1701 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 846-8885

Recent Reviews

andrew herbert

great for late night snacks double quarter pounder with cheese yum and the fries

Willie C.

This location sucks. They screw up orders more often then other locations and they have NO concept NONE of customer service basics!

Rene Seville

Since I downloaded the app I have earned so many points, to I be didn't even realize how much I came here till I did. I got free Happy Meals, free sandwiches etc. Drive through is always kind but goes fast, they are great at getting orders right. I'm a regular she will continue to be!!

Ayoo Dreamz

They always get my order correct. The food is always great for me. The fries are always fresh seems like.

Alfonso Davila Jr

It was a quick pick up, avoid the drive thur, find a spot and just walk in

Mayra N E.

Someone needs to report this place . Why are the doors locked here almost every morning I'm not sure if corporate knows this or what's going on . Regardless I use the drive thru but I see people standing outside knocking on the door . When the hours say open @4am .

Irma Valdovinos

Very nice service, prompt handicapped acomodación.

Oscar Ortiz

Forgot my egg for my sausage mcmuffin

Julian D.

Free breakfast for educators promo the week of Oct 11 thru 15 ends at 8 am.. come on, McDonald's!

Joseph Julian A.

Did postmates/uber delivery service and all i got were my drinks and mcflurry. And my combo and nuggets are never to be found.

Truth Betold

Tuesday morning female staff running the guests orders, not attentive at all. Went through the drive through, and the lady told me to wait in the parking lot for them to bring my order. I told her, after placing my order, to make sure that I have one tomato slice in my sandwich because on the receipt they charged me extra for 3 slices of tomato. She said “yeah, it’s a special request”, however when I got my order the sandwich had no tomato, and no raw onion like I asked for, and they didn’t give me my order of hash-browns that I paid for. So I had to go inside, then again after waiting, they made my order wrong. They don’t care. They don’t listen. I wanted to leave this review because maybe they will pay more attention so they don’t mess up other people’s orders. I give 2 stars because they are working to provide food.

Not John

If you can't handle having a drive'thru then it should be revoked by the city of Burbank. This McDonald's is so slow that the drive-thru line spills out onto major traffic on Olive Ave, placing customers and drivers at high risk. And this isn't a rare occurrence. It's daily. Someday soon, there's going to be a very bad accident and I hope this location gets the pants sued off of them!

Patti M.

My fav McDonald's. Food and drink are consistently great with service to match. The place is kept clean and is very Covid-19 compliant. The staff work hard but maintain a professional, friendly persona. In shott, the are kind and gracious folks.

Jennifer C.

Waited in line for 20mins being the second person. This is ridiculous! They didn't even acknowledge me, with 20 people behind me. Shitty service. Not coming back.

Pennsylvania Bear

Went into to get a meal for the family and was pleased. They got our order Correct and on time. They have many rules for the delta virus which is good. And the staff was very good.

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