1701 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 846-8885

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Stephanie Carter

Abysmal service. We ordered 4 meals via the electric screens. As indicated we took a tent marker, entered the number into the order and placed it on our table. We waited patiently for around 20 minutes before going to check on the progress of our order. It turns out that they hadn’t bothered to bring it to the table but had just dumped it on the counter. They claimed to have called out our order number three times but we were pretty much the only people in the restaurant and we never heard them. There was no offer to remake our meals so we ate them cold. What’s the point of having the tent markers if you can’t be bothered to deliver to the table?

Sylvia Johnson

Fast efficient service. Time was an issue. I was in an unfamiliar area. They were able to get me in and out. I went inside because there were several cars in the drive through. I had concerns about getting out of the drive through line because I have attempted to go inside some fast food restaurants and found out that the dining room was closed due to staff shortages. The egg McMuffin and coffee were fresh and good.

Esmeralda T.

0/10 the The managers rob us five dollars and told us the we are wrong and as soon as we walk in they were lots of people fighting over there Order it was wrong and that they give them the wrong change


This McDonald’s is absolutely vile. The bathrooms are disgusting, the restaurant is disgusting, and the staff is disgusting. In addition to being extraordinarily slow, the restaurant is run like a giant, greasy vending machine. You’re forced to order on machines, even if you don’t want to, unless you’re a cash customer, at which point you stand endlessly at the counter, while rude and unhelpful employees stare at you like you have three heads, and do nothing to assist. If you ask an employee if anyone is taking orders, they can’t give you an answer. The entire building should be razed.


Decided to stop by to grab some coffee. I went on the app and setup my order ahead of time because I know this location is always busy. Decided to place it for in-store take-out since the drive thru is always packed here, then I stepped out and tried to go in. No wonder the drive thru is packed, they weren't open inside! This was at 8:30pm by the way, so it's not like they really had to reason to be closed unless they were understaffed. Anyway, I went through the drive-thru and told them that I already placed the order for take-out. Despite me explaining this twice, they still asked me for the 4 letter code you usually give when you do a drive thru mobile order, which you don't get for other types of mobile orders. After I finally got through to them and waited to pick up the food, one of the iced coffees had no cream. Don't know what excuse they had for that one, considering you can visually see the coffee was black. They fixed it fine though and were relatively kind during the whole interaction. This is a weird McDonald's location.

R Garcia

This location is under staffed. The workers are working the register and filling food orders. The soda fountain machine doesn't work. I commend the over worked staff.

Olena A.

Baddest customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew Castillo

For the last month they have gotten my order wrong every single time. I'll ask for no pickles and they'll add extra. I asked for an apple pie, when I went to pay they said they were out so I said I would take a cookie, then I got their disgusting guava pie instead. I'll ask for a diet Dr. Pepper and then get a diet Coke instead. I generally like them, but lately it's just been frustrating that they can't seem to get a single order correct.

First Martian

This is the absolute SLOWEST LOCATION ON EARTH, like they do it on purpose. Then they still mess your order up if you dont check it before you leave? After waiting forever? Ordered on the app and it's a complete waste of time, wish Cane's across the street was open.

Will S.

Trash ride staff. They don't open the lobby on time. Don't care about the customers at all.

Richard Batt

Very unorganized inside.They also couldn't handle putting the 2 hash browns in the bag that I ordered and only put 1 in.Probably better off going to Jack in the Box.

Shaun Edwards

Went very late at night since all the restaurants were closed but food was decent. And service was quick. I mean it’s McDonald’s you can’t go wrong lol.The drive thru line is a bit short so I’m betting during the busy times it overflows into the street. Especially since the other McDonald’s is closed for renovations as of April 2022. So be patient

Kae Park

Flanko.(?)He is smart. Fast. Nice. Gentle. Hansome.good body...He knows how to handle the customerOne day early in the morningOne girl come to me just saidWe r not open yet!!!and closed the door.???????!!!!!!!!!! omg.But few minutes later he come to meand^^ make me happy.Flanko.T y so much.Mc donal need u.U should be future Supervisor.I believe♥

Angela M.

Slowest McDonald's drive thru I have ever experienced... I would never recommend anyone to come to this location especially late at night

Bret Koehler

I've been coming here for years...and this particular McDonald's has management issues. Always slow, and the staff often looks disorganized and a bit confused. Management needs to work on procedures. As someone with ample restaurant and management experience, I can see they're not as well oiled as other McD units.

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