic so naturally I'm gonna want some sooner or later. This place is close to home and I liked that they do delivery. I was very happy with how fast my order was delivered. It was delivered before the estimated arrival time by 10 minutes. Sushi tasted great and the spicy scallop roll wasn't overly hot. My 8 year old loved the chicken udon soup and she's picky. Driver followed my instructions that I wanted contactless delivery but waited in his car until he saw me grab it, which was appreciated. Will absolutely order from here again whether or not I do delivery or takeout.

Rhea S.

Quality food, not so good service. I would recommend for food, but don't expect a smile.

Amanda J.

Love kuru kuru. I've been eating here since 2003 and it's still delicious and fresh. Service is great. Food is great.

Corey Edwards

Would absolutely recommend visiting this place. Fantastic mood, flavorful food, good customer service. They never disappoint.

Ethan C.

Ordered takeout, worth every penny.
Cant wait to enjoy this in the restaurant
Quality of fish is amazing!

Chad Persons

What a nice suprise this place is. Didnt have high hopes and it turned out delicious. What a gem...

Young-Ju O.

EVERY SINGLE TIME.....missing something from my order. I ordered from postmates and I can't get a refund for the missing items. I paid $89 for the most mediocre sushi.  I will NEVER order from here again.

Anastasia Kruglyashova

Maybe sushi is THE forte of this place and should remain its only specialty - haven't tried yet but judging by other people's reviews it's good. The rest of the items on the menu... Not so sure. Have to agree with another reviewer of Chicken Teriyaki dish - it tastes along the lines of "Panda Express", only the portion you receive will be quite significantly smaller with hardly any rice (and the price higher). Overall, more like an overpriced fast food lunch option. Definitely, not a dinner place. Also, the Chicken Udon dish was supposed to be noodles with chicken. Who knew there would actually be so much broth?? No objections, but would be nice to mention somewhere the dish is actually more of a "soup" than anything else.

Todd P.

Amazing food but horrible service!

Sometimes they close at 9:00pm sometimes they close at 8:30pm.

You can call and try and confirm but don't count on it unless you get there before 8 PM.

Horrible service!

Irini H.

I used to religiously come here but my bank account hated me. It's pricey but absolutely worth it. I worked at Warner Brothers but the NBC roll had my heart. The production roll is another personal favorite. I really love the high quality of the sushi and how bite sized instead of heavy rice covered it is. Garlic edamame is delightful here too!

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