Hollywood Burbank Airport, 2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 972-1337

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Rashard Grant

Great service and yummy food at a reasonable price.

steve mora

Great breakfast and burgers. Amazing service. Great place to relax before a flight

Raquel L.

From previously working here I wouldn't suggest coming to eat here.
The only time this place or any of the restaurants actually decide to clean is when the health department pops up randomly. You'll see all the managers coming to try to clean and look " professional" The chefs don't wear gloves when cooking/ prepping  your food. There is roaches. Oh don't forget about the rats at jones coffee A3. Save yourself money and stop to by food somewhere else before flying out. Sandwiches range $16-$20.  Most of the meat, or any of the food is all frozen that's been put away for a while, even the salad products. Wouldn't suggest any of the restaurants..

Annie Gladding

Great food... Healthy options, great trading and a good variety

Franco Sanchez

I work in a restaurant for 25 years this is the worst place I ever been maybe because they need to teach the staff to be more professional or how to do customers service. It is very sad because I live in Burbank and I know the restaurants are very Different

Vivian Allen

This has to be the Best "Lunchbox" meal I've ever had!. I ordered the Apple Crisp Salad. The flavors just Exploded in my mouth.. Fresh Apples , Blueberries

Tyler Barr

Very good and friendly service. Food exceeded expectations for an airport restaurant, but it’s not amazing. I would eat here again

Harlan I.

Definitely follows the rule that a restaurant critic developed - "the more televisions in a restaurant, the harder the food and service will suck". This place used to be the best airport cafe that I knew of - even looked forward to pre-flight breakfast. But with every new TV, the service and food quality drop. Makes sense, as cooks, mangers, servers know that patrons are only partly paying attention to the meal, and not really showing respect to food service professionals that deserved it. Still room for a move to one star when they put TVs on the ceiling. Burger place inside the terminal still cares about what they are doing. As I think more about this, I think what's happened is that the wonderful folks who owned this place have retired, and have turned it over to the "next generation". And we all know what that means, and what comes next....

William Fulton

Unique burgers, fancy fries, many selections is flavored salts. It is a foodie's burger dream come true! Try the shakes with a little extra something for the adults. Delicious and very satisfying.

Stephanie Gerbasi

Food poisoning. Confirmed by doctor and the restaurant did nothing about it. I also reported to the health department so they can step up. Very disappointing.

jim palmer

First, my server was awesome and the tuna panini was really good. The place needs an update badly. The carpet is horrific, all dirty and soiled.

Mike Kozlov

Good atmosphere,friendly. Didn't eat .. Had couple beers. Many tvs. Definitely recommend

Cathy Lewis

Sat down at 11. It's 11:40 and still not one employee has come to get my order. Only 4 other patrons here now. They keep looking at me. Am I supposed to order from the bar?

Don Smith

It was good! Will. Stop by again.

Daniel Sherer

Amazing food and service!

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